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SMEAG Global Education

Courses Philippines Cebu City South Korea Seoul Busan Jeju-si November 2018 + 2 more

SMEAG has the tools to transform your dream of MASTERING English into reality GREETINGS. Welcome to SMEAG Philippines Training Center. English has quickly taken its position as a mandatory requirement to advance in this fast-growing era of globalization. A considerable number of students start their studies with a firm determination and aim to improve their English language skills. However, in reality, it is not easy to reach such goal. The more you treat English as a subject… [+] to study and a hurdle that you must overcome, the further you drift away from your ambitions. In order to receive the utmost achievement, you need to incorporate the use of English into your daily lifestyle. You must make it a habit to live and breathe English to obtain maximum results. Learning English is never a simple path, but with a systematic educational program specialized to conform to your appropriate level, the dream can become a reality. SMEAG Philippines Training Center has a structured dormitory so students can ultimately focus on their studies during their stay. With the certification from the British Council as an authorized IELTS exam center, as an ETS certified TOEIC center with an outstanding education system, and several partnerships with universities, all these make SMEAG unique and dynamic. Through our professional and compelling educational curriculum and accredited testing and certification programs, we, at SMEAG, will strive to help you improve your English language skills so you can leap forward as a global talent. With our multi- globally authenticated testing and teaching programs, we work hard to provide you with the best English education ever available. ONLY AT SMEAG EDUCATION TRAINING CENTER! 1. 850 students, PHILIPPINES’ LARGEST ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL SMEAG Philippines Training Center has 3 campuses in Cebu, Philippines. With a capacity of 850 students, it is the largest English educational institution in the Philippines. Each campus has its own specialized program and its operation and management systems offer a unique experience to all students. 2. DIVERSE STUDENT BODY 45% being Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Taiwanese Our international teaching center has the biggest population of students from different countries. We believe that interaction and communication with different cultures will strengthen every student’s social and language skills. In addition, these students will be able to establish a wider interpersonal relationship, not only in their school time but also beyond their studies. 3. IELTS TARGET SCORE GUARANTEE COURSE 98% SUCCESS RATE Ninety –eight percent of our IELTS examinees have reached their target score while studying at our center. All students can practice their skills during the weekly IELTS Mock exam. Students who are registered for the IELTS course for more than 12 weeks (Pre-IELTS is excluded) will receive a free IELTS exam. Our highly-qualified teachers go through stringent seven-step selection criteria and three months of intensive training. The teachers’ regular evaluations and seminars are conducted to assure they deliver excellent teaching methods for the most efficient language learning experience of the students. 4. ANNUAL ALUMNI OF 4,000 STUDENTS Due to their satisfaction in the academic excellence and the high level of education offered, recent graduates (an average of 4,000 students graduate from SMEAG every year) have been recommending SMEAG Networks Philippines Training Center to their friends and families. By staying in constant contact and having reunions with their fellow batches from various countries, graduates help build and expand the SMEAG network. 5. A WIDE SELECTION OF AVAILABLE SMEAG PATHWAY PROGRAMS SMEAG Philippines Training Center is the only IELTS Testing Center and Resource Center that is certified by the British Council, and the only GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines. SMEAG Philippines Training Center operates a variety of college admissions and training programs for students who wish to study overseas. Through the association of universities and educational institutions in various countries, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, amongst other countries. IELTS Testing Venue SMEAG Philippines Training Center is the first private educational institution to be designated as an IELTS testing center by the British Council. Since its accreditation in July 2011, SMEAG continues to strive towards the demand for excellence as an authorized testing center. IELTS Resource Center The IELTS Resource Center is managed by both the British Council and SMEAG Philippines Training Center. The operational learning facility allows students to have convenient access to textbooks and samples of IELTS test materials and information about the test. The Resource Center is well-equipped with practice tests, workbooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines to help the students prepare for the exam. TOEIC Testing Venue In July 2012, ETS certified SMEAG Philippines Training Center, Capital Campus as an authorized TOEIC testing center. The Capital Campus is recognized in the specialization in the TOEIC program and offers a challenging curriculum to help students achieve their aims. GAC Teaching Center The GAC Program is an internationally recognized university preparation program provided by ACT Education Solutions, Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACT, Inc.) Students are granted guaranteed entry into one of the 90 GAC pathway universities in more than 10 countries. SMEAG Philippines Training Center is the only accredited GAC teaching center in Cebu that is certified by the ACT Education Solutions, Limited. Pride of SMEAG Approved Testing Venue 1. British Council Approved IELTS Testing Venue, IELTS Resource Center IELTS Testing Venue First private educational institution to be designated as an IELTS testing center by the British Council (accredited in July 2011). SMEAG students and local candidates are able to take the official IELTS exam in SMEAG’s 2nd. Campus - Classic. IELTS Resource Center The effective learning space managed by both the British Council and SMEAG Education Center. The Resource Center is well equipped with practice tests, workbooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines to help students prepare for the exam. 2. ETS TOEIC Official Testing Center The Philippines’ only Official Testing Venue for TOEIC L/R, TOEIC S/W accredited by ETS (accredited in July 2012). SMEAG students and local candidates are able to take the official TOEIC exam in SMEAG’s 3rd. Campus - Capital. 3. GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines - The World’s Most Recognized University Preparation Program created by ACT ES GAC students will prepare for the ACT Test and start developing their academic skills such as English/ Mathematics/ Computer / Science / Social Science, all necessary in any university. GAC students can earn up to 39 college credits towards a university degree. Students can enter a Pathway University or any other universities in English-speaking countries with their ACT test score, GAC GPA, IELTS score and a reference letter from the ACT Company. A superb educational environment. Reputable GAC program of ACT ES GAC is the most internationally recognized university preparation program for incoming foreign university students who are non-native speakers of English SMEAG provides an accumulation of practical academic competence and skills through Global communication with international students composed of Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese. Through this program, GAC graduates will be ready to study in a world-class University with confidence 4. CAMBRIDGE ESOL Official Testing Preparation Center and Official Testing Venue Cambridge ESOL is an affiliated organization of Cambridge University which provides an internationally-qualified assessment of English proficiency for non-native speakers. It is one of the most famous English language assessment and ESL instruction providers in the world. In 2008, Cambridge University celebrated their 150th year Anniversary. Owing to its highly-standardized measurement of the English proficiency, over 4 million individuals who are studying English, especially instructors, take Cambridge ESOL test yearly. What makes the Cambridge ESOL certificate really exceptional is that it is highly-recognized and accepted by more than 12,000 multi-national companies, educational institutions, and government agencies worldwide. Thus, it is regarded as ‘Highly-qualified International English Proficiency Certification’. Students can study the Cambridge Exam Course and take the official Cambridge exam here in SMEAG (First official exam was held in May 2013). The Largest Learning Institution 1. SMEAG operates as the largest learning institution with three campuses in the Philippines All three campuses are located 5 to 20 minutes from Cebu City center and major shopping centers. SMEAG can accommodate a total of 865 students, making it the biggest educational organization in the Philippines. In addition, SMEAG’s 577 employees always try to provide an optimum studying environment. Based on the general ESL course, SMEAG always provides a high-quality English educational course in each campus. SMEAG is associated with international official organizations such as the British Council, ETS-Hopkins, International School plus approximately 90 universities around the world. SMEAG continues to advance in overseas group language programs with universities and global companies. SMEAG students can transfer to another campus depending on the program and availability of accommodation. (First time is for free but the following transfer, the student needs to pay the service fee). 