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  Stafford was formed in 1993, in the UAE, with the sole intention of providing distance education assistance to the business professionals in the Middle East to achieve good quality internationally recognised qualifications that would mark them as serious managers and advance their careers.Starting with 7 students in 1993 over a decade later we are involved with an average of 1000 students a year availing distance education. All are serious minded busy managers proving … [+] to the world that they mean to succeed.Stafford is entirely focussed on assisting full-time professionals in business with quality distance learning to accelerate their careers through independent study.Stafford works throughout the Middle East and Levant region offering distance learning Executive MBA’s, Doctorates, BA’s, diplomas and more.We pride ourselves on our commitment to the academic and business success of our students, our excellent relationships with our UK universities, our integrity and the high quality of our academic and administrative support staff.   Over the years, we have watched many of our students climb the corporate ladder and reach the pinnacle with their added knowledge through the distance learning MBA and other courses like doctorate and masters. As a result of Distance learning MBA, students have successfully opened their own businesses, or gone on to become directors of multinational companies. Some have totally changed their career paths and have gained the satisfaction of knowing they are in their true element after years in less rewarding work.And now with over 2000 graduated professionals as friends, we aim to carry our distance learning mission forward to the next generation of students. Our pride in our students is doubled every time we attend their Graduation ceremonies at the University itself. [-]

Westford University College

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Westford University College   Westford won 'Customer Delight award' from MENAA Awards for the second year in a row in 2015 & 2016 Westford University College (WSoM) is an educational institution established in UAE and have robust presence in UK, Middle East, India and South Africa with an aim to provide highly reputed and advanced UK and European based qualifications and management training to the aspiring communities living in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our … [+] qualifications are authenticated and accredited by the renowned accredited academic awarding bodies, colleges and universities from the UK. We offer internationally recognized undergraduate and post graduate programs that will enable our students to outshine and excel in their preferred arenas and augment their pursuit for excellence in their chosen career or higher education.   Westford University College draws upon the best global practices in online learning and pedagogy; the result is an interactive, dynamic brand of graduate education ably suited for regular students and working professionals.   Westford University College optimally utilizes sophisticated technology and the power of Internet to give you an invaluable learning as well as global networking experience.   Vision Statement Westford University College envisages being among the best choice for the management career aspirants by providing the most updated, relevant and high quality education blended with skills development to the aspiring students seeking opportunities in global organizations and thus bridging the gap between education and employment.   Mission Statement Westford University College aims to mould and transform the aspiring generation of people having diversified backgrounds to effective leaders and managers of tomorrow with a sense of social, corporate and ethical responsibilities by providing superior management education and training , thus to equip them to become capable of handling challenging tasks.   [-]

