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The New York Studio School is committed to giving a significant education to the aspiring artist that can last a lifetime. Our aim is to reveal to the entering student appropriate questions about drawing, painting and sculpture and to encourage them to work hard and think rigorously at all times, enabling them to construct an ethical and philosophical framework for their life's work.

The graduating Certificate or MFA student leaves the School with a developed understanding of the language of art; an enlarged imagination stirred by an established work ethic, with the passion and ambition to be an artist for years to come.

Dean's Statement

The New York Studio School is where drawing, painting and sculpture are studied in depth, debated energetically and created with passion. Our goal for young artists is for them to find their own personal vision through the investigation of art and the visual world around us. Abstraction and figuration rub shoulders and often interchange. Perceptual deeds and conceptual ideas cohabit. We encourage the development of that unique vision pushed to an extreme, found slowly and without guile.

In order to assist in the making of art, the School endeavors to make readable the 'language' of art from the far past to the recent present. Knowledge of that language, when attained, gives the artist the ability to use it, transform it, reject or discard it, or re-invent it at will. We believe in the power of the simplest means, and its ability to contain and convey the most profound and complex ideas, feelings and meanings. Our enthusiasm for paint, charcoal, clay and wood connects us with the synergies of the first shaman who crushed berries into pigment, the first painter who used oil on canvas, the first sculptor who molded clay into the human form. Firm believers in the uniqueness of our own contemporary time, we also research the complexities of our own century's discoveries. Though we celebrate painting and sculpture, we are not nostalgic for the past. Powerful expressions will find their own conduits. We strongly believe in drawing. It is the most direct means of describing an experience or an idea. Drawing is the most crucial pathway to understanding in art, and is the common bond between the disciplines of painting and sculpture. There are few places where drawing is so intensely investigated. It is during their time at the School that we believe a student develops the ethics, philosophy and work habits that continue into later life as an artist. We expect our students to discover that the dedication of the artist is a lifetime's commitment. Significant knowledge gained early on and absorbed can be used over a lifespan. The humility to learn, coupled with an ambition to make compelling work are powerful attributes for the young artist. The School is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the student with a deep involvement in the desire to be an artist, an intensity of temperament and vision, and an integrity of purpose. It is for those who like to work rigorously, think smart and keenly, and those who are prepared to look hard and long in order to see. A true student is always 'looking'; a real artist begins to see. We urge those students to apply who genuinely wish to learn and who are bold enough to take on the challenge of painting and sculpture in the twenty-first century. We offer the chance to translate the metamorphosis of life into art's metaphor. The New York Studio School is a place where the power of images is still searched for, the philosophy of drawing still present, and the quest for tangible form still engaged. We believe in the strength of art and its ability to change one's life.

  • Graham Nickson, Dean


The New York Studio School welcomes all qualified applicants regardless of age, sex, religion, race, color or creed, national origin, or disability. Applicants must show innate qualities of mind and sensibility, and a commitment to serious work. The student who comes to the New York Studio School has a real need for the questions of art, rather than desire for prosaic answers. Enrollment is competitive, limiting the student body to permit a creative relationship between students and faculty and to promote a lively situation without overcrowding.

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Sculpture/Painting Certificate

Campus Full time 3 years September 2017 USA New York

This course is ideal for a student who is interested in gaining/furthering their plastic experience in either Painting or Sculpture. This program, has allowed students to build their portfolio, in order to apply to other programs. [+]

