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What is home tuition?

On a home tuition course, the student lives and learns at the home of their teacher. The entire programme, from accommodation to lessons, takes place at the teacher’s home. Each student is matched to their ideal teacher.

Lessons with the teacher are generally in the morning with time in the afternoon for socialising and trips with the teacher’s family.

Benefits of home tuition

  • The teacher is completely focussed on the student (1:1)
  • Personalised syllabus based on detailed needs analysis
  • Timetable and syllabus adapted as the course progresses based on student development
  • Students must always communicate in English
  • Personalised activities and visits timetable for each student
  • Complete integration to family life

Homelingua Locations

Choose from over 250 locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A home tuition course is not just about making great academic progress; it is also a chance to visit and experience the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Bucksmore Homelingua has teachers in all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, including London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Be part of the family with home tuition and live in charming locations across the UK and Ireland. Our immersion courses include accommodation at the teacher’s home with a private bedroom. En-suite or private bathroom options are available for an additional charge.

Why is Bucksmore Homelingua right for me?

A leading provider of home tuition

Bucksmore Homelingua has welcomed students for over 20 years: we are accredited by the British Council as a recognised home tuition provider and a member of EnglishUK.

Teachers with approved qualifications

We ask that our teachers have an English teaching qualification such as the University of Cambridge (CELTA) or Trinity College (TESOL) qualification. School teachers must have a postgraduate teaching qualification, either a PGCE in the UK or PGDE in Ireland. Only 10% of teacher applications are successful.

Progress monitoring

The Bucksmore Homelingua academic team monitor all students to ensure maximum academic progress and course satisfaction.

Personalised course to suit you

A unique and tailored course for each and every student. All aspects of the course - from lessons and skills, to leisure time and even cultural visits - can be customised according to your needs and learning goals.

Join Bucksmore Homelingua on your own or as a family and choose from our 1:1 or 2:1 learning options.

Programmes available every week of the year

Homelingua courses run 52 weeks of the year. Please note the availability of specific teachers does depend on the time of year.


Personalise your course

Customise your course in three easy steps:

1. Choose your course

Bucksmore Homelingua offers over 20 different courses that can be entirely personalised to fit your needs.

2. Choose your location

Choose from over 100 locations across the UK & Ireland.

3. Choose your dates

Decide on a convenient time for you – Bucksmore Homelingua courses are available all year round. You can study for as many weeks as you like, and you can also choose how many hours per week to study for.

Academic standards

Our Qualifications

Bucksmore Homelingua teachers are recruited using a strict application process. We request that all teachers have an English teaching qualification such as the University of Cambridge (CELTA) or the Trinity College (TESOL) qualification. School teachers must have a postgraduate teaching qualification – either a PGCE in the UK or PGDE in Ireland.

Teacher Selection Process

Only about 10% of applicants are successful. Teachers go through a rigorous five-step recruitment process before becoming an active Bucksmore Homelingua teacher. This process includes a comprehensive interview, police background and reference checks, and a full home inspection.


Before a student can study with a teacher, a member of the Head Office team inspects the teacher’s home and family, with further inspections every two years.


The Academic Teacher Manager monitors courses and student progress constantly – which includes calling the student and teacher during the course to check on progress and satisfaction.



We are accredited by the British Council as a home tuition provider in the United Kingdom.

Why is this important?

  • It ensures we have appropriately qualified teachers that are teaching quality courses.
  • It inspects course management, training and procedures.
  • It ensures accommodations are of a high standard.
  • It checks that student welfare and under-18s safeguarding measures are in place.
  • There is a full inspection every four years with spot checks and other inspections throughout the period.

We are a member of EnglishUK, the national association of language training centres in the UK

What does EnglishUK do?

  • It supports its members through training, best practices and accreditation to ensure students have the best possible experience.
  • It protects students with a complaints scheme and Student Emergency Support Fund.



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