Management Development Centre International

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MDCI works in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa providing logistical, administration and marketing support for postgraduate academic programmes on behalf of a number of United Kingdom universities. The Bahrain based company also provides executive development programmes and tailored programmes. In thirty years of providing executive programmes MDCI has helped two and half thousand Gulf based professionals to enhance their careers with academic qualifications… [+] recognised worldwide, and has helped to introduce the latest business thinking and skills to the Gulf. A key element of the MDCI’s programmes is that UK based lecturers fly to the Gulf to deliver their modules allowing the local professionals to continue their carers while studying for their Masters of Doctorate. The Executive development (Masterclass) and tailored programmes from MDCI incorporate the latest academic thinking and its application to organisational performance, and has been designed to reflect the specific culture of the host country. The programmes are delivered for many public, private and not for profit disciplines, suitable for all types of organizations and specifically designed for ambitious managers and executives. The training programmes develop the knowledge and skills base of today’s executives and managers and help students apply ideas and concepts to real organisational issues, problems and visions. The programmes are delivered by a very experienced team of UK nationals, all of whom have considerable experience of the world of Executive education in different national settings. Other services provide by MDCI include: Educational consultancy, exam management, management consultancy. History In the early 1990’s MDCI established a base in Bahrain to service the needs of the large Saudi Arabian petrochemical and oil companies. Subsequently, the programmes have been offered to mature students from other GCC countries from its Bahrain base and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Oman satellite offices. Over 2,500 mature executives have benefited from the services provided by MDCI. The company has both Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Education registrations in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a representative office of the parent company in the United Kingdom. Queen’s Award Each year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth awards her recognition in appreciation of work done overseas by United Kingdom organisations in the export sector. MDCI and its parent company DA Group were awarded this honour and officers of the company were invited to a formal reception at Buckingham Palace. The award was presented to the company by the Rt Hon. Tony Blair – the Prime Minister. Executive Model “The model,” is a term referring to the time served method of delivering UK university postgraduate programmes, on a part-time basis to busy executives. It provides the local executive student with the same learning experience as they would enjoy on similar part time programmes, at the university campus. In general students are mature executives normally with significant industry experience. The average age of current MDCI students is 35 and most have in excess of 8 years relevant experience. The university partner provides the identical academic components of the programme, including teaching that students enjoy on campus. MDCI provides the local support for both university and student. Management Development Centre International Ltd is a United Kingdom registered company. The company is part of the Durham Associates group, based at the Old Coach House, Castle Eden, County Durham. The chairman of the Group is the internationally renowned management academic and author Professor Geoff Lancaster. MDCI is managed by a board of directors based in the United Kingdom. The Managing Director is Robert L F Rice, who holds Bahrain residency and has lived and worked in the Middle East and Africa for around 35 years. In 2009 he was identified as one of the leaders in executive education in the MENA countries by the Middle East Economic Digest MDCI relies on information technology and human interface to achieve its high level of student support and ensure maintenance of University operating procedures. Students and their sponsor organisations appreciate the executive model of delivery for a number of reasons, notably: Busy executives are not removed from their work for extended periods Students have no difficulties in acclimatising to foreign cultures Programmes integrate student’s life and work experience with latest academic thinking Organisations benefit from students applying their knowledge into the work environment on an iterative basis Students’ knowledge is reinforced by adding the new academic knowledge to their existing experience – an important educational concept in itself The entire package including materials is delivered to the student in Bahrain, this releasing them for example from time wasted finding text books Additionally, the fees for the programme mirror the UK fees but without costly accommodation, subsistence and travel costs. Organisations appreciate retaining their employees during the study period and often benefit from the immediate application of new thinking [-]

