The NFI Experience

At the NFI, our family of filmmakers creates a one-of-a-kind culture. From students to faculty to alumni, we’re all obsessed with one thing: making movies. And, because filmmaking is inherently a team experience, we’re all continuously collaborating, brainstorming, and building relationships, both as friends and colleagues. Together, we challenge, encourage, and shape one another as production artists.

All Film, All Day

All day, every day, we’re creating filmmakers. We believe in getting our students totally immersed in the film industry and eliminating distractions. We provide the fast track, avoiding unrelated topics and useless credit hours. We get our students out of the traditional classroom, in the field, on set, and behind the camera. It’s hands-on creativity every single day.

We Start Careers

Our post-graduation placement rate is higher than 70%.

As an accredited film school, we’re focused on building the careers of our students and alumni. And because our program is hands-on and in the industry, many of our students have contracts and job offers lined up before they even graduate. And NFI, our success is built from the successful careers of our alumni.

Learn From Active Filmmakers

At the NFI, all of our faculty are actively involved in the film industry. They’re producers, writers, editors, actors, stylists, and more. This provides our students with rich perspectives on trends and technology, exposure to an active network of professionals, and real-world mentoring.

We’re in the Heart of Nashville

As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Nashville’s film industry is rapidly expanding. Our city was built on the entertainment industry and southern hospitality. Our local community of artists truly cares about the next generation and is always willing to provide new opportunities. From music videos to television shows to national commercials, Nashville receives high praise for it’s commitment to excellence in the industry.

The Nine-month Program

You want to start your career. We get you started in only nine months.

We equip filmmakers to with the skills, network, and hands-on experiences needed to hit the ground running. NFI’s Cinema Production Program is like bootcamp for filmmakers.

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Nashville Film Institute

Our Cinema Production Program totally immerses you in the filmmaking process. For nine months NFI students live, eat, and breathe film and how films get made. ... [+]

NFI’s Signature Filmmaking Diploma

Our Cinema Production Program totally immerses you in the filmmaking process. For nine months NFI students live, eat, and breathe film and how films get made.

Our philosophy is to have students learn all the stages and roles involved in making a film. The best way to achieve that is by actually making films. Throughout this diploma program, students collaborate on various projects to create their own films. By the end of the program, students gain the necessary skills, invaluable connections, and the content for their very own professional demo reel.

Program Modules

During our nine-month program, our course consists of four modules. Each module runs for 9 weeks and includes key production deliverables. Each student receives their grades at the conclusion of each module.... [-]

USA Nashville
September 2020
9 months

Nashville Film Institute

Nashville Film Institute