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How it all began…

Great ideas often are born while studying in environments that foster innovation and that drive the will to do things differently. No better place for this to happen than the world’s most preeminent academic institution, the University of Oxford. Oxford Bright Scholars developed out of many conversations after late night walks home from the old libraries in Oxford, its founders having been in the process of reading for their degrees. United by a passion for education, we recognised that there were gaps in knowledge and sought to find ways to fill them in the most academically and culturally enriching way.

Firstly, we recognised the need to understand the influence of China’s economic and political landscape on the rest of the world. Also, having worked at large international corporations ourselves, we recognised how competitive it is to join the academic and professional arena and that applicants need to stand out from their peers somehow.

Bearing all this in mind, we set out to develop an exciting and interactive programme, which we could host in the economic hub of China, Shanghai. This is how our Summer School Programmes were born. Through our Summer School Programmes in China, we intend to create a platform that will encourage bright students to be creative, to develop leadership skills and be better stand out from their peers. We have set out on a mission to create opportunities for intellectually curious students to not only gain an insight into their chosen subject, but also learn the skills that will enable them to excel.

We now look forward to putting our plan of action into force to ensure we have a successful inaugural year. Join us on this journey.


Our Teaching Philosophy

  • At Oxford Bright Scholars we pride ourselves on providing academic courses and materials of the highest standard. All our teachers are Oxford educated and apply their skills and experience to deliver teaching on par with Oxford standards.
  • While we place high premiums on academic excellence, we understand that knowledge has limited use without practical implementation. Our teaching methodology is therefore designed to ensure real world use as we incorporate relevant global issues and case studies into all our Summer School Programmes.
  • In doing so, we believe that sharing our experience of studying at the University of Oxford and travelling to all corners of the globe with our students provides them with a platform to embark on their journey to becoming global citizens.

How You can Maximise Your time with Us

  • Actively participate and share your experiences from your country and culture.
  • Practise your Mandarin by speaking with locals.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is a rare is opportunity to expand your world view.
  • Exchange contact details with international students that will be joining you on the programme. Make friends for life!
  • Challenge yourself by thinking about how what you will learn applies to the real world.
  • Use your initiative in our workshops to drive forward your future goals.
  • Take lots of pictures and share them with your friends and family when you get home.
  • Engage in conversation with our residential team who are made up of current students and recent graduates of the University of Oxford.
  • It is important to note that Oxford Bright Scholars is not part of or otherwise affiliated to the University of Oxford.
  • Oxford Bright Scholars was founded and is currently run by a network of alumni of the University of Oxford.
  • Teaching staff on any Oxford Bright Scholars programmes are either currently tutoring and / or studying or are alumni of the University of Oxford.
  • Guest speakers invited by Oxford Bright Scholars will hold lecturing and / or tutoring positions at the University of Oxford and / or are industry experts.
  • Interactive classroom facilitators are alumni of the University of Oxford and have shown a long-term commitment for enterprise and innovation in their chosen field.
  • The pastoral staff on our programs are current students at the University of Oxford, although they may be teamed up with local bilingual staff to ensure maximum care and attention is provided.
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Summer courses

China Enterprise Summer Programme

Campus Full time 2 weeks July 2017 China Shanghai

Oxford Bright Scholars China Enterprise Summer Programme is a two-week, residential and academic customised programme aimed to provide an opportunity for students and young professionals to advance their knowledge of China’s economic and political landscape, gain practical experience of China’s business environment, and experience living and studying in Shanghai. [+]

Future business leaders need to be filled with confidence in knowing what makes them a great leader, we believe one such quality is having a global perspective. The China Enterprise Summer Programme offers an opportunity for you gain a global perspective starting with Asia and its most interesting country right now: China. Learn how to lead others, whether that is in-class discussions of the global economy, or your own team in the start up workshops, find your voice and use this experience to enrich your skill set and return from Shanghai head and shoulders above your peers. This programme is designed for ambitious future business leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs to gain a rare insiders’ perspective on China. This truly unique programme offers private Mandarin tuition, Masterclasses on the Chinese political economy, and entrepreneurship workshops facilitators by industry experts. We want each and every single of our students to begin a journey on our programme that is a transformative journey. The programme is designed for students to fall in love with the city of Shanghai, enjoy this excelled learning experience and make international friends. The Masterclasses offer an opportunity to discuss political risks, economic development models and important foreign policy agendas. The start up workshops are designed for your creativity to flourish and work on your leadership and communication skills. The private Mandarin tuition will enhance your CV and help you communicate with one third of the global population. To make the most out of this experience, you will need to step out of your comfort zone and be engaged with the Chinese culture as well as the background and cultures of the 2016 cohort. We will take you to explore different parts of Shanghai, as well as ancient Chinese cities so that you can truly experience this wonderful, diverse country. This is an opportunity to find your passion, because if you can find your passion, success will soon follow. Learn Mandarin with private tutors Understand China's rapid economic modernisation Understand China's political agenda Understand China's relationship with other economic superpowers Unleash your creativity and entrepreneurial drive Experience what it takes to set up a business in China Learn how to write a business plan Experience the Chinese market Understand challenges and opportunities of the Chinese market Exchange ideas with international students from across the world Career fair with international organisations and young professionals in Shanghai Expand your network and future career prospects in Asia 2 - 1 Private Mandarin Tuition Daily private Mandarin tuition including out of the classroom interactive learning. The private Mandarin classes will focus primarily on speaking and reading: the objective is for students to feel confident with daily interactions in Mandarin and to be exposed to the most widely spoken language in the world. These sessions will be tailored according to students' previous encounters with Mandarin. However, we do not expect our students to already have had Mandarin tuition before attending our programme. Greetings and small talk Introduce yourself Talk about your personal background Ask for and give directions Navigate around the Shanghai public transport system Learn the Chinese number system Pay for goods with Chinese Yuan Purchase groceries Order a meal and the most popular Chinese dishes The etiquette of how to exchange business cards Arrange place and time to meet friends Exchange foreign currency How to wire money at a Chinese bank 5 reasons why you should explore Shanghai this summer: The rise of China and its ripple effect worldwide is embedded in every aspect of our lives. Join our programme in order to develop a deep understanding of the world global environment. China is a country of contradictions. Shanghai exemplifies the contradictions between traditional culture and material consumerism, where the East meets West, and has been dubbed the New York of the Far East. Gain a global perspective, which will help you stand out from the crowd, whether its in your university applications, internship applications, or graduate job interviews. The experience of living and studying in Shanghai demonstrates that you are a global citizen, who recognises shifting global dynamics and the need for future leaders and international organisations to quickly adapt to this change. The perfect opportunity to travel China and visit the stunning ancient city of Hangzhou. Whether its the Shanghai skyline, the variation of Chinese cuisine food, or UNESCO Heritage sites in Hangzhou, prepare to be astounded and create memories for life. Your Accomodation in Shanghai Modern serviced apartments, two separate rooms per suite With swimming pool, gym and laundry service 24 / 7 security, private access card and gated community 3 minutes walk away from Da Pu Qiao metro stop 5 minutes walk from Tian Zi Fang, local contemporary arts and crafts market 8 minutes walk away from the French Concession, Old Shanghai District [-]