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The leading city of the world in terms of the sheer scale of its cultural heritage, in its 30 centuries of history it’s been the first and the largest metropolis of the world.

Its culture has influenced the society, literature, art, architecture, religion, philosophy and law of the entire Western world.

The very idea of network derives from the efficient organization adopted by Rome in its use and circulation of excellence in the world as it was then known.

Modern and contemporary Rome is also an essential venue for haute couture, communication design, and all the other aspects of design, whose purpose is to generate non-material goods and services.

Graphic design, visual arts, filmmaking, television, multimedia, web contents, and video art together with teaching contents related to cultural heritage and the design of services for tourism constitute the truly unique core of studies of this seat. Studying in Rome is an incomparable living learning experience.

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Advanced Study Program in Event and Museum Curator

Campus Full time 7 months March 2018 Italy Rome

The course in Event and Museum Curator aims at giving the required tools necessary to organize both exhibition events and performing events (video exhibitions, audio exhibitions, online exhibitions, multi-media exhibitions, urban and public art events). Contemporary Art Curator has also managerial, organizational and conservative skills with reference to the contemporary works of art. He can work on long lasting projects or on the organization of temporary events dedicated to contemporary art or on performing show requested by public or private customers. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ITALIAN Aimed at: The Course in Event and Museum Curator is addressed to Graduates and final-year university students in Art and Humanistic Sciences who followed an Art or Show course of study, Communication Science, Cultural Heritage, Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture. Professionals with a proven experience in a field concerning the subjects of the Master course The Course in Event and Museum Curator pathway will be characterized by a teaching methodology that will constantly alternate theory and practice. From this point of view, the course will include two kinds of teaching: a basic course, constantly supported by different tutors and a series of experts working at important institutions - European and international, public and private - who will talk about their work experience. The teaching methodology of the Course in Event and Museum Curator includes also guided tours in Museums, Collections, Libraries, Video libraries or Media libraries. [-]

Advanced Study Program in Stylist for Fashion

Campus Full time 7 months March 2018 Italy Rome

The Course in Fashion Stylist aims at training experts in the field of spectacularization, trends and habits,professionals having a good education, an aesthetic sense, taste, and creative versatility. The Course will train an interpreter of the image and communication objectivesfor the characters of advertisements, events, photographic services, and advertising videos, who is able to interact with directors, photographers, stylists and managers in order to create an emotional and relational impact even by coordinating all other involved people. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ITALIAN The Course in Fashion Stylist is addressed to graduates in Performing Arts, Sociology, Communication Science, and Architecture, to those holding a Fine Arts, Fashion or Styling diploma from private schools, and professionals working in the fashion and set design fields as well as costume designers who want to improve their knowledge in the styling field. Structure: The training pathway includes theoretical lessons and lab activities, photo shootings, visits to fashion houses, meetings and seminaries with authors, directors, photographers, journalists, cool hunters, set designers and stylists working in the publishing field. [-]

Advanced Study Program in Web Design

Campus Part time 7 months March 2018 Italy Rome

Media Designers use blogging, podcasting (webcasting) and NetTV, as well as new media content generators, and have the ability of organising communities and social networks to enable their users to share their opinions through text, images, music, ideas and suggestions. The course aims at creating a professional profile within the Web Media Designer able to produce a new generation of services with the web 2.0 advertising and marketing techniques in which on-line ideas are produced and shared through on-line communities and companies. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ITALIAN Aimed at: The course is addressed to Newly-graduates and professionals (designers, developers, tool planners, journalists and columnists, Marketing managers, etc.) who want to specialize in the field of digital media in the communication scope. The knowledge of web 1.0 and marketing, advertising and design web principles is required. Objective and structure: The course in Web Design is conceived as a creative and productive lab and makes use of professionals working in the Digital Media field: Art Directors, Web Designers, Managers, Internet Technicians and Web Agencies. The didactic activity is integrated by projects ordered by real customers that allow applying the website design as well as realizing and publishing the conceived websites. DESIGN AREA The content elements representing the communication structure of the website with reference to design are the important step of the design on the Internet. COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA AREA During the training, the future Web Media Designer will learn the contents and the market techniques linked to the Internet. TECHNOLOGIES AREA The use of the state-of-the-art software technologies to realize highly interactive websites in which the users can change and update the contents. Hardware technologies and the software for the network to configure the servers and the network. RIGHTS AND COPYRIGHT AREA The Web Media Designer field uses the new models conceived to protect rights and the copyright with flexible and modifiable licences. [-]