2. Largest Group of Professional Instructors SMEAG’s Specialized Instructor Training System Step 1 IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge, ESL training program developed by SMEAG’s R&D team (8 weeks course) Step 2 Quarterly British Council sponsored IELTS instructor training, ETS TOEIC seminars, and professional training by CIA/CIE International Schools Step 3 Certified IELTS, TOEIC, and Cambridge Exam after SMEAG’s self-assessment test Step 4 Issuance of certificate approved by SMEAG’s R&D and Academic Department SMEAG’s R&D (Research and Development) Educational Development The R&D team focuses on developing and improving educational programs through a variety of suggestions, ideas, and research activities Development / management of textbooks Periodical student grade management / occasional academic counseling and surveys Occasional / regular training for Filipino teachers Research / develop / apply latest English teaching materials Professional Instructor Training (Organized by the British Council) SMEAG teachers will receive the most accurate knowledge about IELTS from professional training from IELTS examiners The authorized partnership between international institutions proves to be a great springboard to increase the standard of our instructors Specialized Instructor Training Course and Awarding Program Administrator Promoted to R & D Officer, Teacher Head, SupervisorOpportunity to contribute to the curriculum of SMEAG after the process of pursuing a master or a doctoral degree Incentives Health insurance benefits for full-time instructors ( MAXICARE Insurance )Outstanding Teachers awarded quarterly, Awarded overseas vacations to Hong Kong / Singapore / South Korea Promotion (level) Systematic management of instructors ( work/evaluation, hiring/HR, fair pay system ) Periodic Training Periodic training for team leaders, professional trainer education from ETS and IELTS British Council Full-time Instructors Ability to study and teach one of the specialized courses after becoming a regular instructor nine months after their initial hiring processESL L/S, ESL R/W, IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS WRITING, IELTS Speaking, TOEIC, ACT GAC classes are divided amongst all specialized instructors of SMEAG who have received the corresponding course instructor qualifications Probationary Period A probationary period of 6 months after 2 months of training, where teachers will be judged on their performance through an analytic evaluation systemAttendance, test, N-POINT, student assessment, Team Leader assessments, skills assessments by Supervisors Teacher Recruitment Hiring and personnel management of teachers after passing all the initial evaluations in accordance with SMEAG’s hiring processInitial English Level Test, Initial Interview, Demo Teaching, Speech Drill, Final Interview, Job Offer 3. A Learning Hub with the Most Multinational Students SMEAG has the biggest population of multinational students amongst almost 300 English educational institutions in the Philippines with students coming from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Iran. ( Korea 52%, Japan 43%, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Iran 5% ) SMEAG hosts a variety of extracurricular events to encourage students to actively partake in, this is to dynamically mingle and cooperate with one another, thus feeling a sense of delight to study in SMEAG In addition, SMEAG also has multinational managers from Korea, Japan, America, Iran and Vietnam who are stationed in different campuses to closely monitor the progress and look after the well-being of the students, hence, encouraging them to study by heart English AS A WAY OF LIFE + MULTINATIONAL CULTURE EXPERIENCE + GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE QUALIFICATIONS With our strict implementation of “English Only Policy”, SMEAG students are strongly encouraged to articulate in English at all times so they can fully get accustomed to communicating in English 24/7 in real life Expanding their horizons, SMEAG students gain exposure to diverse cultures and international etiquette, molding them to be more open-minded and globally competitive As they build wonderful memories, students can travel or share their hobbies during leisure time. After their graduation, they can keep in touch with one another through SMEAG’s community site What can SMEAG offer to multinational students for convenience? A delectable mixture of food from other countries: At SMEAG, we offer an option of non-spicy foods for international students from Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. SMEAG will gladly assist students with their VISA extensions, SSP applications, ACR I-CARD and etc. Hence, students can fully concentrate on studying and staying in the Philippines legally, safely and comfortably. Multinational managers: For students’ convenience, we have multinational managers from different countries, comprising of 28 Korean staffs, 1 from England, 2 from the USA, 2 from Japan, 1 from Iran and 1 from Vietnam who are enthusiastically dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of the students in different campuses. University Preparation 1. GAC GAC Teaching Center in the Philippines - The World’s Most Recognized University Preparation Program created by ACT ES 2. EAP Well-articulated, instructive English study program which can greatly help students enter a world-renowned University without an official English qualification or score attainment Upon completion of the SMEAG EAP program, EAP graduates can enter a college or university without an IELTS score 3. Welding Skills Program A well-engineered dual-purpose program which can significantly help enrollees obtain an IELTS score for employment & immigration in Canada and a Welding Qualification Certificate at the same time SMEAG, an IELTS Official Testing Venue, offers Job Readiness Programs for students who are interested in working abroad Student Management System 1. OSM ( Online Student Management ) System Student Academic Record System Quick review of Students Information ( name, gender, nationality, studying course, course starting date, graduate date, level, study load ) Management of class schedule, attendance, score and any other academic information Score Management System Checked by Academic Office Checked by On-line SMEAG website ( ) 2. SMEAG RED DIARY (Daily Writing, Listening Activity) Students who enter SMEAG Philippines Training Center will receive a ‘RED DIARY’. This is a great tool for students to practice their writing skills since this will be checked by their individual teachers. Students will be motivated by “Writing” and “Listening” subjects which can lead them to improve their general English skills. How to write in the Red Diary? 1.Minimum number of words (150_ESL/250_IELTS) are requested per task 2. Students who are done with all tasks can receive a SMEAG freebie from the Academic Office 3. "Red Diary" Listening Dictation should be done and checked by L/S teachers 4. Students who are done with all tasks can receive a SMEAG freebie from the Academic Office. ( T-shirts, Tumbler, Pillow, etc ) 3. SMEAG’s powerful official exam preparation system SMEAG WEEKLY TEST Students can practice taking the IELTS exam with the latest materials in the official IELTS testing venue. Every student is required to take the IELTS/TOEIC/CAMBRIDGE ESOL mock exam every week. Students who are trained in a strict exam atmosphere are able to get their target score within the study period and 98% of SMEAG students succeed in obtaining their target score during the real IELTS exam. ( Weekly test results are uploaded on SMEAG Education website ) 4. STEP-UP PROGRAM for low beginners ( SMEAG level 1L ~ 1H )/h4> Even if you only know the ABCs, you can build up your confidence in English from SMEAG’s Step-Up Program This course is offered only in the Sparta Campus for low beginners who do not have the basic skills in English. Words, idioms, how to form sentences, repeated vocabulary and memorization will increase the student’s confidence in English within a short period of time. Students will have better communication skills with a variety of vocabulary words and sentences. Target studentsStudents who fall into one of SMEAG’s 3 step levels (1L/1M/1H) are required to enrollStudents who do not have basic skills in forming English sentencesStudents who have difficulty because of their lack of confidence Regulation90% below attendance in 4 weeks will receive 1 warning3 consecutive absences will result in 1 warningFailing the weekly test on Friday will result in a consequence of not being able to go out on the weekend Program ContentsMusicMemorizationVocabularyIdiomRepetitionSpeak Up LoudlyTest 5. Precaution from accident, Safety Education SMEAG offers safety education every week. Managers will introduce ways on how students can protect themselves from emergency situations and how to control the problem with local residences. Students will be informed of possible cases that might happen and can build their safety awareness [-]

