Secondary School Exam Reform in the UK Could Create Difficulties for International Students
April 3, 2017

Long-anticipated reforms to the GCSE are taking shape and could affect how and when international students head to the UK.  Learn more about what the changes mean—and how those changes will affect international students. 

Are You in the Running for a Free Trip to New Zealand?
March 27, 2017
One hundred lucky job seekers will soon be in the running to win an (almost) all-inclusive trip to New Zealand by doing one thing: agreeing to interview for jobs there. Here’s a closer look at an innovative new program aimed at attracting the best and brightest international talent to the coun...

Universities in Singapore Launch Apprenticeship Degrees
March 20, 2017
Project-based learning has a new ally.  Two universities in Singapore will offer university credit for place-based internships in fields of study for their students.  Learn more about this program and what it means for education in Singapore.

Young Czech Women Have Higher Education Levels than Men
March 17, 2017
Despite that more young Czech women have higher education levels than men, they still suffer from the gender pay gap—sometimes making up to 20 percent less than their male counterparts.  Find out why.

Australia Sees Record-Breaking International Study Numbers
March 13, 2017
Australia’s federal Education Department recently released data revealing rising international student numbers, according to the ABC. In fact, 2016’s 554,179 full-fee paying international students not only represented a 10 percent increase over 2015, but broke the all-time record. Here&r...

In the UK, Applying to University Depends on Where You Live
March 10, 2017
The Press Association just released a study that shows that a UK teen’s likelihood of heading to university depends heavily on where they live—and their socioeconomic status.  Take a look at some facts and figures—and some new ideas that will get more UK teens headed towards a...

Russia Increases International Student Quota
March 6, 2017
The Russian government will add 200,000 places -- a 30 percent increase --  to its international student quota this year, according to The Chronicle of Education.  Here’s a closer look at the news, along with whether to expect more of the same moving forward.

What Motivates Generation Z Most to Study Abroad?
March 3, 2017
Conversations about studying abroad usually reference higher education. However, many students from around the world begin their international adventures in high school. A recent global study surveyed students (age 13-18) regarding their motivations for pursuing international study. Here’s a c...

India Announces New National Testing Agency and Other Key Initiatives
February 27, 2017
The Indian government earlier this month announced the creation of a new National Testing Agency, which will be responsible for conducting higher education entrance exams, according to a recent announcement from The Times of India. Here’s a closer look at the plan, along with other proposed ch...

Tanzanian Students Pursuing Special Diplomas Now Lined Up for Loans
February 24, 2017
Only students taking degree courses in science education are currently eligible for educational loans in Tanzania. However, this is soon set to change, thanks to scheduled amendments of the Higher Education Students’ Loan (HESLB) Act contained in the Written Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) No. ...


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