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For over 30 years The Recording Radio and Film Connection has been utilizing the mentor-apprentice (extern) training approach to help our students launch careers in broadcasting, recording, and film. During that time, we’ve made a lot of connections, and we’ve helped our students make a lot of connections. And as you already know, connections are KEY to breaking into these industries. We pride ourselves on offering an extraordinary educational experience: the chance to learn one-on-one from a working industry professional. Our unique mixture of mentor/apprentice education and real-world learning has helped many people find the career of their dreams. Radio Connection has a reputation for having the best alternative to traditional radio school, music production, and filmmaking schools in the entertainment media industry. We are a unique radio broadcasting school, students learn from successful mentors in real-world situations including active radio broadcast stations, voice over sessions, working with real on-air DJs and talk show hosts at actual on-air radio stations. This is opposed to simulated classrooms where the pressures of real deadlines and client interaction are non-existent. Applicants are screened and then re-screened by the mentors. Radio Connection’s programs can be completed in approximately half the time of degrees obtained from traditional schools. No experience is required and students can start anytime, Classes can be part-time during night or weekend sessions and can be around a current job. Job placement statistics represent the percentage of students who graduated between May 1, 2013, and April 30, 2014, and found work related to their studies within six months of their graduation. The very nature of the on-the-job training process requires that students are selected based on employment standards, instead of school admissions standards. In short, we’re looking for people who can become excellent, reliable employees. No previous experience is required. What is important is the same thing any employer looks for: attitude, motivation, dedication, and punctuality. There is no age limit for our program. The youngest was 14, and the oldest 72. A great number are baby boomers who finally got the courage to do what they wanted to do, all their lives. But acceptance is by invitation only and will be decided after you interview at a major Radio Station by a major radio professional in your area.

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6 Month one-on-one Broadcasting Course inside a real radio station or media company

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With our unique program, you do not spend one single day in a classroom! The radio station or media company is your “classroom”, and a real radio professional is your teacher and mentor. You will be the only student in the class! [+]


When you are accepted into our program, you will apprentice (extern) inside a real radio station, TV station or other media outlet in the location where you live (or another locale, if you so choose). You receive private, one-on-one instruction from a vastly experienced broadcast professional. This person is actually making a living in broadcasting. You will follow our structured course curriculum. You will receive homework. You will receive plenty of hands-on training in the studio. With our unique program, you do not spend one single day in a classroom! The radio station or media company is your “classroom”, and a real radio professional is your teacher and mentor. You will be the only student in the class!... [-]