Who is e-Careers?

  • e-Careers comprises of passionate and talented educationalists who support over 325,000 students all over the world.
  • The institution consists of around 200 individuals, who all specialise in their own aspects of combining education with technology.
  • e-Careers has established relationships with many awarding bodies, instructors and educational institutions to bring its students training and qualifications in an E-Learning format.
  • e-Careers is a true "EdTech" institution.


Why is e-Careers a true EdTech Institution?

e-Careers believes that technology and certain types of education must go hand in hand to ensure future human evolution.

e-Careers is an industry leader in the use of technology to DELIVER training and qualifications as well as contributing to the industry in groundbreaking methods of E-Learning content DEVELOPMENT.

The ability to master both DELIVERY and DEVELOPMENT makes e-Careers a true EdTech institution.

Who is a typical student?

Anyone with access to an internet connection!


What is E-Learning?

E-Learning the terminology which is used to describe the way in which education is delivered using technology. It stands for "Electronic Learning".

There are many advantages of E-Learning, here are a few:

  • Cost effective – minimises human, travel and classroom costs
  • Flexible – studying can be considered as "on demand". You are in control of where and when you want to learn
  • Up to date – all training material can be kept up to date and all students would automatically learn from the latest content
  • Evidence – progress tracking, completion reports and downloadable certificates ensure that everything learnt is validated
  • Consistent – It provides a consistent message, therefore eliminating problems with different instructors teaching different material in different styles
  • Environmentally friendly – you don’t need to travel and it doesn’t consume vast amounts of paper correspondence
Programs taught in:
  • English

This school also offers:



During this English course, you will interact with a range of characters through engaging activities and develop storylines of real-life situations utilising state-of-the ... [+]

By the end of the A2 course, learners will be able to understand and speak sentences related to basic personal and family information as well as everyday tasks, such as simple information about travel and directions as well as:

Understand sentences and common expressions related to basic personal and family information, shopping, where you live, jobs, your lifestyle, etc.

Ask and answer questions in a conversation on a topic you know about.

Learn to describe your personal background.

Learn to speak in the present tense, describing where you are at the moment and asking for things that you need.

Ask about everyday items in a shop and how to make purchases.... [-]

United Kingdom Slough UK Online
August 2020

Obtain certification and knowledge to create a safer working environment for your team members according to guidelines set out by The Institute of Occupational Health and ... [+]

What are the objectives of this course?

This course is designed to give supervisors, managers and team leaders the knowledge they need to manage the health and safety of themselves and their teams.

The exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions and a practical assessment which needs to be completed and sent back within 2 weeks of course completion.

Recognise the importance of managing health and safety in a workplace environment. Understand the legalities of implementing a health and safety management strategy in a workplace setting. Understand the individual responsibilities of managers and supervisors. Recognise health and safety risks that may present themselves in the workplace environment. Know the difference between “active” and “reactive” monitoring and recognise when and how to use these different monitoring approaches correctly and to optimum effect. Who is it intended for? ... [-]
United Kingdom UK Online Slough
Open Enrollment

Implement the smooth running of your company’s finances by learning to master your Sage Software with our 2009 Sage 50 plus 2012 online course. ... [+]

What are the objectives of this course? Work through these highly interactive Sage training simulations that will make you an efficient Sage user in no time. Start at the beginning with Company Nominal where you’ll learn everything you need to know from setting up a new nominal record to nominal reports. In Company Financials get up to speed on audit, trial balance, profit and loss, balance, ratio, variance, prior year, VAT transfer wizard and verifying financial reports. Our Banking chapter guides you through setting up a new bank account, recording, reconciling, paying, and issuing receipts, transferring and statements and reports. The in-depth Customer Interface chapter takes you though all you need to know from setting up and editing customer records to chasing debt, dealing with invoices and refunds and much more. In our Supplier section, learn how to keep on top of everything supply-related including setting up and editing supplier records, managing payments, writing off refunds, updating and creating new purchase orders, placing and delivering orders, paying suppliers, new diary entries, batch purchasing and labels, letters and reports. In the Settings section we take you through configuration and all the default settings and preferences you can implement on your system to get it working at the optimal level for you. Our Filing chapter guides you through new files, opening files, deleting companies, backing up, maintenance, restoring, file import and how to send, log off and exit. Finally in Tools & Edit, complete your learning with our comprehensive guide to everything... [-]
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Master the fundamental concepts of business analysis with this Business Analysis Foundation course. ... [+]

What are the objectives of this course? Define business analysis and learn more about what it entails. Understand more about the competencies of a business analyst. Get to grips with strategy analysis. Work your way through the business analysis process model and the various investigative techniques that are used. Take a look at strategy analysis and management. Learn how to model business systems and processes. Demonstrate how to gather, document, manage, model and deliver the various requirements that have been established. Learn how to make a business and financial case and appreciate how changes in a business can be implemented in order to see successful improvement. Who is it intended for? ... [-]
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6 months

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