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In the words of Suzy Menkes, IFA Paris is where to “Learn the French way of seeing fashion as art.” (HERALD TRIBUNE, JUNE 2004) IFA Paris is a Contemporary Fashion Design and Luxury Business School which has its roots firmly set in the history of arts and crafts in France. IFA Paris is at the forefront of fashion and luxury education and offers courses that reflect the breadth of opportunity available in these vibrant industries. IFA Paris offers undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time courses in Fashion Design, Media, Business, Luxury and Perfume & Cosmetics on its campuses in Paris, Shanghai, Istanbul and Bangkok. With international lecturers who bare outstanding industry experience in both Haute Couture and avant-garde approaches, IFA Paris has 1200 current students enrolled, coming from 5 continents and originating from 50 different countries. For more information about our campuses, programs and more, please visit www.ifaparis.com


IFA Paris was established in 1982 to combine French fashion heritage with the modern globalized world. As the only school in Paris offering all its undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught in English, IFA Paris caters to a highly international student body from all corners of the world. International Fashion Academy, better known as IFA Paris, offers students undergraduate courses in design and marketing, and postgraduate courses in design, business, communication and luxury in an environment of multidisciplinary collaboration. With schools in Paris and Shanghai, IFA Paris is at the forefront of fashion and luxury education and offers courses that reflect the breadth of opportunities available in this vibrant industry. Recently relocated to 18-24 Quai de la Marne, IFA Paris overlooks the famed canal and is at the heart of the developing 19th arrondissement. The new location has tripled the size of the previous academic facilities and added extensive new amenities to benefit students, including bigger classrooms, a student lounge space, and a resource and study center. The building will also house several new fashion workshop spaces to accommodate hands-on projects. This vibrant and artistic neighborhood is also home to many cultural landmarks, including the MK2 cinemas, Point Ephémère performance space for concerts and ballets, and le CENTQUATRE art centre with a wide range of cultural offerings, exhibits and high-profile fashion shows. The district is also the location of other prestigious schools devoted to creative arts, including École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-La Villette (ENSAPLV) and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, and is close to the École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation (EICAR). “The 19th” is emerging as one of the most exciting and stimulating area for students in all of Paris, and IFA Paris is excited to become a part of this neighborhood. Paris holds a special place at the top of the fashion and luxury world. As fashion’s birthplace, it gave the world some of its most renowned designers and fashion houses including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior and it remains the place where contemporary fashion designers including Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, and Alber Elbaz choose to live and work. The specific Parisian feel for fashion extends beyond the bounds of the industry and into the city’s films, art galleries, museums, theaters and street life. While Paris undoubtedly has a distinguished fashion and luxury history, its present and future are just as compelling. Paris is still the world’s fashion capital and is able to prove it with important fashion events such as its twice-a-year fashion week, fairs and trade shows, fascinating concept stores, and industry-leading trend agencies. Major luxury groups such as LVMH, PPR and companies like Hermès, Cartier and Baccarat all have headquarters located in Paris. In recent history, Paris has turned almost every part of its economy into luxury through fashion, jewelry, beauty care as well as gastronomy, wine and travel. Paris remains an essential stop for young fashion and luxury professionals who wish to understand the cultural, industrial and market forces that shape the fashion world today.


