Thinking about studying abroad? Canada may be just the place, as local students rally for more help and support for international students. With international numbers booming, Canada's students are looking for a way to help their international peers stick around. 

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), a group of 270,000 higher education students, recently released a report that calls for more intensive support for international students in Canada.

In Value Beyond the Dollars and Cents: International Students' Contributions to Canada and their Need for Supports, CASA points out that the Canadian government's success at attracting talented international students does not always match how well they are supported in their country.

The report says, "Attracting more international students, it is clear, is directly tied to the ability of Canadian post-secondary institutions, as well as provincial and federal levels of government, to make the case for Canada as an appealing, respected and top-quality destination for academic pursuits and career development."

CASA argues that international students are invaluable to the Canadian campus experience and contribute significantly to the Canadian economy, diversity, and overall culture.

They want to ensure that qualified students from diverse economic backgrounds have the chance to study in Canada. To do that, they argue that the "procedures, paperwork, and forms required to study in Canada should be consistent, accessible, and straightforward."

Check out CASA's Youtube video!