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    Preparatory Program Programs in Languages Chinese

    A preparatory year, also known as a foundation year, is a program that prepares students for entrance into a full degree program. The program is offered at schools all over the world and lasts for a year.

    Students may be wondering, what is a preparatory year in Chinese? This program is designed for individuals who want to apply to a Chinese university or need to learn Chinese quickly for a career or other purpose. The curriculum is usually intense, and develops the students’ understanding of the speaking, listening, writing, and reading of the language as well as of the Chinese culture. Most programs are taught exclusively in Chinese and may be made up of up to 20 Chinese classes every week.

    Students who take this course benefit in that they are immersed in the Chinese language, which is crucial for becoming fluent in a short amount of time. At program completion, most students will be prepared to enter into a full Chinese curriculum or be ready for a Chinese-speaking career.

    The financial requirements that are necessary for this preparatory year can differ from place to place. The program is available in a variety of international institutions, so the location is a big factor. Students should call the schools and ask about tuition and fees before deciding on a school.

    With an education in Chinese, graduates can choose from a variety of careers. Those who majored in Chinese may choose careers as teachers, interpreters, or translators. With other educational backgrounds, career areas may include international law, international relations, business, engineering, intelligence work, journalism, finance, the media, health care, or the government. Jobs may be found domestically or abroad.

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