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Welcome to Cademix Institute of Technology; the premier and personalized Education, Research and Innovation Institute in the Heart of Europe. Our Mission is to make High Tech Knowledge accessible to everyone. The focus of Cademix is on Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Mixed Media. As a result, the Cademix offers a wide range of multidisciplinary educational and career acceleration programs in Science, Engineering, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Art.

Cademix is planned to fill the gap between Academia and Industries. Therefore it covers specific technologies and cultural adaptation required in Europe. The Cademix Career Acceleration Programs run parallel to the vocational and certified programs. Further, it aims toward upgrading and accelerating the skill set of the graduates, and post-graduate students toward the Most-In-Demand, and highly paid positions in the industry.

Cademix explained in 2 minutes video

Cademix is a Research Development and Innovation Institute, offers an open and full innovation cycle in the field of Computer-Aided Technologies. So what is an open and full innovation cycle? Here’s a good definition: The research is the transformation of money into knowledge. The innovation is, however, the transformation of knowledge into money.

It starts with education, career development, resource investment, and continues to R&D. The first half cycle usually results in scientific publications and skilled engineers. That’s the focus range of most traditional universities.

Innovation is the second half cycle, and it’s more relevant to society. It starts with innovation based on available knowledge. Then it goes to the product development and engineering services, followed by marketing and sale. Once the sale is done, the cycle is complete, and the system is financially sustainable.

These define our major business sectors. Our Education Departments and Research groups offer personalized pathways required in the industry. They work with our Career Development Center that offers tech career acceleration programs.

The departments of Physics and ICT and Engineering provide expertise in high tech fields including computer simulation, 3D printing, AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Industry 4.0. The department of Digital art covers topics related to computer-aided design, video production, digital art, and multimedia. And the department of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship covers the leadership, technology management, team, and business development fields.

On the Innovation side, we have the Engineering Service Consulting, and the digital Marketing Services, which work closely with our Animation Studios and offer the complete pipeline for video production. While each of the sectors is critical to the complete cycle, they offer b2b and b2c services, and also open to international partnerships. Altogether, we cover most of the fields related to Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Mix Multimedia.



1220 Vienna, Vienna, Austria

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