Summer courses

Summer Course in Italian Luxury Experience

Campus Full time 4 weeks July 2017 Italy Rome

The world's leading luxury and fashion brands rely on a business vision as much as on creative talent. Therefore the Summer Course in Italian Luxury Experience aims to provide the student with an insight into the heart of the luxury world by learning from successful examples. Students will learn to apply management knowledge to the luxury industry focusing on two of the fastest growing fields in the world, the fashion and lifestyle industries. Furthermore students will gain concrete work experience through business projects that will be inherent parts of the course. Students will acquire understanding of the differences that exist within the international business culture. They will gain skills, knowledge and experience that are in demand in the exclusive and highly competitive job markets of: branding, marketing, merchandising and event coordination in the fashion and luxury profession. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Level and Pre-requisites: This is an introductory course and no previous studies within the field are required. Skills such as basic visual communications through computer graphics, and basic photography are useful. Learning Outcomes: This full time summer course in English, is an introduction to the world of luxury through the study of its key role players while immersed in the very roots of its expression. Students will gain knowledge in areas related to the world of luxury, the global realities that are exposed to it, while enjoying the advantages of being based in the eternal city. Visits will be arranged to the most famous art galleries and venues in which excellence is produced and exhibited, to explore the concept of luxury in a temporal and all encompassing manner. Topics Covered: - Marketing research - Students will acquire knowledge of how to utilize key elements to develop research, study the economics of luxury and how to prepare an analysis of the sectors. - Technical ability - Elements of budgeting and planning, production flow, definition of quality, preparation of a briefing, "lateral thinking" for a creative and successful approach to work in the field will be discussed. - Management and personal placement - Fundamental elements for the successful management of a team, self-evaluation to better target his or her own curriculum, self promotion, elements of leadership and management of the creative resources will be examined. [-]

Summer in Rome Architectural Sketchbook

Campus 4 weeks July 2017 Italy Rome

Participants of diverse backgrounds and artistic ability will work in situ in diverse venues reflective of diverse periods of art, architecture and history in Rome. This program combines the historic and contemporary context of the locations with the development of the creative process and refining technique and style. Students are encouraged to view their sketchbook as a visual journal and add to it as they see fit to reflect their personal experience. At the close of the program, students will present their portfolio and impressions and reflections on their work and growth. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Topics covered: Roman architectural history through four main periods (classic, medieval, renaissance and baroque), sketching and drawing techniques, conservation and environmental issues unique to Rome, architecture as a subject, drawing materials and techniques, sketching in situ “en plein air”, use of critique in the learning process and artistic development, creation of a drawing “portfolio”. Level: Introductory [-]

Summer in Video Production

Campus Full time 4 weeks July 2017 Italy Rome

The intensive summer workshop in Video Production is an introduction to the creative, technical and production process. Students will achieve the basic technical skills for the video production while developing as a team a short film using the city of Rome as a backdrop. Participants will also use social media applications to document their progress and stage a virtual premiere of the finished work. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Level and Pre-requisites: Introductory course; no previous studies within the field are required. Learning Outcomes: • practice the entire creative-productive process, from ideas to scriptwriting and post production; • develop all the basic skills to build-up a video production set; • manage a light promoting campaign for short videos using web and social media. Content • project, carry out and plan a video production starting from specific subjects/backdrops and targets; • choose the appropriate style and language to reach a production target (shortmovie, spot, videoclip); Values • identify their own talent in some crucial fields of video production; • work cooperatively in a small production team environment, both in technical and creative roles; • realize a light video production with specific targets, and communicate it properly. Topics Covered: - Writing for video production - Universe creation strategies, characters and plot, scriptwriting techniques, the storyboard. - Technical Skills - Directing techniques, shooting, editing, use of sound and soundtrack, scouting location - Broadcasting and Promotion - Video production completion, broadcasting vie web and social media, video launch: new media activities [-]


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