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Instituto BME is the training center for Spanish Bags and Markets (BME), the fourth market operator in Europe. It is constituted in 2005 continuing with the dissemination work carried out since 1990 by the MEFF Institute, as a reflection in the field of the formation of the process of integration of the set of securities markets and compensation and settlement systems existing in Spain.

With the objective of contributing to the promotion of financial culture, the activity of Instituto BME is based on the organization of different training services linked to financial markets in general.

Special attention deserve all those aspects directly related to the products of the different markets and trading platforms that make up Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets (equities, fixed income and derivatives) and their clearing and settlement systems, but without forgetting other novel aspects of financial world as a consequence, on the one hand of the process of globalization and on the other of the continuous progress experienced by the sector.


Instituto BME training offer tries to provide the maximum dissemination of knowledge of financial markets and its products, always using a very practical methodology supported by advanced computer applications. For this, it has unbeatable human resources made up of Instituto BME professors themselves and the group of BME professionals who provide first-line experience in the management process of the different markets. In addition, experts from other areas of the financial sector as well as academics from different universities also collaborate on a regular basis.

"Maximum dissemination in the knowledge of financial markets"

The training programs of Instituto BME are aimed at professionals in the financial sector and its regulatory bodies, private investors, students and, in general, all those interested in entering or deepening in the world of finance.

In the delivery of each of its Training Programs, Instituto BME renews the quality commitment with its customers, having obtained in 1998 the Company Registration Certificate and renewed in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Our facilities

Stock Exchange Palace

Instituto BME has a privileged location in the Palacio de la Bolsa next to the communications axis of Castellana. Located in Plaza de la Lealtad, it is one of the most emblematic buildings in the capital. It was opened in 1893 and has been remodeled on different occasions, so it has all the technological and access advances.

Instituto BME out its activity in four classrooms (with capacity for about 40 people each) equipped with computers, market simulators, real-time financial information and the most advanced technological teaching means.

In addition, its location at the headquarters of the Spanish Stock Exchange and Markets allows Instituto BME enjoy other advantages such as access to the library, the auditorium and other services.


Quality commitment

Instituto BME has established, documented and implemented a quality management system whose Company Registration Certificate was obtained in 1998 and renewed annually in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The Instituto BME Quality policy establishes that:

The prestige and leadership of Instituto BME as a training center can only be achieved if each and every one of the services undertaken is aimed at achieving full customer satisfaction.

We understand that a satisfied customer is one whose expectations have been fulfilled thanks to the Total Quality commitment that Instituto BME pursues.

Total Quality is to take care of all the details that the process of providing a service takes. It is precisely because of the exquisite care of these details that the activity of Instituto BME is distinguished from competitors.

This Total Quality is reflected in a Total Quality Objective whose application requires that all Instituto BME personnel fully internalize the scope of all the actions that it entails. In reality, the Total Quality Objective is not only a set of measures that are developed mechanically but an attitude of the staff that wishes to please the customer at all times. Total Quality is achieved based on small individual contributions.

On the other hand, the Instituto BME Total Quality Objective also refers to the following issues:

  • The speed of change. The emergence of new unmet needs in our customers forces Instituto BME to constantly update the services and their way of providing.
  • Staff participation Each of the people who work at Instituto BME formulates, in its scope, the proposals and ideas that it considers appropriate to improve the quality of the service as well as the process of provision. Efficiency is also measured in terms of lower economic cost and time savings.
  • The internal formation The provision of a service of the highest quality and the personnel training itself are closely linked and, therefore, Instituto BME considers this aspect a fundamental pillar of its Total Quality Objective.
  • Providers. Suppliers of products and services must adhere to our approach to quality and therefore be involved in our continuous improvement program.
  • The update of the Total Quality Objective. Based on staff initiatives, knowledge of customer demands and comparing with the best competitors, management will define annually the priority areas to focus on, in accordance with the strategic objectives of Instituto BME .

In short, the Total Quality Objective is always a priority that requires a constant effort to maintain and check your progress.



Instituto BME
Palacio de la Bolsa
Plaza de la Lealtad, 1

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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