Asian Institute of Management

Courses Philippines Makati November 2018

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is an international graduate school that aims to make a difference in sustaining the growth of Asian societies by developing professional, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible managers. The Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management (ZSDM) is AIM’s response to the challenge of sustaining Asian development. By working with the Sustainable Developments Goals agenda, the school creates principled development l… [+] eaders and managers who are well-equipped to achieve sustainable success. ZSDM engages emerging economies to build a team of civil leaders and business managers who are equipped to be problem solvers, change agents, and effective collaborators. Asia is a region of dramatic contrasts, blending eastern tradition with rapid westernization. Competing ideologies exist amidst new synergies. In this region of great wealth and dire poverty, our role is to empower entrepreneurs, business, and development leaders to initiate sustainable social, political, technological, and economic development. To achieve this, the Institute is categorically Asian, with a strong concentration on Southeast Asia and the ASEAN economic community. Our faculty, students, teaching materials, and research are predominantly Asian. Our programs are designed for Asian needs, our approach attuned to Asian management and responsive to peculiar Asian issues, while enhanced by a global perspective. Students come to AIM because of the Institute’s 40-plus years of experience in imparting and enhancing knowledge and skills to develop sensitivity to the diverse cultures and belief systems, business structures, governance, and regulatory environments in the region. We have established ourselves as the source of premier human resource development for the private and public sectors in emerging markets, especially Asia. Business and development management at the Institute are exemplified by the following: EMINENT LEADERSHIP Our international Board of Governors and Board of Trustees are composed of prominent business leaders and academics who share a deep commitment to the development of Asia and its people. A MULTICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT Our student body is multinational, and primarily Asian. ACCESS TO OUR STRONG ALUMNI NETWORK Our alumni can be found at the highest levels of responsibility in private, public, and non-profit sectors throughout the Asia-Pacific and in other parts of the world. SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO UNLOCK ASIA Our curricula, courses, and teaching materials have been developed for the conditions and needs of both private and public Asian enterprises and are offered not only in the Philippines but in other Asian countries as well. A PRACTITIONER-ORIENTED APPROACH Our academically and professionally qualified faculty have a broad regional outlook and wide experience in and knowledge of Asian management and practice. Our approach is practitioner-oriented, and our relationships with organizations all over the region are fundamental to the development and enhancement of our programs and activities. We create innovative management programs and have established relationships with key academic institutions and development organizations all over the world. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Our research centers form a nexus where the private sector, government, and civil society connect, converge, and synergize. We draw support from the region in terms of financial contributions and participation by the management and business community in AIM’s teaching and research activities. PRACTICAL LEARNING WITH THE CASE STUDY METHOD Our programs are designed for practical application in the real world. To advance this objective, we use the case method as a primary mode of teaching and learning. Under this method, which was adapted from the Harvard Business School’s own system, students analyze actual business scenarios to hone their analytical, decision-making, and communication skills. The method also encourages lively discussions between classmates, resulting in a robust and dynamic learning environment. LEARNING TEAMS To promote collaborative learning and leadership, as well as foster the school’s multicultural ethos amongst students, we assign each one to a "learning team" or “can group.” These teams give students a diverse learning environment, and provides each one the opportunity to experience and benefit from multi-faceted perspectives. [-]

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Asia Online

USA USA Online United Kingdom UK Online Singapore Singapore Online Philippines Philippines Online Australia Australia Online Germany Germany Online France France Online Netherlands Netherlands Online Spain Spain Online New Zealand New Zealand Online Argentina Argentina Online Brazil Brazil Online Canada Canada Online China China Online India India Online South Korea South Korea Online United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Online Taiwan Taiwan Online Hong Kong Hong Kong Online Qatar Qatar Online September 2018 + 35 more

Online learning works around your busy schedule with ERAU Asia Online Campus To find out more about our online programs, please click here Embry-Riddle Asia Online Campus is known for more than just our highly regarded aviation and aerospace programs. Embry-Riddle recognizes that completing a degree in a traditional classroom environment doesn't work for everyone. We understand most adult learners have very busy lives and face unique challenges while earning a degree. We… [+] are here to help you overcome those challenges so you can focus on your education. If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, consider this: Taking online classes with Embry-Riddle means no commuting, no traffic, and no sitting in a classroom after a long day at work. With just a computer and an Internet connection, you can work toward a degree from practically anywhere. Here are just some of the benefits of taking courses through our Online Campus: We have decades of experience assisting Online students, which has led to an experience that other schools cannot offer. We are exceptionally knowledgeable in assisting Military, Veteran, and Civilian students. Your goal is a degree. We stay in touch with you every step of the way to make sure you stay focused on that goal. We work with you to develop personalized degree maps -- individually created to show how you can graduate from Day 1, no matter your other life/work challenges. The majority of Academic Advisors are adult learners just like you, and many are Embry-Riddle Alumni. With 12 undergraduate and five graduate start terms throughout the year, it's never too late to start on your path to a degree. See our degrees and programs, below, see our Course Schedules, or see what minors we offer. [-]

B&D English School

Courses Philippines Dumaguete November 2018

B&D ENGLISH SCHOOL, INC. (Brand New Discovery English School) is a language school located in, Sibulan, a municipality next to Dumaguete City. BnD, as the name suggests, means a “new found haven”, in other words, “a just discovered place”. Our school owns a 3 storey building with a roof deck in Agan-an, Sibulan. It is a place very near to the airport area. The place is surrounded by many resorts lining up along its beautiful beach. The main airport of Negros … [+] Oriental, Dumaguete Airport, is located here. Also, there is Sibulan Sea Port positioned in the town center. A more or less 40-minute-trip crossing to Cebu island is made possible using three kinds of sea vessels, whether by barge, pump boat or fast craft. Incidentally, it is the first municipality next to Dumaguete city, so there's nothing to worry, for the latter is very much accessible to the people We are a Philippine government-accredited institution for English as a Second Language (ESL) learning. The English study program of our school has been approved by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and accredited by the Bureau of Immigration, Philippines. B&D’s main objective is to enable non-native speakers to learn and apply new vocabularies and ideas in real-life situations that would lead them to comprehend and to carry on general conversations in various conversational settings. Our school offers high-quality English language courses designed for everyone who needs to use English for their studies, job, travel abroad, as well as preparing for English proficiency examinations (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL). Teachers in our school are highly-educated, well-trained, and board examination passers. Also, we have a roster of TESDA-accredited ESL teachers positioned to help students improve their English communication skills. Moreover, we are one of the schools who offers English study program for a low cost in a convenient and comfortable environment. Hence, excellent education is guaranteed. Facilities B&D English School’s building has various facilities that would cater the academic and recreational activities of students. These facilities includes: 2 man-to-man classroom – well-ventilated, wide classrooms with individual air conditioning units and good lighting where students can learn English without distractions. 2 group classroom - well-ventilated, more spacious classrooms with individual air conditioning units, good lighting and educational materials. Office – a room for manager and office staffs to cater students’ and teachers’ concerns. Teacher’s Lounge/Faculty Room – a room for teachers to prepare lessons, validate students’ profiles, and formulate assessments. 16 Dormitory Rooms – 5 private room, 5 two persons room, 6 four persons room( without television)a spacious, well-ventilated room with air conditioning unit, cable television for private and 2 persons room and hot and cold shower for single, double, and multiple occupancy. *Male and female students occupy separate rooms. 1 Kids’ Play Room – a facility designed for families with children where they can play and enjoy nursery activities. Library/Study Area – a facility with learning resources for students and teachers to utilize during their vacant time for self-study and other academic purposes Gym – We have treadmill (running machine), balance ball, dumbbell, push up stand etc. for students who are willing to improve and maintain their physical well-being. Roof Deck – an open space with a refreshing atmosphere for school events and other extra-curricular activities. Laundry area – a specific area at the roof deck for housekeeping staffs to wash and dry students’ garments and school’s apparel Kitchen and Dining Hall – a well-maintained area for students to have their sumptuous meal prepared and served by kitchen staffs. Parking Area – a wide space exclusive for school and customers vehicle. Conclusively, there is a 24/7 security guard on duty, ensuring the safety of the students and the school premises. Lastly, the Negros Oriental Provincial Headquarters of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is just a few meters away from B&D English School so the area is safe and sound. [-]

