The Australian government added $100 million in funding for school mental health programs and Headspace programs.

In an article on Australia’s ABC news site, Health Minister Greg Hunt said that the additional funds would support wellbeing and mental health programs for Australian kids.

He said, “We know that around 4 million Australians experience a mental health condition every year. Programs for beyondblue, Headspace, Origin, and Kids Helpline and Reach Out and others are all about ensuring that we provide assistance before the problems emerge and whey they do emerge there are avenues for treatment and avenues for people to seek emergency help.

How will the funding be distributed? Over $45 million will go to an integrated school-based mental health initiative called beyondblue. This is a new national program aimed at encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing practices for children starting as early as pre-school.

The resource gives school principals, parents, and caregivers access to a wide range of mental health resources and programs.

About $30 million will go towards the creation of more Headspace centers. Originally developed by psychiatry professor Patrick McGorry, the centers offer early intervention mental health services for people between ages 12 and 25—in addition to work-study support, and substance abuse support.

Other resources, like Kids Helpline, ReachOut, Suicide Callback Service, and QLife will receive $2 million for mental health help on telephone and online.

Hunt said, “The extension of funding announced for these key child and youth mental health initiatives will provide a stable funding base for the great work done by these organizations.”Learn more about studying psychology and social work.