For people who are passionately driven to create stories, TheFilmSchool Seattle provides the tools necessary to elevate your craft of storytelling. Here you will find award winning instructors and industry professionals that are passionate about helping writers and filmmakers find their personal and authentic voice. We believe that in this digital age, stories are the most powerful means to connect. So whether your passion is web series, comedy or drama series, short films or features, TheFilmSchool has the program to help you take your work to the next level. Many of our alumni have called their time with us “life-changing.”


TheFilmSchool is a non-profit school, rooted in progressive, professional storytelling through film, radio, television and cutting-edge new media. The school provides its students with the foundational education and expertise to work in creative environments within the business and the arts.


TheFilmSchool is the home of innovative, creative education in filmmaking, with an emphasis on story. We guide, instruct and empower our students to conceive and develop their story ideas, bringing them to life. We believe powerful stories, given a platform, can lift the human condition.

Why TheFilmSchool?

“Seattle is one of the 10 Best Cities for Aspiring Filmmakers“ Film Industry Magazine, December 2011 TheFilmSchool will give you the craft that will bring your stories alive and inspire you to express your voice in your work. It will change you. By bringing artists together, TheFilmSchool builds a much-needed sense of community among its students and faculty. Throughout our programs, students and instructors share an experience that results in lasting relationships and ongoing collaboration. Students go on to form writing workshops with their classmates and develop mentorships with faculty. Plus there’s absolutely no place like Seattle. Long before Starbucks and Microsoft put Seattle on the corporate map, the city was a haven for artists, musicians, and moviemakers. Since 2003, the city has helped 62 independent films get made in the area… This kind of support has brought many new moviemakers to the city and kept even more homegrown talents enthusiastic about shooting their films in Seattle. –MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE, Winter 2007

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The 3-Week Screenwriting & Filmmaking Intensive teaches the principles and mechanisms of structure and character, as well as the courage of personal storytelling, thr ... [+]

The 3-Week Screenwriting & Filmmaking Intensive is a journey of self-discovery–taught by current industry leaders. This program is designed to help you unleash your unique storytelling voice and give you the tools to take your script from page to screen. A tour de force in screenwriting and directing.

Course Description

To be a successful in the digital age, writers and filmmakers must not only write exceptional stories, but also understand how to get their story from script to screen.You will experience a deeper connection to the creative part of you as this fast paced diversified program immerses you in character development, story structure, “on your feet” directing and acting, comedy improvisational writing, and the business of the business. At the end of 3 intense weeks you will emerge with a practical understanding of screenwriting, filmmaking, what is necessary to get your story from script to screen and a network of professionals at your fingertips.... [-]

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