SISFU Online

Philippines Philippines Online November 2018

Vision, Mission and Core Values VISION SISFU will be the leading transnational university that develops global leaders and professionals. It is distinguished by its excellent academic standards, outstanding instructional methodologies, relevant research, high levels of student achievement, a culture of innovation, and strong partnerships with ranked educational institutions. Its graduates are sought after by top national and global organizations. MISSION SISFU, the premier… [+] transnational university in the Philippines, delivers globally-relevant quality undergraduate and graduate programs developed by accredited educational partners from the UK, Australia, and the USA. Using rigorous international standards in instruction, assessment, and research, supported by excellent facilities, highly-qualified faculty, and industry collaboration, SISFU prepares students to be globally competitive, competent professionals, successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and movers of society. 5C'S CULTURE Character Competence Commitment to Achieve Creativity Collaboration QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities is committed to meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements in developing learners to excel in academics through continuous improvement of institutional support services, administrative systems, and delivery of the academic programs. QUALITY OBJECTIVES More than Acceptable level of Student Achievement More than Acceptable Rating on Academic and Academic Support Services More than Acceptable Rating in Administrative Services & Facilities More than Acceptable Faculty Competence More than Acceptable Staff Competence Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements [-]

Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities

Diploma Philippines Manila November 2018

Vision, Mission and Core Values VISION SISFU will be the leading transnational university that develops global leaders and professionals. It is distinguished by its excellent academic standards, outstanding instructional methodologies, relevant research, high levels of student achievement, a culture of innovation, and strong partnerships with ranked educational institutions. Its graduates are sought after by top national and global organizations. MISSION SISFU, the premier… [+] transnational university in the Philippines, delivers globally-relevant quality undergraduate and graduate programs developed by accredited educational partners from the UK, Australia, and the USA. Using rigorous international standards in instruction, assessment, and research, supported by excellent facilities, highly-qualified faculty, and industry collaboration, SISFU prepares students to be globally competitive, competent professionals, successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and movers of society. 5C'S CULTURE Character Competence Commitment to Achieve Creativity Collaboration QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities is committed to meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements in developing learners to excel in academics through continuous improvement of institutional support services, administrative systems, and delivery of the academic programs. QUALITY OBJECTIVES More than Acceptable level of Student Achievement More than Acceptable Rating on Academic and Academic Support Services More than Acceptable Rating in Administrative Services & Facilities More than Acceptable Faculty Competence More than Acceptable Staff Competence Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements [-]

Mapúa Institute of Technology

Philippines Manila November 2018

Mapúa Institute of Technology Founded on January 25, 1925, Mapúa Institute of Technology remains the leading technological academic institution and biggest engineering school in the Philippines. It envisions itself to become a global center of excellence in education. To ensure the professional readiness of its students, it adopted the outcomes-based approach to education, the first academic institution in the country to do so. It also pursued and succeeded in getting its 1… [+] 0 engineering and computing programs accredited by widely recognized accrediting body – the US-based ABET. Mapúa is the first school in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia to receive the ABET accreditation for its programs. With its strong systems and processes, global outlook on education, world-class curricula, highly trained professors and state-of-the-art facilities, Mapúa provides unparalleled opportunities and a decided advantage to its graduates. A tradition of excellence For almost nine decades of excellence in technical instruction, MIT has grown to be the Philippines’ biggest engineering school, with at least 15 undergraduate and 18 graduate engineering programs. Its enrollees account for at least 16% of the total student population in B.S. in Chemical (ChE), Civil (CE), Computer (CpE), Electrical (EE), Electronics (ECE), Environmental and Sanitary (EnSE), Industrial (IE), and Mechanical Engineering (ME) programs of the top 10 engineering schools in the country, based on Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) 2010 enrollment data. MIT’s program offerings in other fields of study have also expanded particularly in Architecture and Design, Information Technology (IT), Business and Management, Multimedia Arts and Sciences, Social Sciences, and Health Science. MIT’s efforts to continuously improve the quality of its education have been notable. For demonstrating high standards in classroom instruction, research, and extension service, CHED declared the Institute as National Center of Development for CE, CpE, CS (Computer Science), EE, ECE, IE, IT, and ME programs. Industry partnership has also been given more focus in the recent years by the Institute. Currently, it has tie-ups with hundreds of local and international educational institutions, organizations, and companies for its faculty development, collaborative researchers, and student internships. Such efforts enabled MIT to consistently produce topnotchers in licensure examinations. On record, the Institute’s board heroes have reached close to 300 since 2002. MIT moves to fine-tune its teaching standards with a series of accreditations. For one, the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) affirmed the Institute’s high standards in educational operations, granting Level IV accreditation to its CE program and Level III accreditation to its CpE, EE, ECE, EnSE, and IE programs. From 2010 to 2011, MIT has proven itself at par with other first-rate universities around the world when ABET, Inc. granted its first accreditation seal in the entire East Asia to its eight Engineering programs (ChE, CE, CpE, EE, ECE, EnSE, IE, and ME) and two computing programs (B.S. Computer Science and B.S. Information Technology), putting it ahead of the rest of educational institutions in the country. Engineering for the environment Alongside its pursuit of academic excellence, MIT also endeavors to be part of the solution to the global issue of climate change. MIT has long been an advocate of environmental conservation and engineering for the environment, beginning with the opening of its B.S. Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (EnSE) program in 1958, followed by the opening of its Master of Science in Environmental Engineering program in 2001 and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering program in 2004. EnSE’s curriculum currently includes 17 three-unit courses related to protection and conservation of and engineering for the environment. Furthermore, the Institute has also included environmental engineering and environmental science courses in all of its engineering and non-engineering programs, respectively. MIT believes that these courses are enough introductions for all the students to understand the real situation of the environment. It is also believed that these courses are sufficient to train them to be able to design, construct, and implement sustainable solutions to environmental problems. To complement its instruction, MIT included in its 2010–2020 initiatives the reduction of its carbon footprint. To initiate an institutional effort of carbon footprint reduction (CFR), the Institute formed a core group led by the Subject Chairperson for Chemical Engineering (ChE) Dr. Alvin R. Caparanga. Some ChE students were commissioned to conduct an initial study to compute the Institute’s total carbon footprint. Upon the presentation of results, the CFR committee convened to come up with necessary actions to be taken by the Institute to reduce its carbon footprint, which is mainly produced by its consumption of energy, water, and paper. Together with the different schools and offices, the CFR committee has gathered best practices for the conservation of its resources. MIT has moved to replace all of its lamps with more energy-efficient ones. This will immediately be followed by the school’s replacement of its air-conditioning units. The CFR group is currently in the process of setting targets and monitoring guidelines for this effort, aiming for full implementation in 2012. Apart from its internal efforts, MIT also has extension services dedicated to addressing environmental concerns through education. Under its Social Orientation and Community Involvement Program (SOCIP), the Institute has conducted seminars on recycling, energy conservation, and use of renewable energy; information drive about global warming and pollution in the community; and tree-planting and clean-and-green projects in partnership with the government and non-government organizations. [-]

