10 good reasons to choose ISTEC

  • ISTEC prepares you for the corporate world
  • ISTEC provides you with international connections with 80 partner universities dotted across all continents
  • ISTEC gives you individual support
  • ISTEC provides you with an opportunity to blossom with a lively student scene
  • ISTEC lets you take control of your studies and build your own programme based on your career aspirations
  • ISTEC lets you choose from a number of professional specialisms
  • ISTEC boasts over 50 years of experience in higher education
  • The ISTEC campus is located in the centre of Paris at the heart of a major European centre
  • ISTEC is backed by a powerful network of corporate partners and graduates
  • ISTEC means guaranteed employability!

At the heart of a major European centre

ISTEC is located at the heart of a historic area of Paris on the banks of the canal SaintMartin and close to the la Villette cultural centre. The fact that ISTEC is located in a major European centre, Paris and the Paris region, enables it to develop a network of corporate partners who are involved in the life and development of the school. Students are the direct beneficiaries of this strategic position for their work placements and company assignments.

As part of a partnership with the IGS Group, ISTEC is located on a campus at 12 Rue Alexandre Parodi in the 10th arrondissement of Paris and boasts a pleasant working environment and modern facilities which meet the technological demands of the 21st century. Several thousand students on different courses and of different nationalities come together there to share the projects and studies which will define them.

The Jemmapes Campus: ISTEC also has a dedicated campus on the banks of the canal Saint Martin, a five-minute walk from the rue Alexandre Parodi campus. As well as teaching rooms, lecture theatres, study and meeting rooms and leisure areas, the campus houses:

  • the ISTEC Study and Research Centre,
  • the Corporate Relations and Partnerships Office,
  • the Graduate Association,
  • the Student Societies Office.

The campus is in a historic industrial building and has been designed to have an "international feel".

Programs taught in:
  • English

This school also offers:

Summer courses


Spend 3 weeks in Paris for an amazing academic and cultural experience ... [+]

Spend 3 weeks in Paris for an amazing academic and cultural experience


To give students a better knowledge and experience of the country, the culture, the French and European Business environment and the French language.


During three weeks in Paris, students will attend three courses taught in English (French and European Economy for 2 credits, French Luxury Industry for 2 credits and Doing Business in Europe: an Intercultural Approach for 2 credits) and a French Conversation course, which stands for 20 hours.


Our approach enhances discussion, exchange with the Professor and among students and inclass presentations. The group is limited to maximum 20 students.... [-]

France Paris
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3 weeks