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Welcome to EDLatam

About us in EDLatam?

Born from our passion for photography to offer online and in Spanish to all Spanish-speaking population, the Complete Course in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). Once formed, we set ourselves a more ambitious mission: To identify, translate and deliver our best Spanish language courses worldwide recognition, aimed at transmitting information and knowledge to be able to develop your personal skills for life.



Contribute significantly to the level of personal satisfaction of our students and clients, through courses for the development of personal skills for better living.


Being a leader in the segment of online education company (Internet) for people whose first language is Spanish.


Create, produce, translate, distribute, market, offer and sell products and learning services through Internet (courses) for Spanish speakers, which are aimed at promoting self-education, the democratization of knowledge and the development of personal skills to contribute to the realization of full human potential.

Core Value:

  • Integrity - of Latin origin or integrãtis Integritas, which means wholeness, purity, strength and fitness; also derived from the integer adjective intact, whole, not reached by evil. In general, a person of integrity is one in which you can trust. You have full, robust, integer values.
  • Internal integrity: The coherence between our objectives and how to achieve them. Is the "alignment" generally expected values ​​as honesty, ethics, respect, legality, accountability, service orientation, etc. with our daily behavior in the pursuit of our goals (to help develop personal skills of our students, democratizing access to knowledge and time, to be a successful and profitable company).
  • External integrity (to our community): Indicates consistency (whole) between the way we develop internally and the way in which our community expects us to behave, again attached to traditional values. Is the alignment of our internal behavior, with our external behavior towards members of our community, whether students, suppliers, customers, etc.

Social values:

  1. Universal right to knowledge - everyone must have access to knowledge.
  2. Respect of person and dignity - we believe that we can all learn and achieve our objectives as a result of personal effort, though perhaps at different rates; why we treat our students with respect and patience and train our tutors to deliver a friendly and respectful treatment.
  3. Economic prosperity - and we encourage personal growth, particularly when skills development can also contribute to a better income.

Values ​​such as knowledge providers Online:

  1. In Spanish, the better.
  2. Full is better than fast. (Slowly I've been in a hurry).
  3. PDF is better than paper. "Mouse" and monitor, better than chalk and blackboard.
  4. Internet should be used to learn and not to waste time.
  5. Social networks are a vehicle for learning (Two heads are better than one).
  6. Self-learning is better with tutor, you will tutor (The good cost and cheap is expensive).
  7. Memorizing is repeat, understanding is to know. In Internet the accuracy of the content is more important than the number of words.
  8. A certificate with the support and expertise of a reputable institution is better, and supports the skills of the student.
  9. Better a rigid one flexible schedule. Want to learn is positive, have to learn is negative.
  10. Online gives you access to better face gives you access to available.

What matters is not what you know but what you do ... now do you know!

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  • Spanish


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Video Informativo Curso Completo en Fotografía Profesional del NYIP-EDLatam en Español