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Academic Courses Programs in Park Management

What is Park Management?
Park management is the process of planning, developing, and maintaining parks and recreation areas. This includes natural and built environments, and can be carried out by government agencies, nonprofits, or private companies. Park managers work to ensure these areas are safe and enjoyable for all visitors, while also protecting the resources within them.

What can I do with a degree in Park Management?
There are a number of career options available to those with a degree in park management. Many park managers work for government agencies, such as the National Park Service or the Bureau of Land Management. Others may work for nonprofit organizations, such as the Nature Conservancy or the Sierra Club. Still others may find employment with private companies that manage parks and recreation areas. No matter where you work, your job will be to ensure the park or recreation area you’re responsible for is well-maintained and accessible for all who use it.

What types of degrees are in Park Management?
There are a number of different degrees available in park management. You can earn an associate's degree, which will prepare you for entry-level positions in the field. A bachelor's degree will give you a more comprehensive education and open up more job opportunities. If you're interested in advanced study, you can pursue a master's or doctorate degree in park management. No matter what level of education you pursue, you'll be able to find a career in park management that suits your needs.

What will I study during my Park Management degree?
Depending on the level of degree you pursue, your coursework in park management will vary. An associate's degree program will typically focus on general education requirements, while a bachelor's degree program will include more specific coursework in park management. If you pursue a master's or doctorate degree, your coursework will be even more focused on park management, and you'll have the opportunity to conduct research in the field.