"A unique partnership, a unique opportunity"

The greatest collaboration is finally in Kuala Lumpur. International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is a mutual partnership between the University of Malaya and the University of Wales, UK.

IUMW is the first university in South East Asia to be accepted as a member of the United Kingdom's Higher Education Academy (HEA), a renowned British body for learning and teaching in higher education.

Leveraging on both universities' outstanding achievement, together with our own band of academicians, IUMW offers an array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to both local and international students. We aspire to be a comprehensive research-oriented university, recognised for its innovative teaching and learning, research, social services and education management.


Our vision is to be an exemplary and innovative international higher education institution renowned for its graduates who are relevant to the global demands and create value for the open and collaborative world of business, commerce, science and technology.


The heart of our mission is to establish and sustain an international higher education institution whose distinctive brand epitomises world-class excellence in teaching, learning and, research and innovation. Our graduates are our brand ambassadors who will be the driving forces of both local and global marketplaces.

Core Values

  • In our endeavour to realise our vision and mission, these core values guide us:
  • Adopting sustainable development as a central organising principle for its activities
  • Being innovative and enterprising
  • Being relevant to remain at the forefront
  • Being honest and trustworthy in our dealings with stakeholders
  • Delivering quality and excellence with pride
  • Respecting others to inspire them to deliver their best
Programs taught in:
  • English

This school also offers:

Foundation Year

IUMW - International University of Malaya-Wales

Your educational journey will see you acquiring a solid basis in Business, Finance, Communication and Laws, as well as interpersonal development such as critical thinking ... [+]

The IUMW Foundation in Arts is a preparatory programme to provide students a breadth of knowledge across the core course matter, communicating and using knowledge constructively for the benefit of others.

It provides students insights to various disciplines in the Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences or Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The curriculum boosts students’ proficiency in the English language, gain knowledge to think independently and creatively, communicate their knowledge effectively with others and operate in a constructive, ethical and professional manner.

Your educational journey has been meticulously designed to unlock full potential towards pursuing professional certification and undergraduate studies. All these and much more in unique education package inclusive of a vibrant university life in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.... [-]

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
September 2019
1 year
IUMW - International University of Malaya-Wales

Your educational journey will see you acquiring a solid basis in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, as well as skills such as critical thinking, writing, publi ... [+]

This one-year foundation programme provides students a solid platform for further studies at the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. Students of this programme not only acquire solid basics in the core of Science subjects but are empowered by other relevant skills such as critical thinking, public speaking and presentation techniques. On top of that, students will be given plenty of hands-on experience, essential for any student who wishes to excel in the science fields.

Laboratory Facilities Students will have access to the well-equipped science laboratories at Centre for Foundation Studies in Science (PASUM), the University of Malaya to conduct their practical class.... [-]

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
September 2019
1 year

IUMW: Your Global Stepping Stone to the Future

International University of Malaya-Wales, Administration Wing, 1st Floor, Block A City Campus, Jalan Tun Ismail
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia