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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 2 Postgraduate Certificates Programs in Tourism and Hospitality 2023

2 Postgraduate Certificate Programs in Tourism and Hospitality 2023


Earning a postgraduate certificate is a way for someone with a bachelor’s to get additional knowledge without committing to a degree. A certificate can lead to more opportunities in a career. These graduate-level classes are challenging and require dedication and hard work.

What is a postgraduate certificate in tourism and hospitality? The travel and leisure industry is the main focus of a tourism and hospitality program. Certificate classes may focus on learning about issues affecting transportation, resorts, tour programs, food establishments and places of interest. Additionally, students may study strategies with business and managing aspects of tourism and hospitality. Many programs offer students a concentration within the industry, such as food and beverage, hotels, vacations or conventions. The coursework for a program in tourism and hospitality relies on management methods, aspects of food and beverages, leadership skills, recreation issues, interpersonal skills and marketing. Students may also learn different aspects of the regulatory industry in regards to food safety and risk management.

A certificate in tourism and hospitality can help you be highly qualified in a competitive industry. You may also have developed the greatest level of knowledge in this field, leading to confidence in your work.

The costs of a postgraduate certificate in tourism and hospitality may often be more reasonable than a full graduate degree, but costs vary. Many universities offer financial aid packages to assist you with reaching your educational goals.

With a completed certificate, you can take it into your current field if you are already employed in the industry, or you can decide to go in a different direction. You may want to open your own establishment, such as a restaurant, travel agency, bed and breakfast or health club. You may also be prepared to enter into a management role in various settings such as resorts, casinos, wellness centers, tour operations, tourist attractions or catering companies. Some people decide to focus on travel writing and work on either guidebooks or freelance travel articles.

The tourism and hospitality industry may be the best fit for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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