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4 GOOD REASONS TO CHOOSE ESOAD SA SPECIALTY ESOAD is the only school in France to exclusively offer FEDE diplomas. EXPERTISE For over 15 years, Esoad supports its students in the success of their personal study plan. SOUND MANAGEMENT A commitment based on an effective and humane educational relationship. A team of referring teachers and educational advisers who accompany and support you. ITS QUALITY Course content conforms to the repository FEDE Course designed… [+] by our expert teachers in European formations. Why opt for e-learning solution? Balancing study and professional life No scheduling constraints and displacement Access to courses when I want and where I want Having an interactive training E-learning is a simple way to work from home at your own pace while maintaining your current job, for example. Courses are available on an online platform. Software installed on your computer, you can access the courses and the associated supplements such as videos, audio format explanations and summaries of courses. You have a referent teacher you can easily contact by phone, email or through Skype instant chat software. Distance learning He realizes the means of lectures, audios and videos. Your individualized access to e-learning platform is 24H / 24 and 7/7 Coaching You have a framework and a individual, personalized educational support. A referent teacher and school counselor accompany you throughout your training path and answer your questions. Everything is done to achieve your goals The custom progress Respecting your rhythm and your schedule, course modules are delivered gradually. The audit The audit is a regular appointment with your academic advisor. It allows to track your attendance, redefining your goals for improvement, a Planning and preparing your exams. [-]

Université Virtuelle (UIV)

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What is Virtual University? The Virtual International University (IVU) offers distance learning (known as e-learning courses). Anyone who can not travel regularly to the university can benefit from online training and has the right to aspire to a degree of higher education. IVU was created by the International University (ITU) to enable people with mobility constraints to access to higher education training, thanks to resources and online learning tools (platform ,… [+] mentoring, video conferencing, media, virtual library). Exams are held once or twice a year to the ITU or in approved centers by IVU, and after which the distance student gets a degree (Bachelor, Master, Engineer). The training away from the Virtual International University are proposed to: working professionals wishing to deepen their basic and applied knowledge; who can not attend classes regularly, students with transmission constraints: people underserved regions and areas to foreign capital or students with limited means, students with disabilities. Admission meets the same selection criteria as for students in initial training, and after a commission to validate mobility constraints. Organization Through innovation and information technologies, the Virtual International University (IVU) was founded in 2012 to provide online training. The organization of IVU allows distance students to manage their learning program according to their requirements. ADMISSION You can apply for one of the courses offered based on your academic level: Degree, Engineering degree, Master. Following the review of your file, you will have an interview (in college or online) and you can register if you are accepted by the commission. Training You will receive your access codes and you can follow online courses; Several tools are available: platform with the plane of course, different media (tutorial, documents, videos ..), virtual library. An educational and academic team also will supervise you throughout your studies. exams The supervised homework and end of semester examinations are held at the university or in one of the centers approved by IVU at the end of each semester (in January and June). With a special waiver, you can also take the exams at the end of the academic year. [-]


Tunisia Tunis September 2017

The ITU is distinguished by a collegiate organization around free schools and independent colleges; international partnerships with recognized degrees and double degrees or co-accredited courses and semesters abroad, konvertor programs with European universities, specialized certifications, reference faculty and visiting professors, equipment and constantly renewed resources, orienteering services, professional Insertion, research and development ... so that the student succeed… [+] his academic and professional life. [-]

German Business School

Tunisia Tunis September 2017

Find Your Program The German Business School is the first unique Business School in Tunisia applying German Standards for executive education together with its partner University of Applied Management in Mannheim (Business School of HdWM). The GBS ensures with its international professional team a sustainable, strategic vocational management training for future managers in EMEA. GBS mission is to develop, to promote and to strengthen the educational needs in… [+] consideration of cultural background to make them able to operate in the international business, whereat the English language is a must in communicating. Therefore GBS aim is to challenge the potential of leaders adding significant value to their further career in English language, in Business and in Research. About us With its international professional team, German Business School ensures a sustainable, strategic, vocational management training for future managers. Our mission is to develop, promote and strengthen their knowledge and skills necessary to operate in the international business environment. At German Business School, you can obtain Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, receive a Business or Technical Certification with our customized training programs, and improve your German and English languages. GBS aims are: to pursue excellence in research, career development and networking to develop leaders in different sectors of national and international business and public service GBS stands for the quality of education provided and is always eager to improve. [-]

