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PAR was founded as an independent educational institution almost ten years ago in the Croatian coastal city of Rijeka. With a progressive approach in both formal and informal education and a focus on learners’ needs, PAR has become a reliable partner for lifelong learning. We are devoted to developing international cooperation, which is evident in bilateral agreements with more than 15 HE institutions worldwide and the Erasmus Charter. PAR is known for providing professional knowledge and skills in the field of business management and language learning through the Business School PAR and the Business Academy Rijeka. The Business School PAR is the first and only private higher education institution in the County, while the Business Academy Rijeka proudly presents a list with more than 100 satisfied clients.


The Business School PAR offers a professional BA study program in Business Management. An innovative twist is given through the Student Business Incubator PAR where students gain work experience while working on PAR and its partners’ projects.


As the carrier of the PAR lifelong learning programs, the Business Academy Rijeka has managed to position itself as a modern educational institution aimed at educating managers, entrepreneurs and business experts in areas ranging from soft skills seminars to leadership and executive education.


Center for Languages PAR offers a variety of courses in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Croatian for foreigners. The Center nurtures a communicative approach to teaching languages and looks to establish international learning programs based on student exchange and staff mobility.

Interesting facts about PAR:

  • PAR is the regional selection center for the Global Village Program for Young Leaders of Business and Industry
  • PAR is the only private higher education institution in Rijeka and the County
  • PAR has a Sport’s Academy with a study program for professional athletes
  • PAR strongly promotes women entrepreneurship, was founded and is led by a woman
  • PAR’s Dean received the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015 and is the Women on Wednesday (WED) Ambassador for Croatia
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Summer courses

Sail and Learn Summer School on Business and Leadership

Campus Full time 7 days July 2017 Croatia Split Rijeka + 1 more

The summer school you will never forget offers a seven – day cruise along the southern Croatian coast with a top educational program in Management, (Survival) Leadership, and Business worth 5 ECTS points (3 credits). [+]

ABOUT THE SAIL AND LEARN SUMMER SCHOOL Sail&Learn offers a seven – day cruise along the southern Croatian coast with a top educational program in Management, (Survival) Leadership, and Business worth 5 ECTS points (3 credits). The program takes place on a sailing boat that goes from the Trogir to the islands and finishes its’ route in Split during the Ultra Festival 2016! The program takes place at various sites along the coast and the islands. Each day will be an opportunity to explore a different sight, island and secluded beach where students will work on their assignments and projects. Each activity will be followed by evaluation, self-evaluation and individual and group feedback. There will be four teams of students. Teams will be given a Team Assignments that they will have to fulfill on a daily basis. These assignments will address their leadership and teamwork skills. They are a part of the Survival Leadership component of the educational program. Each team will have to fulfill a task during the program, related to a project on ecology, tourism, business, or leadership. Each team will have to focus their tasks based on the exploration of the area we visit during the program (all the islands). Students will have mentors and guides to help them. Specific goals of the program's cultural component: - provide students with a unique cultural experience - expand student knowledge of Croatian and European culture - familiarize students with Croatian and European cultural heritage Specific goals of the program's... [-]