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6 Preparatory Program Programs in Design Studies 2024



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    Preparatory Program Programs in Design Studies

    Those who are unsure about gaining more education past high school may want to consider enrolling in a preparatory year. This type of program can help to individuals to know if they are truly ready to commit to college level course. A typical preparatory year course lasts for two semesters.

    Some may ask, what is a preparatory year in design studies? This course of education may be just the thing for individuals who would like to learn more about color theory, drawing, illustration, visual identity, and design strategies. Many enroll in this type of program so that they will be more ready for entry into an undergraduate degree program in design.

    There are a number of benefits for those who complete a preparatory year in design. Enhanced critical thinking skills and the ability to participate in critical thinking exercises may leave students more fully equipped for the opportunities of higher education. Creative skills gained during this preparatory year often add to a student’s ability to complete projects in a wide variety of ways.

    Depending on the type of college, university or school that is hosting the preparatory year, the tuition may vary widely. Other items that may factor into tuition costs include the course type, and length of the course. Some educations of higher education offer financial aid packages as well, which must be factored in to the tuition costs.

    Students who complete a preparatory year in design may obtain positions such as graphic designer, industrial designer, interior designer or fashion designer. This type of course could also allow students to pursue a career as an art or teacher. For some, the knowledge gained upon completion of this course may help determine what part of design they will focus on for a career.

    To pare down your design interests, a preparatory program may be just the right option.  Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.