Hirosaki University


descriptionHirosaki University was established in the former castle town of Hirosaki in 1949. It is a national university and is located in Aomori Prefecture, situated at the northern end of Honshu Island. Hirosaki University is a medium-sized university with Faculties of Humanities, Education,
Medicine, Science & Technology, and Agriculture & Life Science. These five Faculties
cover a broad and comprehensive range of undergraduate academic disciplines. The university is also home to seven graduate programs, including the independent and
interdisciplinary doctoral course in Regional Studies. description

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Japanese

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Hirosaki University

Address 1 Bunkyo-cho, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori-ken
036-8560 Hirosaki, Japan
Website http://www.hirosaki-u.ac.jp/
Phone +81 172-36-2111