Applied Science University

Bahrain September 2017

Why ASU? Supportive students' environment A place to unlock your potentials High employability rates Grant internship opportunities Financial aid available Friendly and family atmosphere International recognition; British Degrees in Engineering and Business Highly qualified staff from 25 nationalities 20+ Higher Education Academy (HEA) fellows and senior fellows among staff A combination of Arabic and English academic… [+] programmes Exemption from 6 papers (ACCA) for the graduates of the Bachelor Accounting and Finance Highly ranked in NEC recent annual report State of the art campus Vision: “The vision of Applied Science University is to be one of the leading private universities supporting practical learning and scientific research in Bahrain and the Gulf”. Mission: “ASU is committed to offering an education that is accessible to academically competent students of Bahrain, the Gulf and beyond, and to deliver academic programmes of quality that graduate students equipped with knowledge and skills relevant locally and regionally. ASU is further dedicated to the promotion of a culture of learning and scientific research for its students, staff and faculty regionally and globally to engage meaningfully with the community at large”. The aims of the University are summarized as follows: To assume social responsibility and to serve the local and regional community. To further enhance scientific research standards in the fields of knowledge. To offer new specializations to meet the market demands. To keep abreast of scientific developments and to provide all the means of academic success. Values and Principles Integrity: ASU’s community values honesty, fairness and academic integrity as fundamental to its vision and mission, and will recognize, affirm and uphold this value in a responsible and committed manner. Collaboration and Team Spirit: ASU’s community recognizes collaboration and team spirit to be at the heart of the institutional culture and will promote these values in a dedicated manner. Loyalty: ASU’s students, faculty and staff cherish loyalty and commitment and recognize these values to be inherent in their culture of cooperation and dedication. Social Responsiveness and Community Engagement: ASU’s students, faculty and staff value their partners, networks and communities and intend to engage with them, in a thoughtful, respectful, responsible and meaningful manner. Quality: ASU’s community values quality as an ideal and standard that should characterize its processes, outcomes, people and partners. ASU Strategy Governance Governance at ASU includes not only issues of ownership and control over the University but the detailed structure, roles and responsibilities, and mechanisms of accountability governing all that is done within the realm of legitimate university activity. This includes amongst other things the vertical structure that defines the main roles (organizational structure) which houses the necessary capabilities to fulfill ASU’s strategic objectives (effectiveness), and the horizontal organization that materializes the lateral capacities of the University and wherein actual University business is processed (RACI Matrix mapping the vertical structure and the standing committees to the processes). Board of Trustees (BoT), University Council, and University Management Committee are one of the main entities in ASU governance structure (headed by the BoT). History of the University Introduction: Applied Science University has earned its license from the Ministry of Education according to the decree issued by the Minister’s Council No. (WD 140/2004) dated 5th July 2004 making it one of the first private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. ASU is striving to become one of the leading universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in the wider Gulf region. The university aims to support the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Bahrain by providing degree programmes at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Our programmes are grounded in a pedagogical framework that aims to develop our student’s understanding of key theories and concepts through knowledge acquisition and the development of practical skills and life-long learning skills, while preparing our student’s for a range of career paths within their chosen field or discipline. The university aims to provide its students with a high quality learning experience by ensuring an up-to-date curriculum for its degree programmes that meet the demands of private industry and the public sector alike, locally, regionally and internationally. ASU employs experienced and well qualified academics that can support student learning and the overall student experience through provision of research informed teaching, supported by a comprehensive range of learning and assessment methods. This approach produces ASU graduates that are well-equipped and capable of facing on-going challenges in their professional careers. New Campus: The university relocated to its new purpose built campus in September 2013, covering an area of 24,000 sq. meters. It is designed to accommodate around 2,100 students at the same time, to reach a capacity of 6,300 students distributed across mornings, evenings and weekends. The campus is designed to provide a suitable educational atmosphere in accordance with the highest international and local standards using the latest electronic technology in classrooms, including design studios, lecture halls, computer labs, language and specialized laboratories, as well as a high-tech library and a ‘state-of-the-art’ lecture theatre with 320 seats, in addition, Wi-Fi connection is available across the campus. The university is currently in the process of building several sports facilities including tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball and badminton courts. 10 The new building design meets international standards and supports the development of the Tubli Bay area of Bahrain. The design took into account a set of principles and considerations that are compatible with the Higher Education Council’s decision (4) for the year 2007 with regards to the list of higher education’s buildings and facilities requirements. The new university campus consists of 3 main buildings. The first building being the academic building consists of six floors and a ground floor featuring the front yard and entrance hall, the deanship of admissions and registration, cafes, lounges and a library. The library includes all the requirements and the issues set forth by the Higher Education Council, in addition to 13 research chambers, computers in electronic library and enough shelves to house 23 thousand books and references. The academic building spans over a 14,000 sqm area and consists of 7 floors, plus 4 extra floors with a clock tower – headquarters, academic faculty, colleges, the deanship of scientific research and graduate studies. The second building is the administrative and services building. With a total area of 2200 sqm, this building includes administrative offices and areas for student activities, including the ground floor which includes a hall for exhibitions and seminars, in addition to the administrative offices of the university’s president, vice presidents and department managers and meeting rooms. The third building is the training center and it consists of two floors with a total area of 1266 sqm 633 sqm per floor. The location of the campus takes into account its geographical position – lying between Manama and Riffa, it is in the Central Governorate which is an area of high population, making it easily accessible from the remotest parts of Bahrain within a period of time that normally does not exceed 20 minutes. [-]