IFA Paris has become the leading fashion school in China and is unique in demonstrating its dedication to success by bringing the best, mostly French professional fashion instructors. In partnership with the Shanghai University of Engineering Sciences, IFA Paris established its school in Shanghai in 2002, the first-ever Sino-French joint venture in fashion education approved by the Chinese government. IFA’s Shanghai school offers a unique opportunity to international students who wish to gain insight into the world’s fastest-growing fashion and luxury market while receiving the same high-quality curriculum taught in English as in Paris. Shanghai is an open and extroversive metropolis and its ascent into the ranks as a fashion capital is no doubt a serious topic. Since the later period of the 19th century, Shanghai has been the fashion center of China. The Shanghai style traveled the world in the 1920s and 30s and re-emerged in the present with fashion designers using a mixture of traditional and modern ideas to create fresh fashion trends. Remarkably, it’s the country’s modern-day consumers who are transforming China into the world’s largest market for luxury and high-end fashion products. Shanghai is unquestionably China’s Mecca for international fashion and the luxury industry. Most foreign fashion and jewelry brands, from luxury to mass markets, count on more than one shop in the city’s numerous fashion retailing districts and major shopping centers. While luxury cars, 5 stars hotels, and high-end dining are regular sights in the city’s downtown, there is also now a growing interest for yachts and private jets among China’s richest.


IFA Paris is not only at the forefront of fashion and luxury education and offers courses that reflect the breadth of opportunities in the vibrant fashion industry in Paris, but also has become the leading fashion school in Shanghai, China. Now IFA Paris is thrilled to expand its influence internationally by offering one of its most popular courses – MBA in Luxury Brand Management in Istanbul, Turkey. The new campus, in cooperation with Bosphorus (Boğaziçi) University, is located in the heart of Istanbul and it can be easily reached from all destinations in the city. Bosphorus University is considered the top-notch among all education providers in Turkey, and it is the best environment IFA Paris could select for its students to be truly exposed to international experiences. The University takes pride in its lively and colorful campus life. To complement and enrich the academic experience with an active campus life, the university supports student clubs, arts, and sports activities, and provides a variety of services from health care to counseling for students and staff. Well-equipped with both traditional and modern educational facilities, libraries and countless cafes and restaurants, the Istanbul campus provides its students the access and convenience to a unique and cozy environment. IFA Paris believes it is a privilege, as well as an advantage for its students to make the best out of what the location can offer. Being one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, and a culturally cultivated place full of museums, galleries, parks and modern colleges, Istanbul is able to provide a stage for those who long for exploring and developing their own interests. For more information, please visit https://www.ifaparis.com

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Fashion Cool Hunting - Short Course

Campus Full time July 2019 France Paris

This program is catered to anyone interested in acquiring knowledge on trend forecasting an important part of the Fashion Industry. [+]

Launch your favorite brand in Paris! This hands-on course about the business and design aspects of fashion strongly emphasizes interactivity with frequent field trips around Paris (fabric shops, retail stores, forecasting companies, museums, and more). Students will launch a foreign brand in Paris. They will identify and research the competition, choose a store location, plan marketing strategies, direct visual merchandising, choose a blogger and a brand ambassador, organize the launch event and plan media coverage and advertising. After they have worked on all business aspects of their brand, students will update a current fashion trend for the upcoming season and design a capsule collection of 10 items for the store opening. The fashion presentation will include a mood board, fabric, and silhouettes. This course is taught by Agustina Cattaneo. Agus is a freelance fashion consultant and an expert at identifying trends. With a powerful double degree as an accountant and a fashion designer and more than six years of experience in New York, she currently works independently consulting for brands and companies and developing content for social networks as an influencer and coolhunter. She also gives lectures, seminars, courses and workshops all over the world. She was born in Buenos Aires in 1981. She received her degree in Accounting from UCA (Argentinian Catholic University) and worked as an auditor at Deloitte & Touche. After a radical change of direction in her compass, she developed and drove a brand with her own name. She then studied Fashion Design at Parsons The... [-]

Fashion Studio - Short Course

Campus Full time 7 - 8 weeks October 2018 France Paris

The Fashion Studio Short Course provides the basic skills to become a fashion designer. [+]

From the drawing of the main idea to the making of the garment and selection of the right fabric. A course to anyone interested in the design of a fashion collection.

The Fashion Studio Course is a complete and comprehensive 256 hour program regrouping 3 themes: Fashion Design, Draping and Pattern Making and Textiles. Upon completion of this course students will gain the essential skills necessary to develop a basic mini collection. The modules taught are structured around each step composing the creation of a range of outfits, from inception to realization.