Miriam College

Philippines Manila November 2018

History The story of Miriam College dates back to 1926 when the Archbishop of Manila, then Reverend Michael O’ Doherty, requested the Sisters of the Maryknoll Congregation in New York to initiate a teacher-training program for women in the Philippines. In an old remodeled Augustinian Convent in Malabon, Rizal, the Malabon Normal School was established. The school transferred sites several times until finally in 1953, with its name officially changed to Maryknoll College, i… [+] t laid down its permanent roots in Diliman (or Loyola Heights), Quezon City. After Vatican II, the Maryknoll congregation began to evaluate its work, not only in the Philippines but worldwide, in the light of their original apostolate as a missionary order. In the 60s, the Maryknoll congregation saw the readiness of the Filipino laity to continue the educational mission they had started. In 1977, the ownership and management of the school were turned over to lay administrators. In accordance with the agreement, the name Maryknoll was to be changed to pave the way for the promotion of the school’s unique identity, distinct although not disconnected from the identity of the Maryknoll sisters. In 1989, after a series of consultations, Maryknoll College was re-named Miriam College. Our Vision Miriam College is a premier Filipino Catholic institution of learning that forms leaders in service who combine competence with caring, are rooted in Filipino culture and Asian tradition, and yet are citizens of the world. Miriam College, by integrating the work of education with the life of faith, develops persons, particularly girls and young women to build the Filipino nation and to be co-creators of God’s kingdom on earth. Miriam College is committed to excellent academic programs infused with Christian values, enhanced by modern technology and enriched by national and international linkages. Finally, Miriam College commits itself to creating and living within our school community the very changes we seek to realize in society. Our Mission Miriam College, in partnership with families and the community provides quality and relevant Christian education that prepares students to become effective leaders, lifelong learners, and productive citizens. It offers excellent programs at the basic, tertiary, post graduate and adult education levels through learner-centered, value-integrating, research-based and innovative approaches. Our Core Values Truth We believe in the power of knowledge and the liberating force of truth. We commit ourselves to the systematic and scientific search for truth and to fairness and openness in its pursuit. We reject all forms of deceit, falseness and dishonesty. We strive for the highest quality of intellectual and academic output at the same time that we recognize and value the wisdom of the heart. Justice We believe that all human beings should be equally blessed to be responsible for and to enjoy the fruits of knowledge-generation and social progress. We commit ourselves to a society where power and opportunity are equally shared and where the “naked are clothed and the hungry are fed.” We reject discrimination of any kind against any individual or any group. We believe in gender equality and strive for and support a diverse and interdependent human community in which people’s rights, welfare and empowerment are centrally valued. Peace We believe that we should be peace-builders. We also believe that peace means the absence of violence as well as the presence of values, attitudes, behavior and ways of life based on non-violence and respect for the fundamental rights and freedom of every person. We reject violence of every form and in every social interaction and all institutions. We are committed to work for creative and constructive ways of solving conflict and to foster caring and loving relationships among all human beings and between humans and the rest of creation. Integrity of Creation We believe that God has called us to be stewards of all creation and that the well-being and happiness of future generations rest upon sustainable and equitable systems and processes of production and consumption. We reject destruction of the environment and waste of natural resources. We commit ourselves to care for the earth and to practice a lifestyle that sustains the health of the planet on which all life depends. [-]

Ateneo Graduate School of Business - Cebu City Campus

Philippines Cebu City November 2018

About the School - Cebu City, Philippines The Ateneo Graduate School of Business aims to be a leading management educational institution in the Asia-Pacific region, for the business practitioner seeking to become a professional and ethical business leader committed to nation-building. The institution offers programs to uphold a tradition of service and a high standard of academic excellence, to help business practitioners reach their full potential and growth: the Standard… [+] MBA program, the Middle Managers MBA program, the accelerated Ateneo-Regis MBA program, the specialized Health MBA program, and the Masters in Entrepreneurship. The Cebu campus was one of these offsite locations. It opened in 2001 in the CCI Building in Pier 3. In 2006, the school transferred to its current campus in Cebu Business Park. The professors from Rockwell travelled to Cebu every few weeks to teach the classes there. The Cebu campus initially offered only the Ateneo-Regis program. Rockwell decided to offer only one program to the test the MBA market in Cebu. They gave the site one year to prove that there was real potential to hold a permanent offsite campus in the city. The campus started with just two subjects offered per term and 20 initial students. Today, the Regis Program offers three subjects per term. And on average, there are 25 students or more in each class. In 2002, the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education started to offer short courses in various work disciplines in Cebu. In 2008, the Standard MBA was included in the programs offered as well. The first batch of Ateneo MBA students graduated in 2004. To date, there have been 78 Alumni from the Cebu site. Our Vision To be a leading management educational institution in the Asia-Pacific region for the business practitioner seeking to become a professional and ethical business leader committed to nation-building. Our Mission As a Jesuit institution whose identity and purpose is derived from a tradition of service and a standard of academic excellence, we are committed to: Developing and nurturing workplace-based business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who are guided by principles, imbued with a sense of service and equipped with effective management skills. We believe that expertise without integrity is empty, integrity without expertise is ineffectual, and expertise and integrity without service is irrelevant. Providing relevant and globally-oriented programs, using facilitative learning methodologies that integrate technical, technological, political, and ethical dimensions, and producing intellectual contributions in support of developing the discipline, practice, and teaching of business and management. We believe that intellectual rigor and strength of character form the essential foundation for business professionals. Enhancing the personal and professional growth of our faculty and staff. We believe that success in fulfilling our mission is decided by the dedication of the members of our organization. Drawing on the expertise of our faculty, the different units of the University, and of our strategic partners as we address the challenges of technology and competition in the domestic and global settings. We believe that in harnessing the resources of our various stakeholders in an interactive and integrated manner we remain effective and relevant in the changing times. As we pursue these commitments, we strive to bridge the gaps in our communities and in our country so that our people may achieve just and good lives. Message from the Dean Welcome to the Ateneo Graduate School of Business! Although students have many different motivations for pursuing graduate studies in business, I imagine most of our students come to us out of a desire to develop their potential to the fullest of their ability; a desire to unleash their capabilities so that they can achieve better performance for their organizations, whether as managers or as entrepreneurs.In your desire to create a better future for yourselves, I hope that you will not forget your responsibility to include others in your plans. I hope that somewhere in your dream to “build a better tomorrow”, you remember to make tomorrow not just better for yourselves, but for the people and the communities around you, as well. Our gifts and talents were not given to us to be used solely for our own benefit but to be shared with others so that everyone can benefit.Here at AGSB, we passionately believe that your education is incomplete if it focuses only on technical training, and ignores formation. We cannot just help you to gain the skills to run your organization better; we need to help you to grow as a total person. Our core beliefs are perfectly encapsulated in this excerpt from our vision statement. Expertise without integrity is empty. Integrity without expertise is ineffectual. Expertise and integrity without service are irrelevant. We hope that all of our students and graduates will take this to heart. It is my deepest pleasure to welcome you to the AGSB community! RODOLFO P. ANG - Dean, Ateneo Graduate School of Business Awards and Distinctions B-School Leadership Award for Excellence in Education, Leadership, and Teaching Given by World Education Congress at Mumbai, India on June 29, 2012 Best Business Schools Award for Innovation Leadership Given by the CMO Asia at Suntec Convention Center in Singapore on July 22, 2011 No. 1 MBA School Given by the Commission on Higher Education – Funds Assistance for Private Educations (CHED-FAPE) Center for Development and Excellence (for six years) This was given by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Philippines People Power People Award Given to AGSB for its excellent mission on “Doctors to the Barrios” on SY 2002-2003 Thomas R. Kennedy Award for Mission Excellence Given by New Ventures of Regis University as recognition for outstanding and continuous growth in the development of accelerated and adult learning programs. Autonomous Status (Oct. 27, 2003 – Oct. 26, 2008) Given by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on November 28, 2003 Inter-MBA Games Overall Champion for 14 straight years 1999-2012 [-]

