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Programs at King George International Business College – Canada TESOL Centre are carefully designed with you in mind – cutting-edge, informative, skills-oriented, and globally crafted. The aim of our programs is to ensure our graduates have the competitive-edge in the global market place. This is accomplished through meticulous research, development, and implementation – most of all this is accomplished by listening to you, our students.

Our Teacher Training (TESOL) and Interpreting & Translation programs have been created by our experienced in-house curriculum design team. These customized programs guarantee students a unique approach to learning and a high standard of quality that comes with KGIBC-CTC's 14 years of curriculum development & research experience.

Our Business Management Diploma program utilizes both our in-house curriculum and contents from the Canadian Institute of Management. This combination of communicative-oriented KGIBC-CTC business materials and more lecture-based CIM content allows students an approach to learning that is balanced, globally minded and provides an in-depth insight into the Canadian business industry.

Qualified and Experienced Instructors

KGIBC-CTC's instructors are both qualified and experienced in the fields that they teach. As KGIBC-CTC is registered with PCTIA, instructors must possess the following approved KGIBC-CTC qualifications:

  • All KGIBC-CTC instructor qualifications must meet PCTiA bylaws standards.
  • All TESOL Instructors must have TESL Canada Certification.
  • All KGIBC-CTC instructors must have:
    • a minimum Bachelor's Degree
    • 1-3 years teaching experience (varies per program)
    • 1-3 years practical experience (varies per program)
    • a credential or work experience in the area they are teaching (varies per program)

Academic Support

Succeeding in your studies requires hard work and dedication. But don't worry; you will not have to do it alone. KGIBC-CTC instructors are available to help you with your studies and assignments. In addition to daily support, students also have access to:

  • Monthly workshops on topics such as resume building, or finding a job.
  • Guest speakers from the world of business and education

Global Skills

The international market place is increasingly competitive and expanding at an incredible speed. The demand for highly skilled, multi-lingual and flexible professionals is increasing through-out the world, and King George International Business College-Canada TESOL Centre is committed to meeting that demand. At KGIBC-CTC, we aim to equip professionals with the skills and abilities to think globally and apply their skills with ease and competence in any context, whether in Istanbul, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, Mexico City, or Hong Kong.

Networks and Affiliations

King George International Business College – Canada TESOL Centre has an established global network ready to assist you in obtaining the most from your studies. With offices in five countries and four campuses across Canada, KGIBC-CTC is well prepared to meet your educational needs.

KGIBC-CTC prides itself on having the highest quality programs which is reflected through our affiliations with world recognized associations. Such associations include: TESL Canada, Private Career Training Institutions Agency (of BC) - PCTIA, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities - MTCU, the Canadian Institute of Management and KOTESOL.

Mission & History


Educating Tomorrow's Global Professionals

King George International Business College – Canada TESOL Centre is a private educational institution dedicated to offering quality programs that are at the cutting edge of their field. Our programs provide consistent intellectual standards with a deliberate concern for the academic and professional needs of our students.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Customer Service Professional Program

Campus Full time 28 weeks September 2017 Canada Vancouver

Meet customer service professional students from around the world, sharpen the skills you will need in the service industry, and develop the confidence, perspective, skills, knowledge and drive that will help you succeed in the hospitality industry. [+]

Meet customer service professional students from around the world, sharpen the skills you will need in the service industry, and develop the confidence, perspective, skills, knowledge and drive that will help you succeed in the hospitality industry. The fundamental duties of a Customer Service Worker are to answer questions,resolve problems and provide caring and efficient service. Success in this regard depends on the worker’s ability to connect with customers on a personal level. To that end, this program will teach skills related to forming proper attitudes, creating strong first impressions, communicating well both verbally and non-verbally, and - most importantly - understanding just what it is a customer needs and wants. Join us in participating and practicing within the world of Customer Service Professionals in this highly interactive program. Videos, lectures, guest presentations and field trips abound! This weekday, 9am-1pm, 28 week Diploma program provides you with the skills to succeed in the hospitality industry, while at the same time allowing you the ability to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) and/or explore your new Canadian city! Create exciting and rewarding job opportunities for yourself! Program Details Type: Diploma Program Campuses: Vancouver Program Length: 28 weeks (560 hours) Schedule: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Friday; (20 hours/week) Average Class Size: 16 Students Additional: Foodsafe BC and Serving It Right Instruction (certifcation optional) Graduation Requirements: 70% average upon successful completion of all in-class modules Your Goal Understand the world of customer service and hospitality, and create exciting... [-]


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