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About us in EDLatam?

Born from our passion for photography to offer online and in Spanish to all Spanish-speaking population, the Complete Course in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). Once established, we have a more ambitious mission: Identify, translate and offer in our Spanish language the best courses of worldwide recognition, focused on transmitting information and knowledge so that you can develop your personal skills for life - (My Skills4Life).



Contribute significantly to the level of personal satisfaction of our students and clients, through courses to develop their personal skills to live better (MySkills4Life).


Being a leader in the segment of online education company (Internet) for people whose first language is Spanish.


Create, produce, translate, distribute, market, offer and sell products and learning services through Internet (courses) for Spanish speakers, which are aimed at promoting self-education, the democratization of knowledge and the development of personal skills to contribute to the realization of full human potential.


About the New York Institute of Photography ™

The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP ™) Was founded in Manhattan, capital of the photographic world, in New York in 1910 and that credits him like the school of greater antiquity in the world.

More than 100 years of experience teaching and training photographers and photography enthusiasts also accredited NYIP as the # 1 photography school in the world and the one that most photography students graduate each year.

The unique teaching system of NYIP, through more than 50 years of experience with its model of Distance Education (now Online), has allowed it to develop the complete Professional Photography Course most requested worldwide and the most prestigious. More than 15,000 students each year study some of the online photography courses at the New York Institute of Photography.

Whether you are or want to be a professional photographer, or simply an artist who loves photography, who expresses his artistic talent through photographic art as a serious hobby, this course is suitable for you.

Today, through EDLatam, You can take the best Professional Photography Course of NYIP in your Spanish language, (or some of its modules), without transfers, from your home, at your own pace and in your own space. At the same time, you are in the hands of the best online photography school in the world and you get the best level of knowledge at a very affordable price, since a high percentage of the savings obtained by being an online course are transferred to our students .

If you are a professional and you know that you need to take your photography to another level, or if you have never studied photography and really want to learn and master it, in this course you will obtain a level of knowledge similar to that obtained in a photography career, without having to pay one fortune. You will learn from why your camera "believes" that the world is 18% gray and why your camera can not see how you see your eyes, the branches of photography that require more specialization, the level of depth you expect and deserve, So that you get to dominate several of them.

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