3D Universal English Institute

Courses Philippines Cebu City November 2018

3D UNIVERSAL ENGLISH INSTITUTE INC. is a language school based in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Cebu City, Philippines. We specialize in the practical English as a Second Language (ESL) training courses, TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL and Business English courses. We provide a full range of programs to train the students’ communication skills using English. We have courses specifically designed for students from Beginners to Advance English level. Our students come from a… [+] ll over the world, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Russia, Middle East countries, Jordan, Germany, France, and Spain. We provide full accommodation and meals during the students’ stay with the school. 3D UNIVERSAL ENGLISH INSTITUTE INC. was established in April 2002. It was the second language school that had gotten the accreditation from the Philippine government. Since 2002, we had nurtured over 7,000 international students. During the 10 years anniversary (2012), the name of the school,“ MTM JY” was changed to“3D UNIVERSAL ENGLISH INSTITUTE INC.” to reflect the more progressive and multifaceted branding strategy of the school in the next decade. 3D represents 3-dimensional development. The Ds’ stand for “Discover”, “Do”, and “Develop”. The practical approach for our English as a second language (ESL) program constantly separates us from other schools. We continuously encourage students to “Learn English through daily conversations”. We are fully committed to the students’ growth and diversified learning path through various industrial collaborations. We aim to be globally competitive and strive to be the best ESL center for students from different parts of the world. School Vision ❛❛Towards the Global 3D ACADEMY❜❜ Our vision is to develop 3D ESL into a global brand. The leader of 3D is a young entrepreneur, with business across Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines. Despite being a successful businessman, he still relentlessly devotes his time to studying. He is currently enrolled in the EMBA program of the University of Chicago Booth, one of the top MBA institutes in the world. Under his leadership, 3D aims to strive towards excellence and to spread our network to every part of the world. School Mission ❛❛We are all about your future!!❜❜ In 3D, we believe that English is the most important tool to expand students’ horizons and to cultivate their international perspectives. We believe that a good command of English will offer students endless opportunities as the globalization trend continues. Hence, we are devoted to lay down the most solid foundation in your English learning journey towards a better future! School Practice ❛❛Nothing works better than practice❜❜ The most difficult part of learning English (Or any other language) is that it is not a subject or discipline where you could basically sail through with hard work and memorization. It is all about PRACTICE! To speak English fluently, you have to be able to express your thinking naturally with this language, as if you are speaking your mother tongue. In 3D, we believe that the most effective way of learning English is by immersing yourself in a total English environment. We have developed a range of methods by integrating the daily entertainment and syllabus into your 1:1 class to help to harness your English communication skills. Competitive Advantages of 3D More than a decade of experience 3D ACADEMY (MTM JY) was established in April 2002. It is the second oldest ESL school with government-accredited in the Philippines. With over 10 years of experience, we have the confidence to offer the best ESL course and service in town! Best Location in town 3D is the only ESL school located in the commercial building in downtown Cebu City, with 24 hours security. It is ideally located beside JY Mall, adjacent to supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s, CBD (IT Park), and all other exotic restaurants, foot Massage, and SPA centers. Convenience and Accessible Our classrooms, restaurants, and dormitory are all located in the same building. Imagine going to class and meals at no sweat? This is how good it can be! Teaching Quality We provide daily 1:1 ESL training and small class discussions with the best quality teachers that we hand-selected from hundreds of candidates. All with one goal – To improve your English Proficiency! Vibrant School Life “Free” Dance Classes, Monthly volunteering activities in cooperation with the Philippine government, occasional weekend trips! Fastest Internet Speed We cannot stand low-speed WIFI for waiting costs time which is important in your life. So our solution is to launch high-speed 3D WIFI. Now everyone can be satisfied! Maximum Respect for the students in terms of course options We provide an optional two hours classes in addition to the seven hours of regular class time. “Casual Discussion” is a class that allows students from all walks of life to gather casually in our ‘English ONLY Zone’ and discuss some reality and in-depth issues. “Review Class” is a self-study class with the support of a skilled teacher by providing input for the student’s vocabulary, grammar and reading skills. Students have the options to attend any of these two depending on the teachers’ availability and their own timetable. Attention! Native Speakers in the house! As good as we hand-selected every teacher with the highest teaching quality in town we could find, we also provide you an option to have group class with our native teachers from USA and UK who can provide you the American/British accent training. School Overview [-]

University of Asia and the Pacific

Philippines Pasig November 2018

The University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) is a private, not-for-profit institution of higher learning that offers some of the most outstanding academic programs in Asia. It provides a powerful combination of liberal education and professional specialization. The formation of UA&P students is facilitated by an environment conducive to learning, qualified and dedicated teachers, a superior faculty-to-student ratio, and well-maintained facilities. Brief History UA&P… [+] began in 1967 as the Center for Research and Communication, a think tank conducting research and offering graduate courses in economics and management. CRC started out small and inconspicuous, but gradually expanded its educational activities. It was awarded university status in 1995, and although it has since been known as the University of Asia and the Pacific, the mission remains the same: the fullest development of everything that is human in the individual. The President The president of UA&P is Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog. He was installed as the fourth University President in 2015. The Faculty The UA&P faculty is composed of devoted and competent academicians and industry practitioners. The Alumni UA&P alumni distinguish themselves in the workplace as much by their work ethic and discipline as by their technical prowess. They bear out that the broad education, professional preparation, and personal formation they have received as university students have equipped them well for the workplace. [-]

Paradise English Boracay

Courses Philippines Malay November 2018

Paradise English is a Canadian family-owned English Language center offering English courses in the Philippines on the Island of Boracay. It was established in 2005 and has grown at a rapid pace since its inception. Students from over 50 countries have attended our programs and more continue to join us each year. We firmly believe that with our Canadian, British and American teachers, we offer superior English Courses to our students at a price lower than any other language… [+] school in Canada, Australia or the US, and at a higher level of education than any language school in the Philippines. We are an accredited school with the Bureau of Immigration, Association of Accredited Schools in the Philippines and are affiliated with the British Council and Ascentis. Paradise English is proud to have been awarded the 2013 Student’s Choice Award by and the Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award by Taking English courses in the Philippines especially on a tropical island makes us like no other language school anywhere else in the world. The presence of a strong international community and a wide selection of interesting off-campus activities complement our push towards fun in learning in a location that was ranked the world’s best island in 2012 and voted the world’s best Asian beach in 2013. Future Paradise English conducts carefully chosen English courses with quality topics in real time and real life. We set the stage for you to learn today so you are prepared to use your new English language when you leave the classroom. Paradise English has many opportunities for you to study in: group classes, one-on-one tutorials, aqua sports, cultural shows and many indoor and outdoor activities. Use the language skills you learn in the classroom when meeting people from a variety of countries the same day! Family Paradise English offers English courses in a family-like environment. We care for our students like family. Feel at ease in the presence of administrators, teachers and support staff that deliver excellent service to complement your learning experience. We assure you of learning in an environment that is fair, firm and friendly. Friend Paradise English offers English courses that promote collaborative learning. Increase your learning not only by listening to the lessons or answering book exercises but also by establishing rapport through classroom and social interaction with your classmates and mentors. Make new friends from all parts of the globe in one of the most captivating places on earth! Fun Paradise English integrates fun in learning. Our location allows us to offer the best environment conducive to learning, where language skills are acquired and improved as tropical island adventures and inter-cultural activities fully complement the learning process. In Paradise English, English courses are never boring. [-]

