Founded in 1925, ESTACA is a member of ISAE group, 1st world cluster in aerospace training and research. ESTACA is highly specialized in the fields of aeronautics, automotive, space, and guided transport industries.The training courses constantly evolve to meet the requirement of companies and adapt to the emergence of new technologies or disciplines. ESTACA’s graduates undertake the design, development, and production of transport systems and components.The school’s expertise is well recognized by the industry, which has ranked it among the best engineering schools for the quality of its graduates. WF


  • Advanced postgraduate degree in engineering right after the French "BAC"
  • A school who is specialized in 4 transportation fields: aeronautical, automotive, space and railway
  • 2 campus: ESTACA-Paris and ESTACA Campus-Ouest in Laval, Mayenne
  • Personalised high-level teaching that meets the industries requirements
  • Students have access to high technology equipment in our laboratories
  • The international experience is mandatory
  • Graduate Engineer School entitled by "Commission des Titres d'ingenieurs"



  • Member of Groupe ISAE
  • CGE Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
  • UGEI Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes
  • ConcoursAvenir (founder member)
  • Campus France international promotion of high-level French education
  • N+i The "n+i" network is a consortium of 70 French engineering Grandes Ecoles, who have chosen to pool their international co-operation actions
  • Elles bougent, (founder member)
  • Competitiveness clusters Astech, Moveo, IDforCar, EMC2, Systematic
  • PRES UPGO - Université Paris Grand Ouest
  • PEPITE PON: Pôle Etudiants pour l’Innovation, le Transfert et l’Entrepreneuriat Paris Ouest Nord


Programs taught in:
  • English
  • French

This school also offers:


Learn and operate CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools to understand and predict aeronautical systems performances and behavior. ... [+]

Learn and Practice Modeling Techniques for Fluid Dynamics

Study in English and Discover Paris!


Learn and operate CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools to understand and predict aeronautical systems performances and behavior.

Program benefits Work with industrially relevant computation software and methods; Study in a multicultural environment. Skills acquired Importance of fluid mechanics in aeronautical applications; CFD simulation; Understanding of the role of numerical tools in a design process. Courses Aeronautical history (6h) Fluid mechanics (15h) Introduction to turbulence (14h) Aerodynamics (20h) Computational Fluid Dynamics (24h) Conferences and visits (12h) Course breakdown Lectures. Labwork. Company visits: Latmos, Ariane Space Launchers, Dassault, etc. Cultural visits: Bâteaux-mouches and Château de Versailles Conference on “Global Air Transport Market” Practical Information Academic period: July 1st to 26th 2019 Arrival date: June 28th Number of credits: 10 ECTS Price: 3 600€ (including housing) Required Level: Minimum 3rd year of bachelor degree in engineering (or related fields) and basic knowledge of fluid mechanics Application deadline: May 1st Syllabus for the Summer Program 2019: Aeronautical History: ... [-]
France Paris
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1 - 1 month

An Innovative Program to Operate Numerical Tools Aligned with Industrial Requirements. ESTACA offers a one-semester program in CAE and Design applied to the Aeronautical ... [+]

An Innovative Program to Operate Numerical Tools Aligned with Industrial Requirements

ESTACA offers a one-semester program in CAE and Design applied to the Aeronautical and Automotive sectors. The objective of this program is to provide students with the means of achieving high-quality design, cost reduction, and best time-to-market skills. Combining the training in CAE and its immediate application to a design project carried out in an international team optimizes the training period for maximum results, after which the students are immediately operational.


Learn and operate AAD tools to design and fit aeronautical and automotive systems and subsystems.

Course Breakdown Lectures Labwork Project teamwork Academic Period 4 months from February to June 2 weeks of vacation in April to discover Europe or France Language English Number of credits 32 ECTS Schedule ... [-]
France Paris
February 2020
1 semester

The ISAE Group Space Summer Program is organized by the four institutes of higher education: Ecole de l’Air, ESTACA, ISAE-ENSMA, ISAE-Supaero. The Space Summer Program is ... [+]

The ISAE Group is proud to present to you its Space Summer Program organized by the four institutes of high education: Ecole de L’Air, ESTACA, ISAE-ENSMA, ISAE-Supaero.

The Space Summer Program is intended for undergraduate students primarily for the ISAE Group partner universities. It will provide the students with an overall knowledge of aeronautics and space fundamentals, as viewed from a European point of view.

The contents include scientific and technical courses but also general conferences and visits to the aerospace and cultural sites.

The program is designed for junior or senior undergraduates with a strong interest in space having solid background knowledge in aeronautics and/or space sciences. A good background in general sciences is required. Graduate students can also take part in the course on a case-by-case basis.... [-]

France Paris
June 2020
4 weeks

Master Operation and Maintenance Program in Aeronautics

ESTACA Campus Paris-Saclay du projet à la réalité

After Movie Gala ESTACA MMXV (2015)

ESTACA Campus Paris-Saclay
PARIS-SACLAY CAMPUS 12 Paul-Delouvrier Street CS 20749 Montigny 78066 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Paris, Île-de-France, France
+33 (0)1 75 64 50 41