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The Center for a Shared Society aims to build an inclusive, socially cohesive society in Israel by engaging divided communities in collective action towards the advancement of a sustainable, thriving Israeli democracy based on mutual responsibility, civic equality and a shared vision of the future.


Givat Haviva is a non-profit organization founded in 1949 as the national education center of the Kibbutz Federation in Israel. It is dedicated to promoting mutual responsibility, civic equality and cooperation between divided groups in Israel as the foundation for building a shared future and shared society – critical elements of a sustainable and thriving Israeli democracy. To this end, the Center for a Shared Society at Givat Haviva serves as a catalyst in activating divided communities to work together towards achieving their common goals, while engaging in a process of interaction, support, and empowerment. This is done through facilitating cross-community projects; leading training and capacity building activities; convening seminars, workshops and conferences to cultivate concrete ideas that foster change; and translating these ideas into action. A leader in its field, Givat Haviva is a recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education for its longstanding work in promoting Jewish-Arab dialogue and reconciliation.

Public Engagement

The Center develops platforms to engage broad audiences in its shared social activities. An annual conference brings diverse stakeholders together to discuss key issues, share experiences and shape mechanisms for joint action. In addition, Center engages in public activities, responding to current developments relating to Jewish-Arab relations in Israel through solidarity, awareness raising, and media outreach.

Our Heritage

Givat Haviva is the most veteran institution in Israel promoting reconciliation between Jews and Arabs. Since its founding, Givat Haviva has served as the educational center of Hashomer Hatzair and the Kibbutz Movement. Yad Yaari is the research center of Hashomer HaTzair and the Kibbutz Movement.


Givat Haviva is distinguished by its physical campus which serves as a social hub for various institutions, including the Yad Yaari Research and Documentation Center, Moreshet Holocaust & Research Center, Open University and a variety of NGOs.



Haifa, Haifa District, Israel


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