Australian Marine Science Program Attracts Indigenous Students
August 15, 2016

Australia's Indigenous population is poorly represented in the country's universities, particularly in science degrees. But a marine science program aimed at high school students is working to reconnect Indigenous students with their coastal roots and encourage interest in marine biology in the process. Let's explore the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Marine Science Program and find out how students' involvement in marine sciences could mean a brighter future for both Australia's Indigenous students and its coastal ecosystem.

Students in Turkey Can Win Study Abroad Experiences with Social Media
August 8, 2016
Students in Turkey have the chance to win free language courses or summer study abroad experiences. Earlier this spring the online study abroad publication, launched a competition for Turkish students aimed at generating content to promote study abroad. Here's everything you need to know ...

How 20,000 NYC Students are Seeing Hamilton for Just $10
August 3, 2016
Hamilton mania swept through the US this year, prompting Rolling Stone to declare it the “cultural event of our time.” And while experiencing the revolutionary hip hop musical usually involves either forking over hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars or extreme luck in the online lottery, ...

Free Tuition for India's Poorest Students
July 18, 2016
India's higher education sector is growing, but so is the cost of tuition. Now, one Indian state is working to make a university degree more accessible to some of its poorest students. Let's take a look at the new tuition waiver program and find out how it will benefit students in India

Parents in Singapore Prioritize Education over Retirement
July 11, 2016
University education is a priority to parents in many societies, but in Singapore, parents value their children's education above most other expenses. According to a new study Singaporean parents would rather go into debt than scrimp on university fees for their children. The study compared parents ...

K-12 International Enrollments on the Rise
July 4, 2016
Research abounds about the growing popularity of international studies at the higher education level, but what about in K-12 schools? A recent International School Consultancy (ISC) Global Report delivers an insightful look into escalating demand in this sector, as well. Let’s take a closer lo...

Japan to Create New Vocational Universities?
June 27, 2016
With the need for specialized skills on the rise in Japan, a government panel is calling for the establishment of new universities which will offer vocation-specific coursework to students in sought-after fields, according to a report from The Japan Times. Let’s take a closer look at the propo...

Spanish Language Studies Picking Up Post-Recession
June 21, 2016
Approximately 559 million people around the world speak Spanish, and it has been declared the earth’s second-most important language by the Index of Human Development. And while the country’s 2013 economic crisis led to a decrease in international students pursuing Spanish language studi...

What’s Ahead for International Education in Australia?
June 13, 2016
As more countries endeavor to garner increasing shares of the lucrative international education market, Australia’s recently released National Strategy for International Education 2025 sets an ambitious example. What’s involved in the country’s first comprehensive, 10-year blueprin...

Finnish University Will Offer Somali Language Degree
June 6, 2016
The University of Helsinki in Finland is working to increase its language degree offerings and is expanding in some exciting directions. First up for new language courses? Somali! Here's a look at the new degree program in Somali language and where the University of Helsinki is heading next.


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