John Naisbitt University has over two decades of tradition and is a leading private university in Central and Southeast Europe. The first educational institutions of this University were established in December 1989, under the initial name of Megatrend University, which indicated high and far-reaching aspirations of this institution. This University was a pioneer in the region in terms of the development of education in the field of management, organizational behavior, intercultural management and related disciplines. The University employs more than 300 teachers with a Ph.D. on the full–time basis and over 100 people who work in the University’s administration. Currently, more than 20,000 students attend the John Naisbitt University. The University has modern campuses in Belgrade and other parts of Serbia in a total area of 17,500 square meters. The four pillars of the John Naisbitt University are 1. top teachers from the country and abroad; 2. modern textbooks which are constantly innovated and adjusted to the achievements of modern science; 3. very active international cooperation; 4. ultra-modern space specially designed to meet the highest educational standards. Today, the University is at its 4th stage of development based on a completely new concept of “global learning”. It allows the students, studying at this University, to prepare for a successful career in different cultural, economic and political environments. This concept shows that modern and global business is not based on international factors but intercultural ones. In other words, international management gives way to intercultural management. John Naisbitt University was accredited in Serbia, and through ENQA - in Europe as well. The University also has ISO 9001 certification issued by the AQA (American Quality Association). University diplomas are, thus, recognized in the whole world, without the need for nostrification, which is constantly confirmed by the graduates who successfully find jobs in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Scandinavia, etc.

What are the advantages of studies at the John Naisbitt University?

Based on the years of experience and great knowledge, the University applies a study method that guarantees the high quality of classes and confirms the creativity and competence of students. Studying consists of a larger number of different teaching methods that are interactive and comply with modern teaching tools (lectures, exercises, seminars, workshops, simulations, role-playing, etc.). However, what this type of studying gives exceptional quality is a large number of hours devoted to individual consultations with professors – the number of which may be, depending on students’ requests, be several times larger greater than the number of compulsory classes. In this way, a kind of individual studies are created, which is then adapted to the needs of each student. Such practice is a characteristic of the best European and World universities. A distinctive way of studying enables the students to pass up to 70 percent of the examination material through pre-examination activities in a large number of courses. Based on the above stated, an average length of studies at our University is 4.7 years, which matches the level of the most efficient World universities. All the students of our University have a professional practice which is done in national and multinational companies, banks, insurance companies, cultural and media institutions.

Who teaches at John Naisbitt University?

Various forms of classes at the faculties and colleges of our University are thought by highly competent and experienced professors, assistants and teaching associates. Students have an opportunity often to listen to the lectures of visiting professors from top European and world universities, first of all, John Naisbitt, one of the greatest world’s intellectuals; Sung-Jo Park, a leading international management expert; Jean-Jacques Chanaron, a leading business economics expert; Christophe de Jaeger, a prominent doctor of medicine and physiology; and Xing Shi Yang, a distinguished professor in the field of computer science, and many others. In addition, during their studies, the students of our University have an opportunity during studies to attend the lectures of prominent Serbian politicians and public personalities, ambassadors of leading countries in the world – the USA, Russia, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Italy, etc. Numerous and varied curricular and extra-curricular activities at John Naisbitt University take place owing to highly qualified and kind officials who are always available to students.

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The program aims to provide the students with solid knowledge of theories and fundamentals of international economy and business, while practicing students’ skills in the ... [+]

Be inspired by the international environment of this year’s Summer School, as it is an excellent introduction to what it is like to study and work in an interculturally diverse group.

This year, our focus is on developing intercultural business skills. Individuals from different cultural backgrounds have different cultural norms, practices and expectations, and to understand and appreciate this is essential for success in international business.

Over a four-week period, from mid-June to mid-July, an intensive teaching format with company visits included and several field trips through Serbia, students will develop skills which will enable them to interact effectively and in a acceptable way with others whilst working in groups with various cultural backgrounds. ... [-]

Serbia Belgrade
June 2019
1 month