Royal University for Women

Bahrain Riffa September 2017

The First Private University in the Kingdom of Bahrain to Achieve HEC Accreditation The Royal University for Women (RUW) is the first private, purpose-built, international university in the Kingdom of Bahrain dedicated solely to educating women. RUW provides a comfortable environment in which to create leaders, develop vibrant personalities, dynamic decision makers, independent thinkers and community-conscious individuals. Our main focus is on academic excellence and personal… [+] development. RUW's initial degree programmes were designed in collaboration with two reputed universities, McGill University in Canada and Middlesex University in the U.K. Our Mission To offer our students a rewarding and challenging multi-cultural learning environment that cultivates strong, well-rounded personalities, encourages leadership, and builds character, social consciousness and community. To realize our commitment to teaching, learning, research and service through the activities of all members of the University community. Our Vision The Royal University for Women will become the regional leader in academic excellence for women. Programmes and practices that meet international standards will prepare our graduates to become leaders who are engaged members of their society demonstrating initiative and life-long habits of learning and individual development. The RUW graduate will be creative, confident and forward thinking. Scholarships In keeping with its commitment to provide higher education to women, Royal University for Women offers financial assistance to eligible students. This assistance is available to students for whom access to higher education may be hindered due to financial constraints. Students availing of support through the financial aid programme are required to maintain a cumulative GPA throughout their course of study. Provision of financial aid is regulated through criteria determined by the RUW Board of Trustees. RUW offers a limited number of financial aids at the beginning of each academic year: Applicants eligible for RUW financial aid must show evidence of having high academic standing in their high school grade. Only applicants with a high school average of 85% and above will be considered. *High academic grades do not guarantee financial aid. RUW financial aid covers only an approved percentage over tuition fees only. RUW offers financial aid in the form of partial scholarships on tuition fees only depending on the written appeal and evidences provided. The scholarship committee will assess each application on its own merit and make recommendations. Applicants are required to follow the usual admission procedure by submitting all necessary documentation along with a request letter explaining their financial situation. The Office of the Registrar will be responsible to follow up with the applicant and to inform the applicant regarding the final decision. Admissions Policy RUW Admissions Policy follows the Bahrain Higher Education guidelines. For each programme offered at RUW, there are specific entry requirements. Admission to a programme of study is based on the academic merit of the applicant’s high school grades. The language of instruction at RUW is English. Show evidence of having successfully completed Secondary Education or its equivalent in the Kingdom of Bahrain or overseas, attested by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain (MoE). Show evidence of a minimum level of English Language Proficiency. The following are examples of internationally accredited tests of English Language with the corresponding levels of proficiency required by RUW: IELTS overall band 5.5. TOEFL paper-based 513; Computer-based 183; Internet-based 65 Some programmes may also require applicants to take an interview and/or submit additional documentation. All documents included with an application for admission become the property of RUW. Required Attestations It is very important that students obtain a number of attestations on the official documents before or during the process of applying at RUW. Attestations are mandatory as they are required by the Higher Education Council of the Ministry of Education in Bahrain. Government and private high schools of other countries: should stamp their "original high school certificates" by the following: High School Ministry of Education of the issuing country Bahrain embassy in that country Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country Housing The Residence is located on the RUW Campus and only available to females. It offers spacious and comfortable single and double units, with great views of the University and the Riffa Valley. There is twenty four hour security controlling access to Campus, but students are free to come and go as their timetables permit. Office of Student Affairs The Office of Student Affairs is a home away from home for international students and provides various services. OSA organizes activities for students (field trips) and oversees our outstanding facilities. RUW Clinic RUW is committed to the health and safety of students and staff. A full time nurse manages the well-equipped Campus Clinic, located in the ground floor of the Student Centre. The nurse is also trained to respond to emergencies anywhere on campus. A Social Worker is also available in the campus clinic. The Social Worker is responsible for the emotional wellbeing of all students. She monitors campus activities and help students deal with personal and interpersonal issues. Student Centre The RUW Student Centre located in the middle of the campus offers several services for students including a student clinic, a women-only prayer room and a majlis only for students. Coffee Shops and Restaurants There are several coffee shops and restaurants available on campus. Sports Centre RUW is proud to provide students and visitors with a modern sports and recreation facility. Students can also avail of beautiful, luxurious spa facilities, such as sauna and steam rooms. A 25 meter heated pool accommodates lessons in various swimming styles under the supervision of a qualified instructor. A well-equipped aerobics room offers the latest machines to keep body and mind fit. Students also have access to a dance studio with full length mirrors, table tennis, billiards or foosball. The student- operated clubs in soccer and basketball get support from a coach. [-]

