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3D CGI and animation is a mix of art and technology which requires a fine balance. It is used both in the film and game-industry as well as in advertising and many other industries. Since 1998 TRUEMAX Academy has specialized in teaching 3D CGI and animation at both short courses as well as a 3-year education which targets the needs of the industry for well-educated employees – now and in the future. TRUEMAX academy of 3D CGI & animation was founded in 1998 and since then has developed the high level quality of programs of education and courses. We accept students from all around the world. In order to make certain that the professional level of the education is as high as possible, we cooperate with The National Film School of Denmark, DADIU, EUCROMA as well as several other schools and professionals. TRUEMAX academy also offers several courses in 3D graphics as well as in drawing and courses tailored to individual needs. We offer the best instructors and teachers, specialists and creative gurus, who are – and must be – at the forefront of the development. Guest lecturers and instructors include some of the world’s best 3D artists and experts from international production-companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks, ILM, EA and Walt Disney Company

Long-term programs and short courses

Based in Denmark, TRUEMAX academy develops and offers long-term programs of education as well as short courses in 3D computer graphics and animation in order to meet the demands of the industry and the business world for properly trained employees, both now and in the future.

In cooperation with the 3D industry

Unique courses and programs are under constant development in close cooperation with a formal education committee comprised of representatives from the world of television, film, game development and business. Our programs and courses are acknowledged as some of the best in Europe. As a result of this, we keep attracting more and more international students. In addition, we keep our education up-to-date with the help of our education committee and our broad professional network within the 3D-industry. All of this reflects that we aim to provide the best education for our students.

TRUEMAX academy's Mission & Vision

  • To combine and balance between art and technology, and to provide career opportunities for the creative and artistic students.
  • To maintain and constantly develop the close cooperation with the education committee.
  • To continue to attract and use the best international creative and professional 3D artists as instructors.
  • To fulfill the ambition to create 3D computer graphics and animation of the highest quality.
Programs taught in:
  • English

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The 3D Digital Artist / 3D Game Artist program is organized in association with our educational board which includes representatives of major Danish and international 3D ... [+]

3D Digital Artist / 3D Game Artist Would you like to work with games, films and commercials? Be taught by some of the best 3D instructors in the world Have 90% chance of internship Networking while you are studying and improving your chances of making it in the business? Be eligible for Student Grant* (SU) Start the course at any time and go at your own speed although each part must be completed within 3 months.

The education program covers 3 areas: Theory, Practical, and Self-study.

The 3D Digital Artist / 3D Game Artist program is organized in association with our educational board which includes representatives of major Danish and international 3D companies.

Our program secures the students to gradually learn to master 3D software features and 3D production processes on a high level in addition to developing their artistic talent. Our instructors have been recruited from leading companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Ubisoft Massive, EA Games and many more.... [-]

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