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I am delighted to welcome you to the AAPS website. We, at AAPS, strive to offer our students opportunities to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom while providing them with a variety of ways to explore their interests and passions. AAPS also supports its students with guidance and advice on academic and career opportunities.

lab1 AAPS is a recognized leader in professional development and training in the field of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic, and food . Due to the nature of these industries, AAPS aims to put itself at the forefront of professional development and training by continuously evolving and expanding its programs in an attempt to respond effectively to rapidly changing technologies and workforce demands. It is with this method that our programs will prepare you for your future.

Here, students can take advantage of intellectual, personal, and professional growth opportunities. Students are able to shape their future with every program that they participate by further expanding their knowledge and with our extraordinary faculty and staff, students can easily chart their course and create the ever so important industry network.

We offer a robust academic counselling program through focused one-on-one meetings with myself, the Dean. Furthermore, AAPS offers a faculty-mentoring program to help students connect with the professors and faculty members and explore academic interests and interests outside of the classroom setting. We also have peer-mentoring program to help students build a valuable network and supportive community while students attend AAPS.

students At AAPS, students will join a select group of peers. Those who attend AAPS are men and women from across the globe with diverse backgrounds and proven leadership ability. They are bright, accomplished and ambitious individuals who are seeking to improve their skill set and employment outlook. AAPS is located in Toronto, the financial and cultural centre of Canada, and one of the world’s great multicultural cities. This gives us access to the head offices of many organizations and has allowed us to build strong linkages to the pharmaceutical and food community.

If you are already part of our community or are interested in joining us, you are very warmly welcomed and I hope that you will visit us. I particularly invite you to take note of our abilities to help student get placed with pharma, food and allied industries. For those who are considering joining AAPS, take some time to explore the program information on our website, visit our campus, and get a career consultation prior to the start of the term.

At AAPS we are always interested in hearing from our prospective students. Ask us a question, tell us how we can help you, or come in to see us. You can email us at, or call us at 416-502-2277.

I look forward to getting to know each of you personally, so please stop by!

Best regards,

Laleh Bighash

Dean of Scientific Affairs


AAPS Facilities


The spacious pharmaceutical lab allows students to gain the hands-on experience they need in running laboratory equipment and perform tests on pharmaceutical raw material, in-process material and finished products. The laboratory is equipped with latest audiovisual equipment and fully automated HPLCs running with Empower and Millenium software as well as Dissolution, IR, UV, Auto-Titrators, Karl Fisher, Friability and Hardness Testers.

The lab allows plenty of space for students to maximize learning and perform tests independently preparing them for gainful employment with the pharmaceutical industry.


The newly build analytical chemistry lab includes instructional area, instrumentation area, support space, and preparation room storage. Cutting-edge technology encourages hands-on practical experiments and motivates students to incorporate what they have learned into their careers and lives.

Special features of the modernized lab will include sample preparation station, wet chemistry testing station, physical chemistry testing station, HPLC, UV, IR, Autotitrators, pH meters,.. Students will be able to use these equipments independently to master instrumental and wet chemistry analysis.

About AAPS Pharmaceutical Training Center

AAPS is registered as a private career college under the private career colleges act, 2005

If you are looking for a college that offers challenging programs in high demand fields, such as Pharmal, Biopharma, healthcare, Food, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and Environmental AAPS is the place for you. Don’t wait for life’s rewards to come around – Make it happen by getting the education you need.

AAPS is the Canadian premier Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical training college. The school was established in 2003 to address the growing demands by healthcare manufacturers for better prepared and more practically trained applicants. In tailored response, AAPS was designed and made operational by a team of highly experienced industry experts with one mission in mind; to create professional skill development programs that would exceed industry-training standards”.

Employing only leading industry professionals with decades of experience, AAPS is setting the standard for pharmaceutical, food and healthcare training and career advancement. These experts continually develop and update the diploma programs and certificate courses at AAPS to meet the rigorous demands of the industry.

Three state-of-the-art laboratories and modern classroom facilities, combined with ongoing partnerships and course development consultations with employers and regulatory bodies, have helped AAPS reach its unique and highly regarded place in the education and training field.

AAPS is among the top rated and most respected college in North America. The close industry relations, well equipped laboratories, and professional facilities allow AAPS to design and instruct programs that produce well-qualified graduates whom are eagerly recruited for professional employment at both entry and advanced levels.

AAPS graduates enjoy the highest employment rate in the industry. Come join us today!

