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The school

Training interior designers since 1998

The founders of INSENIA have been since the beginning of their professional careers, Designers and Design Teachers, simultaneously and inseparable.

The vocation for training has led them to give hundreds of free talks and seminars throughout Spain, aimed at all kinds of professionals interested in Decoration and Interior Design. Since the beginning of their professional career, 20 years ago, they have taught at various design and decoration schools in Madrid. Since 1998, they started their own training project, completed since 2013 in CEROESPACIO IMADDE, and destined to share in a few weeks the fruit of 20 years of experience designing all kinds of spaces.

Teaching and Management Team

The main advantage of training with INSENIA is undoubtedly the experience of its professors, leading professionals in the decoration sector in Spain.

It is impossible to teach what has not been practiced and experienced in the first person. In INSENIA we know what we are talking about, because we are true professionals of interior design, design, art and decoration, focused on our professional career and passionate about our work. This makes us unique. We enjoy our own project to make our dream come true and that of our students: learn more and more about the most beautiful profession in the world, Interior Design.

Professional outings

If at the end of our training you prefer to opt for self-employment and start your own interior design company, at Insenia Design School Madrid we will provide you with all the information you need to start your professional activity. We will share with you the fruit of 20 years directing interior design studies and project departments.

And if you still need more, consult our consulting service for the creation of decoration companies. We will be happy to do all the necessary procedures for you, by the hand of a highly experienced and duly registered administrative manager.

Training in the field of Interior Design opens doors to endless work and business possibilities. Our students arrive at the labor market ready to join all types of companies:

  • Interior Design Studies
  • Architecture Studies
  • Reform Companies
  • Decoration Stores
  • Furniture Factories
  • Image and Decoration Consultants
  • Event Companies
  • Stand Manufacturing Companies
  • Office Equipment Companies
  • Furniture stores
  • Plans delineation companies
  • 3D architectural visualization companies
  • Decoration Magazines and Blogs
  • Franchise Design Departments
  • Great DIY Chains

Professional teachers, and active.

Our professors are active professionals, several of them registered in their respective Professional Associations, and fully involved in their professional careers. With them you will learn much more, because they are an inexhaustible source of anecdotes and experiences.

Class recovery.

If you miss a class, you can retrieve it the next time it is taught. All our classes are repeated monthly or bi-monthly. It is important that you attend each and every one of them, and that is why we are willing to give you all possible facilities for you to get it.

Condensed Courses

INSENIA training programs have been developed to access a complete instruction in the shortest possible time, eliminating what is not practiced in the day to day of the profession. Simply put, we have "separated the straw from the grain" to be left alone with the truly important. Our courses deepen especially in the subjects of projects and in the elaboration by the student of practical exercises based on real projects, in identified spaces, and with the requirements and limitations imposed by the reality of the exercise of our profession.

Time to study, practice and enjoy

We will ask you to deliver exercises during the theoretical classes weeks, but you will have all the time you need to carry them out. We want you to enjoy the seminars and take advantage of them without the stress and rush imposed by the dates of delivery of the exercises. Thus, with us you will first study and then exercise what you have learned, with enough time to assimilate, apply and correct. We want you to enjoy your training and have the necessary time to do complementary activities, such as visiting museums, decoration stores and specialized libraries.

Cultural and commercial visits

We will bring you closer to reality much more than you can imagine. You can attend project presentations with real clients, accompany one of our interior designers on a home visit, visit works in progress, attend presentations of products from our suppliers, visit with us furniture factories or material stores, or accompany us to The main decoration fairs.

Real tutored practices

In INSENIA the practices are included in our Master's programs. We cannot terminate a training if it has not been carried out in actual practice, at least for six weeks. We put at your disposal the possibility of teaching in our interior design studio, so that you know the reality of the deal with the client and with the suppliers.

We firmly believe in the old "Apprentice" method that is formed by helping your "Teacher." That is why we offer you the possibility of doing additional teaching practices in collaboration with our own studio. Some of our former students are now working as a freelance for EstudioCeroEspacio, our decoration studio.

Consult us whenever you want

Once your training is finished and as an ex-student of INSENIA, you will have unlimited access to inquiries to your teachers. Do not be afraid to accept difficult projects, we will support you and dispel your doubts.

At least twice a week, we open our classrooms outside of school hours so you can come to work and consult with your teachers on any subject that concerns you.

Do you need advice to start your own decoration business? Ask for our Business Consulting. We will help you with everything you need: administrative procedures, registration in Social Security and Finance, online marketing, web pages, social networks and much more.

Job Board

The purpose of the Courses and Masters we offer is to provide all our students with a new profession in the field of interior design and decoration. Many companies come to us in search of willing professionals, and our students and alumni benefit from it.

In the news section * you can be aware of each new job, internship, or collaboration offer requested by companies in the sector.

* Only for students and alumni of Insenia.

In the very heart of Madrid Design

INSENIA teaches in the Madrid neighborhood of Las Cortes, very close to all the great decoration shops in the capital (Trentino, Gastón and Daniela, Gancedo, D'Erre, Keops, etc.) and in the very heart of art and Madrid design, two steps from the Thyssen Museum, the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum and the Caixa Forum, with the best communications by public transport or by car, and parking at 100 meters.

Dimad training partners

Insenia Design School Madrid is part of a set of training institutions, higher design schools and training partners of Dimad, the Association of Designers of Madrid. Due to the fact of being members, our Master students have the possibility of also being student partners at no cost for a year. In this way, they can opt for a great cultural and educational offer related to the world of design, and participate actively in all the activities of the Association.


Community of Madrid

Calle del Marqués de Cubas,6
28014 Community of Madrid, Spain