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23 Preparatory Program Programs in Languages English 2024



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Preparatory Program Programs in Languages English

A preparatory year, or “prep year,” offers high school and secondary school graduates a period in which to hone their skills in a given area before putting them into practice at a four-year college or university. Popular all over the world, prep years provide students with education and training that proves useful when seeking an academic degree.

Just what is a preparatory year in English? There is substantial variation from one English prep year program to another, but students should generally expect to cover an array of material relating to comprehension of both the English language and an assortment of important works of literature. Depending on where an English prep year course is offered, it may emphasize familiarity with the language itself over comprehension of notable works, or the opposite may be the case.

Students who effectively complete a prep year in English have the educational foundation needed to pursue a four-year liberal arts degree. They are also well-prepared and generally able to make a smooth transition into a college or university environment.

While a preparatory year in English is generally a solid investment, the final amount of that investment varies based on several factors. The prestige of the program and the school through which it is taken often factor into final tuition costs.

Those who complete an English preparatory year are prepared to enter a four-year college or university; once a degree is earned, they are equipped to pursue work in a wide array of liberal arts-related areas. Many choose to work in education, while others pursue employment as freelance or technical writers, publishers, marketing and media professionals, librarians, tutors or government officials.

Students interested in furthering their liberal arts education by first taking an English prep year should explore the plentiful options available through our global directory of related programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.