Cours d'Eté Nancy (Summer Courses for Foreign Students)


This summer, learn French in France!

Every summer since 1930, the Nancy summer courses for foreign students has welcomed students from all over the world for intensive language study courses ranging from one to four weeks in length.

This is a great chance to combine study with fun in a city of 45,000 university students. Learn French at the same time as you discover France and its culture!

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Our courses are taught by university professors specialized in teaching French to non-native speakers. The course content is adapted to your level, whether you be a complete beginner or a teacher of French in your home country.

Our more advanced students may select from a number of options in the afternoons: conferences, linguistic workshops or drama workshop. We also put the most advanced tools at your disposal such as a Wifi connection on campus and in your residence.


In addition to our courses, many cultural excursions are a part of your stay with us, such as the weekend trip to Paris, our weekend in a region of France and excursions to discover our region, La Lorraine. In 2016: Reims, the Champagne vineyard and the Ardennes in the footsteps of Arthur Rimbaud.

Evening and weekend get-togethers are also a part of your experience with us. You will take part in barbecues, film showings or short trips to nearby regions.


You will discover the rich architectural heritage of the XVIIIth century for which Nancy is figured on UNESCO's list of world patrimony.

Nancy is also a capital of the Art Nouveau style which you can appreciate throughout the town or in one of our many museums.

Above all else, Nancy is a modern city, well known as a major center of culture for France, admired for its festivals, its Opera and its Centre Chorégraphique.

This school offers programs in:
  • French

Practical Information


Here are some important notes about what to bring for your stay in France:


Here are documents you should have:

  • Photo I.D.
  • Your student I.D. card, if available: this will give you discounts on certain items in France
  • Proof of insurance
  • For certain countries, you can obtain a form allowing you free medical care in France
  • Make sure your 200€ deposit has been paid so that you can register

Bring in your suitcase

Here are some essential items:

  • notebooks and pens
  • walking or sport shoes
  • bath towels
  • spending money

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This school also offers:

Summer courses

Summer Session for Foreign Students (Learning French in France)

Campus Full time 2 - 4 weeks September 2017 France Nancy

The Summer Session for Foreign Students has courses for all levels of learners of French, from beginner to advanced, for students, teachers and professional people. [+]

The courses The Summer Session for Foreign Students has courses for all levels of learners of French, from beginner to advanced, for students, teachers and professional people. Upon your arrival, you will take a placement test which is designed to find the appropriate level for you. Once assigned to a group, you will be in a class limited to 15 students. A final exam will take place at the end of week 3 and week 4 (stays A and B only). Students from our partner universities can get credits from this final exam. In that case, an official transcript of records will be edited on request (in French and/or English). A diploma is delivered for every participant. All of our courses are taught by university professors who are specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language. Our team of advisors is on hand to assist you with any issues which might occur. Your Mornings From 9:00AM until noon, you will practice your French according to your linguistic level. Depending on your results at the placement test, you will be assigned to a group in accordance with the CEFR (“Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”). 6 levels from A1 to C2: beginner level (A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), advanced (C1) and master/proficient (C2). A1 group : this group is aimed at students who do not have any knowledge in French. You will learn to communicate in a very simple way, to understand and use everyday life expressions: greeting, introducing yourself, introducing someone, asking questions A2 group : this group is aimed at students who have basic knowledge of French language (around 60 hours of courses). You will learn to understand simple conversations about your environment (station, restaurant…) and express yourself about your activities (speak about yourself, describe…). B1 / B2 group : this group aims to students who already have a certain ease in French. You will strengthen your skills in oral and written expression and comprehension (give an opinion, tell a story about an experiment or an event, join a conversation…). C1 / C2 group : this group aims to students who master the language. It will enable you to deepen and improve your skills on the linguistic and cultural levels. You will learn to express yourself in a clear and well-structured way about complex topics. You will discover great authors of French literature (from the “Siècle des Lumières”-Enlightenment period, to contemporary literature). You will debate about politics, economics, social news in France (medias and press). You will take up Law and Business French (justice, work legislation, social welfare…). Example: Law and Business French. Your afternoon For your afternoons, we offer a number of different activities from which you may choose based on your level in French: Two series of lectures (one in French, the other in English) focused on subjects such as history, painting, cinema, economics, national and international politics, European institutions, music, etc. Linguistic workshops: you will be placed into small groups where, working with a professor, you will learn by playing games, speaking about current events, going out, debate each other or solve riddles in a very interactive way. The drama workshop Law and Business French Theatre arts for beginners Upon completion of the Summer Session, you will receive both a diploma with your final scores and a certificate attesting to your attendance : This diploma is delivered by the Summer Courses For Foreign Students, not by the University. [-]


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