The Princeton Review

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Better Grades. Better Scores. Better Schools. How We Help Students: Test Prep Courses Private Tutoring On-Demand Homework Help Admission Counseling Best Fit College or Grad School Our Mission For more than 30 years we’ve helped students and professionals get into their dream schools. We provide the tools needed for success in high school, college, graduate school and beyond to help our students become well-rounded applicants. Our proven methodology of t… [+] est-taking strategies helps students achieve a guaranteed better score. We offer a range of test prep options, including one-on-one private tutoring, semi-private and traditional classes, and online prep to fit any schedule and learning style. With our on-demand Homework Help and Admission Counseling for college and grad school, we help our students become more than their test score by providing resources for better grades and a stronger application. Our Facts 96% of students say they improved their grades. The Princeton Review is #1 at getting students into top colleges. 4 out of 5 Princeton Review students get into their top-choice school. 6,000 students get help every night from The Princeton Review. [-]

AMA Education System

Courses Philippines Manila November 2018

BACKGROUND AMA Education System (AMAES) is the largest educational network in Asia and a member of the AMA Group of Companies. It is the company that manages and operates the following schools in the Philippines: AMA University AMA Colleges ABE International Business College (ABE) ACLC College AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC) St. Augustine School of Nursing (SASN) Delta Air International Aviation Academy (DAIAA) Southern Luzon College Sta. Veronica College AMA Basic Education… [+] (formerly St. Augustine International School) AMA School of Medicine (AMASOM) AMA COLLEGE AND AMA UNIVERSITY In 1980, Ambassador Amable R. Aguiluz V, also known as the Father of Computer Education in the Philippines, saw the demand for fully trained computer professionals; however, during that time, no institution in the Philippines offered professional computer education. Knowing the impact of technology in the industry and how it will drive progress, Ambassador Aguiluz responded to the demand and decided to put up a school that will offer computer education; hence, AMA Institute of Computer Studies was founded and eventually led to the establishment of AMA Computer College, which was the first to offer courses in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Aside from being the first to offer IT courses in the Philippines, AMA College was also the first to: Offer E-learning Provide 1 is to 1 student-to-computer ratio Offer Mechatronics Receive ISO 9001 Certification among all the schools in the Philippines Become a Microsoft Premiere Education Partner Become an exclusive training partner of Avaya Branch out to key cities and municipalities in the Philippines Develop a University town in the Philippines comparable to Harvard, MIT and other similar institutions As time goes, AMA College continued to improve and even broadened its scope by offering courses related to business and finance, arts and sciences and engineering, which led to its elevation to AMA University, following the conferment of university status by the Philippine government's Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on August 20, 2002. Today, aside from its main campus (AMA University) located in Project 8, Quezon City, there are 41 AMA Colleges located in different parts of the country that offers bachelor’s degree, tech voc, short courses and postgraduate degree programs. AMA EDUCATION SYSTEM A few years after AMA College was founded, Ambassador Aguiluz decided to start a new endeavor by setting up new schools that will specialize in specific fields such as business, technical IT skills, healthcare, and hospitality. It was eventually realized when he established AMA Computer Learning Center, ACLC College, ABE International Business College and St. Augustine School of Nursing. In order to efficiently manage AMA College and its sister schools, AMA Educational Systems Holdings, Inc. was established, which is now the company that manages the education business of AMA Group of Companies. NEW MEMBERS OF AMA EDUCATION SYSTEM Aligned with its reputation of being the largest educational network in Asia, AMAES recently acquired the following schools in order to strengthen the organization’s reputation and fulfill its goal of providing quality education for all: Delta Air International Aviation Academy Southern Luzon College Sta. Veronica College Norwegian Maritime Academy INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS AMAES continues to expand its reach and increase its global footprint by setting up schools not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. Here are the schools under AMAES that are already operating in other countries to date: AMA International University Bahrain AMA International Training Institute Bahrain AMA International Training Institute Oman ACLC Macau ACLC Hong Kong Al Fawz International School [-]

Rays Online College Credits, John Zepp Academy Foundation Inc.

Preparatory Programs Philippines Manila USA USA Online November 2018

Background of the Foundation The John Zepp Foundation was set up in the United States in 1992, following the death of Mr. John Zepp. An American doctoral student in chemistry, John Zepp knew that he was dying of cancer, and in his will requested that a foundation be set up to help needy children. The foundation lasted only a few years before closing. However, in 2010 the JZF was given new life by his brother, Raymond, who had just set up a new university in Cambodia. The… [+] JZF was an informal organization that provided scholarships to underprivileged students to attend Dewey International University in Cambodia. Raymond Zepp and his Filipino wife Shekinah retired to the Philippines in 2013 to the town of San Guillermo in Isabela Province, Luzon. They wish to continue the work of the JZF by formally establishing a Foundation to improve the education of students in the rural town of San Guillermo and nearby areas. Mission Statement The mission of the John Zepp Foundation is to improve the education of various levels of students in and around San Guillermo, Philippines. These students include pre-school students, high school students, and students wishing to attend university. Vision Statement We see an integrated educational community in San Guillermo, where privately funded activities complement public education. We see young children being prepared privately for successful entry into grade one in the public schools. We see high school students studying for their public high school classes in a serious environment for education, including study halls, tutorial assistance, educational multimedia resources, etc. We also see young adults preparing for transfer into universities through online tutorials and short courses. Some of these students will receive full or part scholarships to attend local universities. Format of Courses Each course is equivalent to a three-credit semester course in the American system. Courses are semi-intensive, that is, they meet for only two months each. A full-time load is therefore only two courses. A full-time load for a year consists of two courses per term over five terms. That is 10 courses, or 30 semester credits per year, equivalent to a comparable American university academic year. A normal course load consists of one English-language course plus one other-subject course per term. For example, in the first term, a student may take English Readings for the Social Sciences together with Critical Thinking and Logic. However, even the other-subject courses will have a strong English language component, such as reading comprehension exercises or vocabulary-building. The ROCC has contacts with many universities around the world. We will write recommendations to students who wish to transfer to specialized programs in foreign universities. Our courses also prepare students to take the TOEFL examination or the IELTS examination. Students who pass these examinations and who have taken other basic courses at the ROCC will be able to gain admission into foreign English-medium universities. Cohort System Where possible, classes will be kept intact from term to term. Through weekly discussion forums, students will get to know one another as they pursue the same classes together. [-]

Aldersgate University

Philippines Solano November 2018

Aldersgate College – Ireland is a branch campus of the historical 50 years old Aldersgate University (AU), Philippines. Aldersgate College was founded in 1965, registered and accredited by the Government of Philippines under Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities, the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines, Canadian Council of Engineering Technicians an Technologists, the International Association o… [+] f Universities, International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities. Ranked 13th in the Philippines. Listed on WHED [IAU] Our Mission Universidad Aldersgate was established to develop the power of reason, to liberate people from ignorance, penury, and hopelessness and empower them to commence their own journey of social and economic transformation and spiritual salvation. Our Vision "A 21st Century University transforming a global network of Learners for enlightenment, leadership and human service." Our Goals In accordance with the above MISSION and VISION, to: Educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community. Inculcate critical and innovative thinking, technological fluency, multi-cultural skills and responsible citizenship within the global community; Deliver affordable, flexible, learner-centered, collaborative and multi-cultural educational programs using Online Educational Management Systems and Resources in support of Blended Learning Methods that comply with international standards for quality education, professional licensure and practice. Offer career pathways and migration channels through a network of transnational institutions, professional guilds, and accrediting agencies. [-]

