Sappo School is one of the leading Independent Private Schools on Long Island today. We are the forerunners in the movement toward educational reform and academic excellence. Over the past decades, Sappo has served Long Island families by providing both a safe and motivational learning environment for each and every child. Well known and respected by top professionals in the child health care field, Sappo applies the latest scientific research to the curricula. Sappo School is a New York State approved college preparatory school with an approved special education department. We cater to students who work best in an intimate environment while receiving personal attention and forming social attachments. The dropout rate is 0% and over 90% of our graduates go on to the colleges of their choice. A high percentage of our graduates receive substantial scholarships toward their post-graduate education.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sappo School is to strategically create an atmosphere that promotes academic excellence in support of an individualized approach to learning. Full potentiality is realized by identifying and developing the social, emotional, and academic systems that produce learning. An invigorating program allows students to explore such learning and embrace challenges with confidence. We believe in shaping the members of our global society into citizens of the world who are able to face the future with the strength of character and human purpose.

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Sappo School

Developing an effective Teachers of English as a New Language program, or ENL, begins with a statement of purpose. The values and philosophies of holistic education allow ... [+]

Developing an effective Teachers of English as a New Language program, or ENL, begins with a statement of purpose. The values and philosophies of holistic education allows Sappo to present an educational philosophy program and a practical approach to ENL instruction. The Sappo program aligns with an internationalist world view that embraces a learner-centered methodology. This methodology embraces the value of cultural relevance and individual experience, which is self-evident in lessons. Sappo’s International Student Education encompasses the realization that citizens of the world have more similarities than differences, and long-term mutual interests are as valuable as short-term individual needs. This theory is logically difficult to deny, appeals intuitively, and is in direct opposition to isolationist orientation. The international student is viewed as a valuable social and intellectual asset, and the Sappo program is designed to enhance and accommodate each student throughout the acculturative process. This leads to enriched academic development and a successful future. The rapid influx of international students to the west has raised ethical concerns throughout the higher education community, as seen across media and literature review. For example, many Chinese students are not taught how to communicate adequately and navigate through the professional, competitive professional world. This lack of preparation puts them in line with low-level jobs. The Sappo ENL program is designed to combat these issues found in most classroom settings by immersing international students in a supportive Holistic setting. This setting offers extensive benefits to the international student, including:... [-]

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