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Our mission : here at ‘SKYWORLD AVIATION GROUP’ we offer you a host of opportunities in our wide range of facilities,an exciting and fulfilling career within the dynamic aviation industry and a quality centric environment where you can take pride in your work.

As we have one of the largest and most diverse customer bases in the industry,you will have the opportunity to service an international clientele and work on a vast range of aircrafts,including some of the most and newest advanced models. Skyworld aviation group will realize your dreams of being a highly demanded pilot in today’s aviation industry.

Skyworld aviation group started with an aim to change the face of the aerospace industry.we worked relentlessly in setting the high standards of aviation services and training in philippines.

Vision : is to faster the vision and to create dynamic and highly efficient young talent in the aviation industry.our commitment to customer satisfaction is driven across all our processes and staff levels.Every member of skyworld team works single mindedly to meet our customer’s requirements and deliver value beyond expectation.vices to our clients.


Reason #1: You are an individual not a number

We really care about our students and want them to succeed. Our tutors give individual attention to help each person to achieve their potential.

Reason #2: Our students achieve high pass rates

The highly technical nature of aviation requires that students understand and retain theory knowledge rather than simply passing a written exam. Our programmes aim at providing students with an in depth understanding of class material. We expect that between 90 to 100 percent of our students will pass theory exams on their first sitting.

Reason #3: Fly the friendly skies

Skyworld aviation group enjoys one of the best aviation climates in the country, and our students have no interruptions to their flying programmes caused by bad weather.

Reason #4: Traffic Density

To maximise your investment, you should utilise every minute in the aircraft and train where traffic density is light enough to allow for uninterrupted training but heavy enough to be realistic. Our programmes achieve this by operating from Differents aerodrome.

Reason #5: Eye to the future

We recognize that a broader range of skills will be required of pilots in the future and links our students to other academic programmes. Ask around and you will find that we have a reputation for working hard to ensure that our students succeed.

Reason #6: Flexibility

Theory courses start at various times during the year and flight training is available on demand. Aircraft and instructors are generally available when you want them and you are not queuing up to get take off clearance nor joining a stack of aircraft trying to land. Instructors have a maximum of four students to manage providing more than adequate attention to all students.

On the top of the best, Skyworld Aviation group offers –

  • A very responsive curriculum, which truly satisfies requirements of top aviation, and airline services in Philippines and Asia Pacific.
  • Safe and hands-on-training and real flying experiences to students.
  • Quality facilities and unmatched resources.
  • Most creative and responsive aviation curriculum and experiences to students who wish to make it big in aviation sector.
  • 300 hour packages for zero hour students and it involves 150 hrs of C-152,50 hrs of C-172 & 100 hrs in multi-engine.
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Standard Integrated Flight Training with OJT Programme

Campus Full time 16 months November 2017 Philippines Manila

The foundation knowledge required to start the first flight phase. Subjects include aircraft general knowledge, air law, mass and balance, navigation, performance and planning, and meteorology. [+]

Flight training & phases: Our full-time, standard Integrated Flight Deck Programme typically takes approximately 14 months, and is broken down into several phases as outlined below. All phases are completed from our base. Eligibility: Graduate /Diploma Holder At least 21 years of Age Good English Communication Skills Class 1 medical issued from Aviation Doctor Able to Perform well in Pressure Flights. Skills acquired: The foundation knowledge required to start the first flight phase. Subjects include aircraft general knowledge, air law, mass and balance, navigation, performance and planning, and meteorology. ATPL THEORY: DURATION: 6 MONTHS (700 hours CLASS ROOM HOURS) Skills acquired: The Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) teaches students the theory required to operate commercial aircraft safely and professionally. Ground School Covers Fourteen (14) Subjects: 1. Theory of Flights 2. Basic Aircraft Instruments 3. Basic Aircraft Power Plant 4. Civil Air Regulations 5. Communications 6. Flight Environment and Airspace 7. Basic Aircraft Performance 8. Basic Weight & Balance 9. Basic Metrology 10. Aviation Physiology 11. Basic Radio Navigation 12. Basic Air Navigation 13. Basic Flight Planning 14. Instrument Review .FLIGHT TRANING Phase: Private Pilot Licence Training (PPL):- 50 hours of Flight time in a Cessna 152 35 hours of Instructor time 20 hours of ground school time Course Books and Materials CAAP Written Exam CAAP Check ride CAAP Medicals Instrument rating :( IR) 20 hours of flight time in a Cessna 172 35 hours of instructor time 20 hours of ground school time Course Materials CAAP Written Exam CAAP Check... [-]