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Food Technology, Safety and Quality Diploma

Campus Full time September 2017 Canada Ontario

The Food Technology, Safety and Quality Diploma Program is designed to help students develop a hand-on approach to food safety and quality, while allowing them the opportunity to earn food safety certification. [+]

Food Technology, Safety and Quality Diploma The Food Technology, Safety and Quality Diploma Program is designed to help students develop a hand-on approach to food safety and quality, while allowing them the opportunity to earn food safety certification. The program incorporates the specialized knowledge and skills required to implement the fundamental principles of quality assurance. Additionally, the program is designed to be equally useful for entry level or ongoing career development in the food and beverage industry This program is equally beneficial to those who want to complement their pre-existing skills and knowledge by upgrading. The AAPS’s integrated approach affords students with the foundation and knowledge to develop, implement, and maintain the food safety program using tools such as GMPs and HACCP to ensure that products comply with national and international safety and quality standards. Diploma in Food Technology, Safety and Quality Courses Include: Food Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Introduction & Advanced, – Lecture) Plant Sanitation (Lecture) Food Chemistry (Introduction and Food Chemistry – Lecture & Lab) Food Processing Technology (Introduction & Advanced – Lecture) Food Product Development (Lecture) Food Microbiology (Lecture & Lab) Introduction to Food Science (Lecture) Food Safety (GMPs, HACCP, BRC, and SQF – Lecture) Food Regulations (Lecture) Technical Writing Professionalism and Career Development Food Safety Certifications Food safety certifications are necessary to work in many food and beverage related environments, including for food and beverage servers, people who work in food preparation and people who work in an institutional setting, as well as large scale food manufacturing. Many employers also have a preference for candidates who can meet a high caliber of skills and standards for food safety and quality. Additionally, possession of the right qualifications can also help a person with industry experience advance their career, including training others. Students who are registered in the Food Technology, Safety and Quality Diploma Program are eligible to attend the training session “Food Handling Certificate” free of charge ($70 Value) and obtain the certificate issued by the City of Toronto. AAPS graduates from the Food Safety and Quality Program pursue careers in Quality Assurance Plant Sanitation Production Associate Technical Services Food Safety and Quality Assurance Microbiologist Technician Product Development Technologist Regulatory Affairs Research & Development Product Testing [-]

Research and Development – Food and Pharma Diploma Program

Online & Campus Combined Full time 50 weeks September 2017 Canada Ontario

In this program students will gain hands on experience in performing research laboratory techniques such as HPLC, Dissolution, and various Analytical Chemistry work. These skills are complimented with training on formulation, scientific writing, quality assurance, clinical research and drug safety as well as R&D techniques, processing and safety specific to the food industry. [+]

Pharmaceutical and Food industries are highly dependent on Research and Development. R&D has proven to strengthens the economy and improves quality of life for all. Investing in research at all levels is vital for any nation’s long-term growth and prosperity. Recognizing the need for highly trained researcher in the pharma and food industry, AAPS R&D program provides students with the academic, technical, industry and regulatory knowledge needed in order to start research careers in the pharma and food industry. In this program students will gain hands on experience in performing research laboratory techniques such as HPLC, Dissolution, and various Analytical Chemistry work. These skills are complimented with training on formulation, scientific writing, quality assurance, clinical research and drug safety as well as R&D techniques, processing and safety specific to the food industry. This R&D program prepares students to work in the Research Laboratories, Compliance , Formulation, and Clinical Research Departments of Pharma companies as well as Food Product Development, Food Processing and Food Safety departments. To register for In Class, contact us via telephone at 416-502-2277 or by email at Diploma Program: Please directly contact AAPS for Registration and Payment. Individual Certificate Courses: Please see below for online availability. The online courses are registered and paid for individually. Course Outline Diploma in Research and Development – Food and Pharma Code Course - - RD01 Introduction to R&D Pharma In Class N/A FSQ005 Food Product Development In Class Online MFG1007 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Methods In Class Online FSQ004 Food Processing In Class Online FSQ008 Food Safety In Class Online RD02 Good Laboratory Practices and Good Documentation Practices In Class N/A PLT1005 Pharma Lab Testing – Introduction In Class N/A PLT2005 Pharma Lab Testing – Intermediate In Class N/A TWR3009 Technical Writing and Scientific Communication In Class Online PLT3005 Pharma Lab Testing – Advance In Class N/A DIS1003 Dissolution Testing – Introduction In Class N/A DIS2003 Dissolution Testing – Advance In Class N/A PLC1002 Introduction to HPLC In Class N/A PLC2002 HPLC – Intermediate In Class N/A PLC3002 HPLC – Advanced Method Validation and Technology Transfer In Class N/A PLC4002 HPLC – Advanced Method Development In Class N/A CR011 Legislations, Guidelines and Ethics in Clinical Research and Drug Safety In Class Online CR014 Clinical Research Regulations and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) In Class Online CR028 Global Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance In Class Online CR029 Pharmaceutical Job Application and Interview Training In Class Online RD03 R&D Project In Class N/A FSQ001 Principles of QA/QC in the Food Industry In Class Online RD04 Project Management In Class Online [-]


AAPS Students Conducting Experiments in the GLP Laboratory


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