New York Studio School offers students an opportunity to study in a three year intensive studio Certificate Program. The focus and concentration of the Certificate Program allows individuals to hone in on their chosen areas of study: Painting or Sculpture, with Drawing as an integral component of each discipline. Students begin each semester with either a Drawing or a Sculpture Marathon. NYSS's faculty and guest artists are on site each day teaching during the two week Marathons. For the remaining 13 weeks of the academic semester, students work in their studios focusing on their area of choice: Painting or Sculpture. For the first two years Students are placed in an Atelier setting, where they are given a space which allows them to explore and immerse themselves in their main area of study. Each Atelier has a slightly different philosophy and is outlined by the selected faculty member. Students are encouraged to choose an Atelier that best fit for their goals. The motifs for each Atelier may include or lean towards: working from the perception; direct or indirect observation, abstraction or imagination. The faculty members at the Studio School are professional working artists who work with students based on a curriculum designed by the philosophy and practice of the School. During the third year of the program, students are encouraged to work independently and are allocated to a private/semi private studio. The Certificate Program culminates in a Completion Exhibition - with their fellow graduates. Throughout the duration of the three years, students are encouraged to participate in other course offerings including the lunch time lectures, Professional Development Seminars, Peer Seminar Group: Exhibitions of Contemporary Art and the esteemed Evening Lecture Series that hosts some of New York City's most influential artists, writers, critics, and historians. Students will often register and join the Evening and Saturday classes including Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Watercolor classes for exposure to other faculty members' working methodologies. This course is ideal for a student who is interested in gaining/furthering their plastic experience in either Painting or Sculpture. Ideally, enrollment is for the full three years, though accommodations can be made for the right applicant to attend one or more semesters, depending upon their availability. This program, has allowed students to build their portfolio, in order to apply to other programs. There is no automatic transfer between the Certificate and MFA programs: students who wish to apply for an MFA while enrolled in the Certificate program must apply directly to the program and will be considered as new applicants. Scholarship Financial aid helps provide highly gifted students the opportunity to experience a rigorous education in the visual arts among a talented peer group and under the guidance of internationally recognized faculty. Most New York Studio School financial assistance is awarded on the basis of the student’s documented financial need as demonstrated by completing and submitting the School's Financial Aid Application found on the "Financial Services" page. All students must complete the Financial Aid Application on an annual basis and be in good academic standing to be considered for financial assistance. In addition to scholarships awarded from the School’s endowed scholarship fund, a number of special scholarships are awarded as funding is made available to the School. JANE CHACE CARROLL Scholarships – provides scholarships of $15,000 per year to qualified MFA students for two full years of study. RAMAPO TRUST Scholarships – awarded to continuing or incoming MFA or Certificate students who are over the age of 40 as funding permits. MILTON & SALLY AVERY ARTS FOUNDATION Scholarships – awarded to continuing and incoming MFA and Certificate students. CHARLES CAJORI SCHOLARSHIP FOR PAINTING – annually awarded to one MFA or Certificate student who demonstrates artistic talent and financial need. LCU FUND FOR WOMEN’S EDUCATION Housing Awards – awarded to continuing or incoming female MFA students who make less than $30,000 a year, receive little or no financial support from family members or others, and remain in good standing within their program of study. ABSOLUTE SECRET Endowed Scholarships – awarded to continuing or incoming students based on financial need. HARRIET GLAZIER Endowed Scholarships for Women Painters – awarded to continuing or incoming female painting students based on financial need. HELENA RUBINSTEIN Foundation Endowed Scholarships – awarded to continuing or incoming female MFA students. HENRY WOLF Foundation Endowed Scholarships – awarded to continuing or incoming MFA or Certificate students based on financial need. PETER RIPPON/ROYAL ACADEMY Travel Award – awarded for use in an exchange program between the Royal Academy of Art in London and the New York Studio School. HOHENBERG Travel Award – awarded for use as a stipend for European travel to full-time qualified students who have attended the New York Studio School for a minimum of 4 semesters. To apply, students must submit a description of travel plans and a recent work for inclusion in an exhibition for applicants. The award is determined by a vote of faculty during the exhibition of submitted artwork. Voting faculty are provided with each applicant's travel plans. CHAUTAUQUA School of Art Scholarships – awarded annually to a full-time student enrolled at the New York Studio School during the Spring semester to attend the Chautauqua Summer Program. [-]


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