ESJ Paris - École Supérieure de Journalisme

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The Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris was created in Paris in the period from 1896 to 1899 by university professors willing to expand education in the social sciences. It holds the distinction as the first school of journalism ever created in the world. ESJ Paris was selected in 2008 as partner school of journalism for various external programs, such as the NATO civil training program in Central Asia and the European Community Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize. The … [+] nearly 130 teachers are full-time journalists and professionals: lawyers, senior civil servants, university lecturers. In 2008 ESJ D International created a joint-venture with ESJ in Casablanca (now in Rabat) which offers the the same curriculum and program as ESJ Paris. The ESJ Paris program includes the basics of journalism, media management, written press, deontology and ethics, journalism law, TV, radio broadcasting, photography, web, career strategy, professional software, investigative reporting, foreign correspondence, and technical English. ESJ Paris Formation is a professional training subsidiary incorporated in 2009 to provide short-session training programs to professionals (medias outlets and general businesses). ESJ D International opened a branch in Dubai (UAE) in 2010, named ORIENT-ESJ, where the training centers on TV broadcasting and is taught in English and Arabic. ESJ Paris curricula Currently, general teaching is 80% in French and 20% in English – plus Arabic in Casablanca. Main body (master 1): - Two years of specific journalism training - Admission at +2/+3 level post high school with a limited number of positions - One-year internal prep school for +1/+0 levels post high school - Training focuses on graduating polyvalent journalists (press, TV, radio, Internet) but also includes training in photography, investigative reporting, media laws, and other topics - English is a mandatory part of the training - A selection process enforces that only students who maintain a certain level can continue the program - Graduation is a master, level I (« Bologna » system) - Training includes annually 1500 hours, which includes 500 h of lectures and workshops plus mandatory internships within a media organization (2 periods of 2 months each year). Specific training programs (master 2): Master 2 is a very limited group of students in a dual intensive program in journalism for 15 months, having been selected after another graduation (1700 hours of training), plus mandatory media internship of 3 months. Options are: general journalism, sports journalism, audio-visual/TV journalist and reporter, bilingual journalist. Coherence with the “Bologna” system ESJ brings together various graduation systems : French “classical”: ESJ is a “grande école”, by decree of the Prime Minister, meaning that graduating students get a ”Diplôme de Formation Supérieure en Journalisme”, M1 level. “Certification of ESJ” through the RNCP (both Ministries of Education and Labor) means also that students graduate in the L3/M1 range. “LMD/Bologna”: we deliver 60 ECTS each year to students with the main cursus and 20 ECTS through an additional non-mandatory cursus in order to deliver a 240 ECTS/M1 level at graduation, whatever the level of student prior to joining ESJ. Program year: ESJ 1: (L1, prep year): 90 to 100 ESJ 2 (L2): 70 to 80 ESJ 3 (M1): 60 to 70 (20 per specialization: TV, radio or print) ESJ 4 (M2) general: 20 ESJ 4 (M2) sports: 20 ESJ 4 (M2) TV/Broadcast: 9 ESJ Paris includes around 25% foreign students from all over the world: (Belgium, Romania, Qatar, Canada, Algeria, Lebanon, India, Argentina, Japan, Tunisia, Comores, Portugal, the UK, Spain, Holland, Morocco, Gabon, Mali, Senegal, Russia, Egypt, Djibouti, Switzerland, Italy, as noted in 2009 - 2010). International programs ESJ Paris has a prep class in both Casablanca (Morocco) and Brussels (Belgium). Opening of a class in Geneva (Switzerland) is scheduled for 2010. Exchange programs are currently running with the following schools of journalism: Griffith College (Dublin, Ireland), American University (Washington, DC, USA), Lomonossov University of Moscow (Russia), University of Geneva (Switzerland), San Pablo CEU (Madrid, Spain), University of Sofia (Bulgaria), John Cabot University (Roma, Italy) Discussions are underway to set up exchange programs in India, China, Taiwan, Argentina and Turkey. [-]

Mediterranean School of Business (MSB)

Tunisia Tunis September 2017

The first English-Speaking Institution of higher education in Tunisia, founded in 2002 by Dean Mahmoud Triki, MSB has developed programs that aim at the education of visionary entrepreneurs able to succeed in an increasingly global economy. MSB stands out for: The only Executive MBA delivered by a Tunisian School and internationally accredited by the London-based Association of MBAs (AMBA). The only Masters in Business Management in Africa to receive the… [+] AMBA London accreditation. Multinational and highly-qualified Faculty with PhDs from the most renowned universities worldwide such as Harvard, MIT, London Business School… A valuable network of Partner Business Schools: students could start at MSB and finish at one of MSB Business School Partners, HEC Montréal, Babson, Maryland, UMASS, South Carolina and CATÓLICA-LISBON… Hands-on, interactive pedagogical methods through the use of case studies as well as Soft Skills Development including teamwork, the spirit of initiative, Communication and Leadership. Cutting Edge Facilities and a unique Learning environment. Today, MSB programs (Licence, Master, Executive MBA & Seminars) boast an outstanding network of faculty, staff and students, who all come together in a multi-cultural setting that is conducive to learning, growth and development with an intellectual vitality comparable to the finest North American and European higher education institutions. [-]