Morgan International

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Introduction In today’s competitive work environment, how can you easily secure all of your ambitions? How can you realize your most coveted career goals, leave your mark on the world and become the most successful version of yourself? The answer is simple: Professional Training. There is a world of choices when it comes to professional training and each one can open new doors. Morgan International has been offering customized professional training solutions t… [+] o professionals and businesses that want to succeed since 1995. As the first professional training institution in the Middle East and with over 21 years of experience training 70,000+ professionals worldwide, Morgan provides a personalized approach and quality learning to help meet your career goals. We offer professional certifications, diplomas, foundational certificates, technical and soft skills workshops catering to the needs of the finance, accountancy, human resources, marketing and logistics fields. All the great reasons to choose Morgan as your preferred training provider: Expert Experience & Advice: Morgan’s 21 years of experience means candidates receive only quality training from experts who’ve mastered the most effective routes to success Networking opportunities with over 70,000 alumni across the globe Vast Global Reach: Offices in 37 locations across the world gives candidates great flexibility to transfer country mid-studies and have access to unlimited support and guidance from across four continents Certified and Experienced Instructors Morgan fully supports its candidates by offering help and guidance from beginning to end Diverse & Flexible Learning Options: Morgan’s choice of live classes, self study, online videos, tutoring and review sessions means candidates can fit their learning to their lifestyle, needs and ability. The Morgan Promise: We believe in you! And we know you can succeed. In fact, we’re so sure, we created The Morgan Promise, offering free tuition for a repeat course if you complete the program but don’t pass your exam. Landing your dream job just got easier! As a Morgan Alumni, you will get free access to join Morgan Connect, our online platform designed to connect you with high-profile businesses looking to recruit talented and certified professionals just like you. [-]