Trainee First Officer Course

Campus Full time 3 months November 2017 Philippines Manila

Our OJT Programme design for Pilots who want to build up their experience and increase their Flight Time as a P-I-C to get start up in Charter Airline. [+]

OJT (ON JOB TRAINING) PROGRAME:- Our OJT Programme design for Pilots who want to build up their experience and increase their Flight Time as a P-I-C to get start up in Charter Airline. .After Completing 265 hours of Cpl including ME, OJT PROGRAME will resume. Duration of OJT Contract -2 YEARS Flying Hours Each Day -6 hours Salary During OJT Programe-1500 USD/Month and Incentives will be added later on. # Accommodation, Transportation and Laundry Service will be provided by us Package Cost of Standard Integrated Flight Deck Programme (Commercial Pilot Licence Training Course) including Accommodation, Transportation, and Visa Permits is 45,000 USD (Forty Five Thousand US Dollars). We're in business to help Pilots meet the Airlines minimum for twin engine time in a safe, fast and affordable way. Your interests are our top Priority. SKYWORLD OJT Pilot Program, is a leader in the Multi Engine and Single Engine time building business. Our Program is designed around the requirements of what the corporate and Regional Airlines are looking for such as "Real world cross-country experience puts the pilot on an accelerated pace to a career in a corporate or airline. We Guarantee Airlines Interview and Assessment with our Collaborated Airlines in South-Eastern Asia. Our OJT Programme design for Pilots who want to build up their experience and increase their Flight Time as a P-I-C to get start up in Charter Airlines. We offer 2 (two)years Contract of Job after Completion of OJT Programme with Salary and Accommodation Faculties ,one time return... [-]

Type Rating A320, Line Training & Job Contract

Campus Full time 300 hours November 2017 Philippines Manila

This rating enables you to fly in weather conditions that a pilot holding just a PPL cannot. [+]

We are Offering On Job Training programme with Salary to Applicants who get Graduate from our Academy to Build up there hours and Experience.Skyworld Aviation Group offer Applicants with 3 (Two) years Extendable Job Contract in our Charter & Cargo Flights, to gain experience and build Flight Time . Salary (2500 USD)/month and Accommodation will be Provided . Package Cost of Standard Integrated Flight Training Program including Accommodation, Transportation, Visa Permits, One-way return Ticket is 45,000 USD (Forty Five Thousand US Dollars). Enrollment Fees is 5400 USD (Five Thousand four Hundred US DOLLARS). Includes VISA LETTERS FEES FOR Working Permit 9G. We have Two Installments for Payment of Fees. Airbus A320 Type Rating Course (Includes:Theoretical Knowledge Programe-52 hours Simulator Training Aircraft Base Training) All Manuals and Checklists with access to our online training website. Online or Ipad Computer Based Training (CBT) and examinations: Multi Crew Cooperation - MCC 32 hours Crew Resource Management - CRM 5days Jet Orientation Training - JOT 16 hours Airbus A320 Type Rating - TR 36 hours Line Oriented Flight Training -LOFT 4 hours .Airbus A320 Theoretical knowledge Instruction - TKI CBT 10 Days VPT 40 hours 16 hours Full Flight Simulator with/without motion (4days) Aircraft Base Training to Include 6 take-offs and Landings Ground Training in this package consists of both classroom instruction and computer based training. All the very latest technology is used to refine your skills including a new Airbus Virtual Procedures Trainer. The Training Phase in the A320 FOT Training is as... [-]

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