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Training enterprising citizens, competent management and committed to the sustainable development of society.

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Inspired by the Austrian model and adapted to the Brazilian reality, the School of Management Training - EFG prioritizes excellence and the quality of education, preparing students for entrepreneurial activities in the market.

In addition to basic secondary education, its methodology provides a solid training focused on business management.

The EFG BH is the only school of Belo Horizonte using a methodology that combines the basic disciplines of high school to technical training in administration.

Over the 20 years, the school has trained more than eight thousand young entrepreneurs, and 71.9% are already in the labor market and 53.8% in positions of leadership in the companies they work for.

The school, which started with a drive in Belo Horizonte, is present in 14 other mining towns and counts now with a new plant in São Luis, Maranhão.

It is in practice what you learn

In addition to the courses offered in the Management Training School, the student has the opportunity to experience the daily life of organizations through the development of projects that are part of the course program: Practice Firm Project and business plan.

High School College

In addition to the high school subjects, the Management Training School offers the student the opportunity to know the main areas of management at the operational level, managerial and strategic, preparing it further into the labor market.

technical course in administration

The Technical Course in Business Administration with emphasis in Business Management is intended for people seeking to develop the entrepreneurial and professionals seeking the constant improvement and the qualification to act competently in the various business sectors.

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High School With Technical Administration

Campus Full time 3 years March 2018 Brazil Belo Horizonte

It is a school of medium + technical education in management, focusing on entrepreneurship and management, which prepares students to undertake their future. [+]

It is a school of medium + technical education in management, focusing on entrepreneurship and management, which prepares students to undertake their future. The selection process is annual with admission for students entering the 1st year of high school. STRUCTURAL PROJECTS Mentoring project (1 YEAR): It provides the first contact with the business world, allowing the student to assimilate the basic concepts of management and entrepreneurship. This experience is made possible through meetings with entrepreneurs, technical visits and interdisciplinary activities. Simulated company (2nd YEAR): Education technology tool, internationally known as Practice Firms or Virtual Enterprise, which allows you to associate the theories of management to the practice of business activities in a simulated virtual market, linked to a network of 7,500 Simulated Enterprises present on five continents. Showcase Project (3rd YEAR): Methodology that extends the vision of development and entrepreneurial attitude, from the preparation of a business plan. Its interdisciplinary nature involves disciplines such as Marketing, Economics, Finance and Accounting, among others, and allows the student to turn a business opportunity into a viable enterprise under the economic, financial perspective and market. Internship (3rd YEAR): Mandatory character, allows the consolidation of entrepreneurial vision and management tools, to create opportunities for the student to develop a plan of action in view of the needs of a particular business sector in which it operates. Business Diagnosis: accomplished through technical visits, characterized by the identification of problems, causes and organizational symptoms. Experience also allows for the experience of analysis, strategic vision and to... [-]


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