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In the late nineteenth century Frans Vermeulen, the great grandfather of Vincent Vermeulen, started out in hospitality. At an early age he understood what it was to be at service to people and quickly he became maître d' on the market square of the beautiful, medieval town of Bruges, Belgium. Earning his own money, he quickly setup one of the first catering firms and in 1906 he started working as a private cook for the Baron de Tilleghem at his castle and soon experienced what private service was.

Frans Vermeulen’s son, Raymond, started with his wife a small boarding house at the Belgian coast to accommodate the mine workers looking for a healthy environment during their vacation, this was shortly after the first world war. Within the first years, they also started the first restaurant in the small town of Wenduine.

In 1978, Willy Vermeulen, Vincent Vermeulen’s father refurbished the small pension and turned it in to a gastronomic restaurant and upscale hotel. It was the first restaurant in the region to be mentioned and be awarded in the Michelin guide. Vincent and his brother Gino quickly became part of the team serving and cooking on a high level. After finishing hotel school, the 2 brothers travelled around Europe working in the finest hospitality operations there are. 3 star Michelin names such as L’Oasis (La Napoule, France), Taillevent (Paris) and Joël Robuchon gave the brothers the necessary knowledge to improve their business back in Belgium.


In 1993, at age 19, Vincent took over the business and it only took 6 years to turn it in to a national company. Expanding to 3 banquet halls over Belgium and a national catering service, the company employed up to 120 people staff at one time, servicing companies, private families and even royalty.

Always searching for the highest level in what he did, Vincent Vermeulen sold his company and attended the butler school in England, near London. He worked as a butler in the iconic Lanesborough hotel in London and oversaw a butler service operation house in France for an English couple. The past years he has been operating in senior management of multi-outlet hospitality operations with some focus on the casino industry. His last position as general manager at a Michelin starred operation opened his eyes yet again to the fact that the hospitality industry is in need of high level service and it fueled his slumbering idea of the school for butlers and hospitality. Vincent Vermeulen’s time is fully dedicated to the school and its expansion worldwide and providing only but the best thru his motto: “separate and improve”.

School for Butlers and Hospitality not only focusses on teaching the past but also the modern challenges ahead in todays fast paced world.

School for Butlers and Hospitality considers itself as an institute with old fashioned values but we look much further. Paying attention to brand management so that our partners can profit from our efforts, introducing the latest technology into our trainings and communicating in a new way are only a few examples on how we would like to prepare the butler profession for the future.

The strengths of the brand:

  • Located in Europe and building our network from within
  • A company with 130 years history and guided by the fourth generation hospitality person
  • Based on European values, standards and its culture
  • A network of very respected partners to support the brand worldwide
  • Individual investors to assure the financial future
  • In depth knowledge of hospitality operations in the broadest sense of the word.
  • An international PR scope

As of October 2014, School for Butlers and Hospitality is officially approved by City & Guilds London. This organization guarantees a quality system recognized by thousands of employers around the world. The butler qualification has been established by the University of West London and the head butler of the royal family.

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Butler Training Course

Campus Full time 5 - 20 days November 2017 Belgium Brussels

School for Butlers and Hospitality has developed a unique set of techniques you will remember all your life. You will be prepared for any possible situation you might handle working at almost any level in the hospitality and tourism sector. [+]

What you will learn at our school? Laying the table, managing a wardrobe and welcoming guests are the quintessential qualities of a butler. Unfortunately, this is not enough in the 21st century. We see our students as trained professionals, not only on the practical side, but on the organizational level, as well. School for Butlers and Hospitality has developed a unique set of techniques you will remember all your life. You will be prepared for any possible situation you might handle. Our curriculum is truly unique! We offer a combination of interpersonal skills complemented with our unique set of nine, butler techniques. Here is a small overview of our curriculum. The SBH techniques When you start education at childhood, writing and reading is first. Our 9 butler techniques are indispensable to be a great butler or hospitality professional. Every situation you might encounter, you can apply one or more of these techniques. We help our students to instill these techniques in their lives as habits. Wardrobe Presentation is key. You or your principal will like to be dressed in an impeccable way. We will teach you how to manage the next generation wardrobe. The 7 secrets of a handmade gentleman's shirt Packing a suitcase and three ways to secure the shipping of it How to clean a $7000 pair of shoes The 15 clothing shops you should know as a butler How to shop for quality clothing, anywhere in the world Personal and psychological butler skills As a butler you... [-]