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Asian Academy of Aeronautics

Courses Maldives Addu

Our Fleet We chose our aircraft after much deliberation. For any business to flourish, the tools of the trade must be fit for purpose, reliable, easy to maintain, cost effective, have a long service life. Any break in this chain leads to increased costs – costs that are frequently passed on to the client. AAA is a forward looking company. We are here for the long haul. We are also acutely aware of the global economic pressures that Flight Training Organisations a… [+] nd Airlines are under. Training pilots is not cheap. However, unserviceable aircraft or expensive maintenance is hardly the responsibility of our clients. Consequently, a Flight Training Organisation has a duty to provide reliable and cost effective training to the highest standards attainable. Its fleet must have low operating costs, withstand the rigours of a training regime and spare parts must be readily available, both now and in the foreseeable future. You will see that our aircraft are resplendent in the AAA livery. The appearance is no coincidence. It reflects our entire approach to the training of pilots for our customers. Our Location Addu Atoll also known as Seenu atoll is the southern most atoll in the Maldives archipelago. The islands of Addu Atoll, are unique in every aspect. The people, the size of the islands, culture and way of life all have their uniqueness. Addu Atoll together with fuahmulaku island, which is located 30km north of Addu atoll extends Maldives to the southern hemisphere crossing the equator. Addu atoll is located approximately 478 km south of Male’. The atoll is about 18 kilometers wide, 15 kilometers long and posses a shape of a heart in its formation. The atoll has some of the largest islands in the country and has a formidable coral reef formation on the northern side of the atoll which joins the house reef of the islands on the west side making it the largest stretch of coral reef formation in the country. The atolls western side covers a chain of Large islands. The island of Gan, Feydhu, Maradhu Feydhu,Maradhu and Hithadhu from south to north respectively and On the eastern side are Hulhudhu and Meedhu followed from the small Heretere, Gesskalhuhera, Mulikolhu, Villingili and Kandihera. All islands are closely located; landscape of the atoll is mainly dominated by coconut palm trees, tropical shrubs and tropical trees. Addu Atoll also houses the largest beach area in the Maldives which spreads to the length of the atoll, even though recent infrastructural developments namely Addu paved link road project, necessitated to consolidate some of the beach areas on one side of inhabited islands the beautiful white sandy beaches still surrounds the major portion of Addu land mass. [-]