Silliman University

Philippines Dumaguete November 2018

All of the country's top universities would boast of offering quality education. Silliman is no different. But while it joins the ranks of prestigious Philippine universities, it is humbled by a gift of a location that bespeaks of the natural environment's complement to academic learning - one feature that sets Silliman apart from the rest.Dotted with over 300 acacia trees, the Silliman campus is uniquely embraced in between views of the Cuernos de Negros mountains in its… [+] background and the Visayan sea at its frontage. The 62-hectare campus offers patches of greens on where personal relationships are nurtured, spiritual nourishment facilitated, and the concept of quality student life redefined.Silliman University is a melting pot of cultures and religions. Of its overall population of more than 9,000, over 300 are international students from 23 different countries. Its affiliation with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines as a Protestant university has never been a hindrance to the exercise of religious freedom. Majority of Silliman students are Roman Catholics and a good number are Muslims from Mindanao.The university is located in the charming city of Dumaguete, dubbed the 'City of Gentle People,' an hour away by plane from Manila and four hours away by boat from Cebu. Silliman thrives in a city where the strip of restaurants offering good food along the boulevard and where everything a student needs is just a stone's throw away. While offering the coveted 'retirement getaway' environment, the city is not left behind by progress. You can find infrastructure developments and businesses sprouting in support of the city's "University Town" concept.Campus life revolves around the motto Via, Veritas, Vita (of Christ being the Way, the Truth, the Life). It is Silliman's mission to develop the whole person within the Christian context and in a sound environment. Students are expected to put their education to work in service to others - another mark that distinguishes Silliman from other institutions of higher learning.It is also the conducive residential campus life that sets Silliman University apart from the other leading universities in the Philippines. The 12 regular and cooperative dormitories provide a home away from home for Silliman students who come from outside Dumaguete. In the dormitories, students belong to a family, a part of the bigger Silliman community. A corollary to this sense of community is the "Silliman Spirit" - an atmosphere of personal closeness, warmth, friendship, and concern. Institutional Distinctions Silliman is one of select higher education institutions in the country granted autonomous status by the Commission on Higher Education. The same government agency has also designated Silliman as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education and Teacher Education and a Center of Development in Biology, Information Technology Education, and Accountancy.With support from the United States Agency for International Development, Silliman is a Center of Excellence in Coastal Resource Management. Its community-based coastal resource management program has inspired the recognition of Apo Island off the town of Dauin as one of the best diving spots in the world.Just like other top universities, Silliman's academic programs undergo regular evaluation by any of three accrediting agencies: Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities, Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities-Accrediting Agency, Inc., and the Association of Theological Education in Southeast Asia.It maintains links on collaborative research and faculty and student exchange with universities in the United States and Asia, on top of strong affiliations with the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UBCHEA) and international development organizations. Its longest running student exchange programs are with three Japanese universities: International Christian University, Ferris University, and Shikoku Gakuin University. [-]

Central Colleges of the Philippines

Philippines Quezon City November 2018

Welcome to the Central Colleges of the Philippines, one of the country’s higher educational institutions in Metro Manila. Whether you are a prospective student or an alumnus, we encourage you to browse our website to learn about the many exciting educational activities here. 

The Central Colleges of the Philippines is committed to becoming a premier educational institution producing professionals imbued with the proper values and discipline preferred by local and global organ… [+] izations. PhilosophyThe Central Colleges of the Philippines is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, truth, and excellence towards the holistic formation of the human person as a strong foundation for the national pride, discipline, and development.VisionThe Central Colleges of the Philippines is envisioned to develop the intellectual, artistic, scientific and technological minds of students essential to the attainment of the country's goals for rapid modernization and global competitiveness.MissionThe Central Colleges of the Philippines aims to: provide quality and relevant education accessible to all; train individuals to develop personal discipline and critical, creative thinking; and produce committed professionals imbued with the ideas necessary to serve the welfare of the society. Services and Facilities The School has an Air-Conditioned Studio theatre, complete with audio-visual devices for the use of students during convocations, seminars, symposia, film showings, etc.The School has an adequate number of public telephone booths and drinking fountains for the use of its students.The food service facilities are located in the Main and Extension Campuses for the convenience of the students and personnel.Located in fully Air-Conditioned rooms at the 2nd Floor of the HR Reyes Computer Hall is the New Computer Technology Center which includes: A Computer Laboratory consisting of more than 300 computers of the latest models that provide a 12-hour daily hands-on service to students with at least 2 Local Area Networks. Full-time laboratory instructors are always on hand to guide and help the students in their hands-on activities.Our landmark building dubbed the "Consorcia P. Reyes Hall" houses the College of Nursing with its air-conditioned classrooms, Anatomy Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Physics laboratories, a Chapel and a gymnasium equipped, among others, with synthetic wooden basketball court, an electronic scoreboard and movable bleachers.A separate Multimedia Laboratory with complete audio-visual facilities for showing instructional software of such popular software as Visual Studio, Microsoft Office 2003, AutoCAD 2006, etc.A separate CADD Laboratory with software for design subjects in Architecture, ECE, EE, and CompE Courses.The School maintains two Air-Conditioned libraries; the Main Library at the Antonino Hall, and the Nursing/High School Library at the Extension Campus. A vast collection of books and periodicals is augmented regularly through continuous requisitions by faculty and students. The School libraries observe the Open-Stack-System. Photocopying machines are available for use by the students at minimal cost.The School maintains a Roman Catholic chapel consecrated to the Immaculate Conception for the spiritual needs of the academic community. It performs important church services such as the Mass on First Fridays, Anticipated Mass on Saturdays and on Holidays.The School maintains two Air-Conditioned Medical/Dental Clinics staffed by physicians, dentists, and nurses. Students, faculty and support staff may avail of the medical and dental services for consultation and treatment. An Optometry Clinic is also available not only to the students, faculty, and staff but also to the immediate members of their family for free consultation and prescription.The Guidance and Counseling Office assists students in the development of their personality and maximization of their potential in academic and personal pursuits.The students and alumni can avail of job and employment assistance through their respective Colleges and the CCP Alumni Association.The students and employees are physically secured and protected by specially trained Security Officers employed by the School and by a private security agency. [-]

University of the Philippines (College of Business Administration)

Philippines Quezon City November 2018

The CBA was established in 1916, initially as a school within the university. It has since been the leader in management education in the Philippines, not because it is the oldest academic institution in management but because of its continuing pursuit of academic excellence. The CBA offers degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The Ph.D. program aims to train those who wish to be educators in the management area. The Ph.D. graduate is capable of engaging… [+] in academic research that advances knowledge in the management field. The MBA program seeks to endow students with advanced management skills while the MS Finance program exposes the student to a series of courses that strikes a balance between financial theory and practice. The undergraduate program awards Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration (BSBA) and in Business Administration and Accountancy (BSBAA).Faculty members who teach in these programs are also actively engaged in frontier academic research. This is in line with the university's thrust of achieving the highest level of academic excellence and the CBA's role as a leader in the field of management education. [-]