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Dieffe is a reality that for over 30 years, has been working alongside people and Businesses to favour the professional and human development of the the youth seeking employment and the people already employed.

100 Training Paths a year for over 2,200 students. 60,000 training hours deliver for 1,800,00 hours/student, 3500 partner companies: some very significant numbers that take a snapshot one of the most important experiences in the Venetian in the Education and professional Formation sector.

Dieffe is today a Social Cooperative that continues to direct its activities toward the formation, education and orientation. Formation Institution with quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001, DIEFFE is accredited by the Regione Veneto as Formation Organ in the orientation, basic formation, higher formation and continuos formation Sector.

The cooperative is present in all the Venetian Territory, with 5 operative branches distributed in the cities of: Padova, Venice, Vicenza, Treviso, Verona and operates in synergy with Public Institutional Actors ( local institutions, Businesses, etc.), privates (category organisations, social parts, etc.) and with the main productive districts of Venetian.

Thanks to the experience and the Know-how gained by continuously answering to new challenges, Dieffe does a continuous research work towards innovation in order to always be forefront in the sectors of it competence:

  • Permanent Orientation
  • Duty of Education
  • Formation and professional refreshment
  • Formation Counselling ( needs analysis)


The Offer of Dieffe articulates in three areas of activity:

  1. Education and Professional Formation
  2. Accompanying to Work
  3. Continuous Formation and counselling for businesses


Educate putting the people first, accompanying people and businesses along the path of professional and organisational growth, giving the right development for everyone’s needs transferring competencies and knowledges.

Putting people first because everyone can and everyone should grant a contribution of human capital for the development of a common goal. In this sense the formation is a physiological necessity. An investment and not an expenditure. the Best way to grant a professional development, motivation, sharing of the business mission and thus at the end the success of the Company.

Dieffe intends, in particular, to facilitate the preparation and the starting of youth to work, improving and innovating the educational services, putting great attention to social inclusion politics and prevention of the different types of youth inconvenience and school dropout phenomena. This social tradition is in the History of Dieffe.

Since 1985, year of its foundation, Dieffe entered the management of “P.Egidio” and “S.Nicolò in Marghera” CFP (professional formation centre), formation centres active in the formation of Culinary and Electric Basis from 1945. From that moment Dieffe continues that social path inspired by the Franciscan fathers, Egidio Gelain and Ruggero Nuvola, whose ambition was to contribute to the work, cultural, family, and social progress of the people in the Venetian region.

Starting from the 90’s Dieffe is not only a school anymore but starts an evolution path; expands its impact area in the national and International market, participates in important innovative projects in the Training and Formation field, working its way to Businesses as impact area.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Italian Culinary Master

Campus Full time 6 weeks May 2017 Italy Padua

The course is designed for those who want to improve their knowledge of Italian culinary and gastronomic traditions. We offer a full series of practical cooking, pastry, ice-cream, pizza and bread workshops and an in-depth study of wine and craft beer, focusing on technical and cultural aspects, covered in lesson on food studies, technologies and processing methods. [+]

COURSE OUTLINE Who can apply: Italian and foreign professionals from food and wine industries, Food and cooking professionals and Passionates the course will start with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 students. Duration: 6 weeks of both theory and practical lessons at Dieffe Academy (103 hours) 60 hours of educational apprenticeship for 5 weeks in selected and prestigious restaurants The course is of 6 weeks and it is divided into three different modules: The first consists in classroom and laboratory-based lessons at the Academy’s headquarter The second offers a set of educational trips and experiences in Italian’s main cities, through the most important traditions (culture, gastronomy and agriculture) The third is practical with an apprenticeship in a prestigious restaurant selected by the Academy The course is designed for those who want to improve their knowledge of Italian culinary and gastronomic traditions. We offer a full series of practical cooking, pastry, ice-cream, pizza and bread workshops and an in-depth study of wine and craft beer, focusing on technical and cultural aspects, covered in lesson on food studies, technologies and processing methods. During the lessons students are divided into groups and they will manage preparation of ingredients and execution of recipes according to a rotation system. Students are involved in practical activities which take place in laboratories of cooking, pastries, ice cream, and a brewery. TOPICS Cooking ( 45 hours) Pastry making ( 10 hours) Pizza and bakery ( 10 hours) Ice cream ( 5 hours) Oenology ( 10 hours) Brewing ( 8 hours) Food Commodities ( 10 hours) Food Safety and HACCP ( 5 hours) APPRENTICESHIP Students work in a typical restaurant, near the Academy, selected by DIEFFE. Each student will work in a different catering business and will have the opportunity to practice and improve the techniques learnt during both theory lessons and practical workshops.alimentare e gastronomie. “When you start your apprenticeship with any of our restaurant partners, you are expected to abide by the kitchens rules. This means arriving on time, following your schedule, informing the Chef and DIEFFE of any lateness or absence. Training is not classroom style. You will train alongside the chef in charge of each section. You must listen to their instructions and behave accordingly. This type of training is very hands-on. You will be given a programme of what you need to learn and most importantly, you will be the leader of your training.” FIELD TRIPS Students will also enjoy six educational field trips in some of the most cultural and artistic cities in Italy: Padua, Venice, Verona, Florence and Rome. Students will be guided by a teacher on their trips and they will fully experience Italian traditions, throughout some of most significant aspects of the Italian Culinary Tradition. Before each trip teachers will talk about the itinerary and the main attractions in the classroom, focusing on the typical regional cookery of every destination. FEES The course fee of 5,500 Euros includes: Theory and Practical Lessons Course materials, all food and equipment for lessons, workshops and tastings Apprenticeship placement in prestigious Italian restaurants: our partner restaurants have been selected from the best regional restaurants, and have been collaborating with the Academy for a long time. All the chefs are representative of our Italian culinary culture and speak both Italian and English Field trips’ transportation costs Chef uniform: a jacket with the Academy logo and hat Pleasant double room accommodationin Padua near the school, in the Academy’s residence (single room will have an additional cost not included in the course fee) Individual transfers are at the student’s own expense Group transfer costs from “Venice Marco Polo” Airport or “Treviso Antonio Canova” Airport (the cost covers group transfer only) Academy Diploma on completion of the course “The Italian Culinary and Gastronomy Master” Chef Diploma which is a European Qualification Framework (EQF): Qualification recognised worldwide ACCOMMODATION We provide a comfortable accommodation in mini apartments with double bedrooms and shared services in order to allow students to practice their cooking out of the classrooms. The Guest houses are in a 4 stars hotel which has a convention with DIEFFE and are located near the campus. It is possible to get a single room (not included in the Course Fee) with an additional amount of 400 Euros above the course fee. [-]


DIEFFE Accademia delle Professioni - Job's Academy

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