About Uversity


Established in 2012, Uversity, a Recognised College of The National University of Ireland (NUI) is a new concept in the Irish higher education landscape. Uversity offers students the opportunity to design a personalised Master of Arts in Creative Process in partnership with twenty four leading higher education institutions across the island of Ireland. This unique partnership enables Uversity to offer the best modules across the full range of Creative Arts and Culture in Ireland.

Modules are offered in Art and Design, Cinema and Broadcast Arts, Creative Cultural Industries, Creative Technologies, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama and Theatre Studies, Literature, Arts and Culture and Music.


24 leading universities, institutes of technology and independent colleges across the island of Ireland have joined together in founding Uversity to advance creative education and offer a world first in personalised learning. Uversity is a not-for-profit organisation that is wholly owned by its Founding Partners.

Creative Ireland

With its rich cultural heritage, inspiring landscape and thriving academic, artistic and creative sectors, Ireland is the natural home for this innovative initiative. Uversity students have the opportunity to study diverse disciplines in different locations, explore and develop their creative potential, and immerse themselves in this uniquely stimulating setting. Our unique offering encourages students to express their individuality and creative difference while immersing themselves in the rich cultural surroundings of Ireland.

Personalised Learning and Mentoring

To ensure there is coherence in the overall learning pathway, Uversity assigns a personal mentor to every student. The Mentors’ role is to guide students towards the achievement of the learning objectives of the programme. Mentors encourage students to set personal, professional and artistic goals for the year, review their ambitions and action and to build a learning programme that compliments and challenges them both academically and creatively.

Uversity offer a diverse range of programmes across the spectrum of arts and each area will have a highly qualified and experienced mentor. Uversity facilitate this by drawing from a large panel of experts and appointing Mentors according to the interest areas of each student cohort. Mentors are supervised and managed by Professor Suzanne Quin, Director of Student Mentoring.

The Result

On completion of the 12 month programme, students are awarded a Master of Arts in Creative Process. Uversity is a Recognised College of the National University of Ireland.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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IFSC House
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