The Short Courses at IFA Paris have been constructed on a unique modular planning in order to allow participants to customize their learning experience by electing 3 options:... [-]

Summer courses

Fashion Business - Short Course

Campus Full time 7 - 8 weeks March 2019 France Paris

The Fashion Business short course provides the basic skills to become a fashion entrepreneur: from the drawing of the main idea to the commercialization and promotion of a comprehensive collection. A course for anyone interested in the business of fashion.


The Fashion Business short course is a complete and comprehensive 240 hour program regrouping 3 themes: Fashion Design, Fashion Buying and Visual Merchandising. Upon completion of this course, students will gain the essential skills necessary to run a personal project in fashion retail. The modules taught are structured around each step composing the development of a business plan, from research to commercialization.

Part-Time courses at IFA: A modular and customizable learning experience!

The Part-Time courses at IFA have been constructed on a unique modular planning in order to allow participants to customize their learning experience by electing 3 options:

Modular Learning: Students have the opportunity to select very specific modules, ranging from 16 to 24 hours, in order to address precise needs related to their current or future career paths Thematic Learning: Students have the possibility to choose between 3 courses with themes focusing on introduction to Fashion Design, Foundation of Fashion Buying and Visual Merchandising Comprehensive Course Learning: Students have the possibility to combine the 3 thematic within one comprehensive course titled “Fashion Business” ... [-]

Fashion Design Discovery - Summer Course

Campus Full time July 2019 France Paris

This course is aimed at people who want to know more about Fashion Design or wish to possibly pursue studies in this field. [+]

This course presents Fashion design through a mix of theoretical and practical short modules that will give participants a clear overview of the industry, the positions and the skills required to succeed. Modules will be complemented by visits of companies, museums and presentations to allow participants to “feel” what fashion is about. Course Objectives: - Understand the structure of the fashion and textile industry from an international perspective as well as the strong link between fashion and culture - Discover what it takes to be a fashion designer: The creative process - Realize the importance of pattern making and sewing in fashion: The technical process - Understand the power of communication behind the product: The fashion image Course Outcomes: - Creation of a mini portfolio (that can be used for program admission): Mood board / Silhouette / Mini-Collection - Creation of a basic pattern of a skirt - Customization of garment Course Modules: Fashion Industry Panorama - 9H Fashion Culture - 12H Collection Process - 18H Technical Process - 12H The Fashion Image - 9H... [-]

Fashion Luxury Business - Summer Course

Campus Full time July 2019 France Paris

This course is specifically designed to provide a clear overview of the fashion and luxury industry along with its current challenges. [+]

This course is integrated in a set of complementary short modules with the right mix of theory and practice in order to actively engage participants. All topics will be taught with an international perspective in mind. This course is aimed at participants willing to further study or start a career in the fashion & luxury industry as well as at anyone who wants to know more about this fascinating industry. Course Objectives: - Understand the specificities of the fashion & luxury industry, its structure, the main functions and roles at stake. - Develop a solid grounding in the theoretical and practical issues relevant to fashion & luxury organizations - Understand the roles and challenges of each function in the fashion & luxury cycle. - Develop an international perspective about new dynamics between mature and developing countries Course Outcomes: Transversal project that will encompass all new knowledge learned during the course. The topic of the project will be chosen between one of these 3 topics: Brand repositioning, Re-launch of old brand, Launch of new product line of an existing brand. Course Modules: Fashion & Luxury Panorama – 6H Fashion & Luxury Consumer Behavior – 6H Fashion & Luxury Branding / Communication – 12H Fashion & Luxury Visual Merchandising – 9H E-Commerce for Fashion & Luxury – 9H Fashion & Luxury Retail Management – 9H Design Management – 9H... [-]


IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show 2017: Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design

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