Internationalization is one of the most important strategic goals of Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Heidenheim. Surveys showed that more than 35% of our students spend one semester abroad. This figure is well above average and the rate of outgoing students exceeds even those of big universities like Heidelberg or Tübingen. We have partner universities worldwide where students can either spend a semester abroad Study Exchange or do an internship in an international company Work Exchange.

The dual system of learning

The dual system of education, which provides a practice-oriented education involving both, employers as well as state-run academic institutions, has a long tradition in Germany. "Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg" - Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - represents the extension of this dual system of learning into the field of higher education. The University of Cooperative Education expanded much faster than anticipated by the planners. The increasing number of students reflects the growing demand for junior staff with a practice-oriented educational background in business, industry and social institutions. The typical employer will offer a traineeship to the student with the firm intention of ultimately taking the successful graduate into permanent employment. In fact, almost 90% of our graduates already have a work contract when they take their final exams.

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Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Heidenheim is introducing a new program called the “Bridge Year”. Our Bridge Year will help international students to get ... [+]

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Heidenheim is introducing a new program called the “Bridge Year”. Our Bridge Year will help international students to get prepared for studying in Germany at DHBW (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg - Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University). In order to study at DHBW as a foreign student you need to provide proof of German language skills, a school leaving certificate equivalent to the German “Abitur” and a training contract with one of our cooperating companies. During the Bridge Year Program we will support you in the application procedure.

About the program Program duration: October 2015 to August 2016 The program is directed at foreign students with little or no knowledge of the German language. Those completing the program will be able to pass the official German language proficiency test (DSH), one of the requirements to study at DHBW as a foreign student. Contents Language trainingBlock I Courses A1 and A2 (beginners) with a total of 300 hours Block II Courses B1 and B2 (intermediate) with a total of 300 hours Block III Preparation for DSH test Intercultural trainingGermany and the Germans – Overview of the German history “Typically German” – German culture and society Training for job applications Program specific coursesstudents are assigned to different groups depending on the faculty in which they want to be enrolled - Business Administration, Engineering or Social Work students receive subject specific courses like mathematics, physics, social work, academic work, presentation skills Internship/work placement at one of our cooperating companies Excursions, site visits... [-]
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