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College of Business

Bahrain Manama September 2017

Welcome to the Talal Abu Ghazaleh University College of Business Established in 2012, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College of Business (TAG-UCB) is a premier university college that aims at developing a cadre of business leaders who can compete and succeed in the knowledge-based global economy. TAG-UCB aims to develop a cadre of future business knowledge leaders who can compete and succeed in a world of expanding knowledge and challenging economies. Our commitment… [+] to our students, to academic excellence and to regional development is reflected in our motto” Where the Gifted Become Knowledge Leaders“. A competitive advantage is not easily gained, and hence TAG-UCB is fortunate to have the financial resources and support of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org), recognized as the largest firm of professional services in the Arab world. TAG-Org, in the words of its Chairman HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, is committed to making TAG-UCB a premier undergraduate University College in the GCC countries and the Arab region in general. As a truly University College of Business, TAG-UCB develops business professionals for whom geography, culture and communication are interwoven. We show how continually shifting knowledge, contexts and strategies can affect innovation, and ensure students are able to adapt information and apply in real world practice. Now facing fierce competition, firms are required to succeed in a culturally sensitive marketplace where resourcefulness is a prized asset. TAG-UCB as well as TAG-SB (Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business - and TAGI-UNI (Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University - build on the success of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization ( which has become a world leading professional service firm operating through more than 88 offices worldwide. Why TAG-UCB? TAG-UCB is your smart choice, Inspiring the new generation! TAG-UCB is set to be an example of a world-class business university college aiming at developing a cadre of business leaders who can compete and succeed in the knowledge-based global economy. We show how continually shifting knowledge, contexts, and strategies can affect innovation, and ensure students are able to adapt information and apply the results worldwide. With the current fierce competition firms are now required to succeed in a culturally sensitive marketplace where resourcefulness is a prized asset. As a truly and highly competitive university college, TAG-UCB prepares leaders for whom geography, culture, and communication are interwoven into the fabric of life. Vision We aspire to be one of the top recognized Business Colleges in the region for Academic Excellence, Community Outreach Services, and Research and Development Contributions. Mission Our mission is to provide students with high-quality education within a supportive and stimulating learning environment; excel our efforts and resources in supporting applied research; support our communities through linkage, relevance, and entrepreneurship. Objectives 1. To strengthen our efforts to recruit, attract, and educate an excellent and diverse body of students. 2. To provide students with the latest educational knowledge and skills. 3. To support students in becomeing e practical and critical thinkers who are eager life-long learners. 4. To perpetually grow and develop instructional programs to meet the needs of students in a globally changing environment. 5. To enhance community involvement by offering TAGIUNI professional development courses and TAG Forum seminars. 6. To actively participate in joint research programs and international conferences. Approach Our educational approach is centered on the following principles: Commitment to standards of academic quality. Merit is the primary criterion in recruiting faculty and staff. Equal access to excellent educational opportunity. Commitment to providing students with knowledge and skills that are relevant to market needs. Emphasis on interpersonal skills, professional competencies, English language, teamwork and strong communication. Emphasis on the case method of instruction in order to train students to make intelligent arguments, engage in negotiations, defend their viewpoints and reach sound decisions. Emphasis on high ethical standards and integrity. Organize guest lectures and business seminars related to current business and economic issues. Organize tours and internships in companies, banks, and public organizations to allow students to observe real business world. Provide opportunities for a study abroad in international universities. Emphasis on life-long learning skills. [-]

The Princeton Review

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Better Grades. Better Scores. Better Schools. How We Help Students: Test Prep Courses Private Tutoring On-Demand Homework Help Admission Counseling Best Fit College or Grad School Our Mission For more than 30 years we’ve helped students and professionals get into their dream schools. We provide the tools needed for success in high school, college, graduate school and beyond to help our students become well-rounded applicants. Our p… [+] roven methodology of test-taking strategies helps students achieve a guaranteed better score. We offer a range of test prep options, including one-on-one private tutoring, semi-private and traditional classes, and online prep to fit any schedule and learning style. With our on-demand Homework Help and Admission Counseling for college and grad school, we help our students become more than their test score by providing resources for better grades and a stronger application. Our Facts 96% of students say they improved their grades. The Princeton Review is #1 at getting students into top colleges. 4 out of 5 Princeton Review students get into their top-choice school. 6,000 students get help every night from The Princeton Review. [-]

Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance - BIBF

Foundation Year Bahrain Manama September 2017

BIBF plays a vital role in the training and development of human capital in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our commitment to excellence has strengthened our position as the top provider of quality education across all major business disciplines. We serve as a partner to numerous world-class institutions; delivering thought leadership, research and advisory, assessment and training in the areas of Accounting and Finance, Academic, Executive Development, Banking, Leadership and Management,… [+] Insurance, Islamic Finance and Information Technology; resulting in a complete business solution. BIBF covers a wide spectrum of subject matter, with over 300 different courses offered to the financial and corporate market; tailor-made training solutions based on organisational requirements; specialised programmes taught by leading market specialists; and professional qualifications and degree programmes in partnership with major international organisations. BIBF continues to exceed global benchmarks for many of the qualifications it offers with its affiliates. Since its inception in 1981, BIBF has grown from training 450 applicants a year primarily within the banking industry, to 20,000 drawing participants from all sectors of the economy, and are proud to have qualified over 200,000 learners in the last 3 decades. Our faculty comprise of market practitioners, academics and qualified senior industry professionals. Their diverse backgrounds ensure an enriched participant experience, striking the perfect balance between theory and practice. BIBF has made its mark internationally with clients in Asia, Africa, Europe, USA and the Middle East, well on its way to becoming the global institute of choice. [-]