International Student Numbers Soar in Morocco
January 19, 2018
Morocco’s international student population has soared to 11,000 students in the 2017-2018 school year, thanks partly to a generous scholarship program. Let’s take a closer look.

China Aims To Host Half a Million International Students By 2020
January 17, 2018
China will realize its goal of teaching at least half a million students by 2020 if its international student recruitment trends continue. Let’s take a closer look.

Do Chinese Story Books Improve Academic Achievement?
January 16, 2018
A new study suggests that the books children read from an early age may have an impact on their perceptions of success—and later academic achievement. Let’s take a closer look.

Can Gig Driving Help You Make Your College Dreams a Reality?
January 8, 2018
Ridesharing has changed the face of transportation. Will it also change access to education for its drivers? That’s the goal of a new partnership between Lyft and Guild Education aimed at bridging the gap between people and their college aspirations. Here’s a closer look at this innovative, firs...

Morocco Takes Aim at Internationalization with Changes to Language Requirements
January 5, 2018
The Moroccan government recently announced plans to move toward French as the language of instruction for high school science and math. Here’s a closer look at what to expect, along with how the change fits into the country’s modernization and internalization goals.

Canada Invests in Work Placement Programs for International Students
December 22, 2017
In keeping with its plan to retain international students while increasing the number of entering immigrants to 1,700 annually by the year 2022, the Newfoundland and Labrador government is debuting two new programs aimed at helping students and grads secure jobs in the province. Here’s a closer lo...

Nigeria Looks to Vocational Training to Lower Unemployment
December 19, 2017
One possible solution to unemployment in Nigeria? Vocational training. The Deputy Senate President Chief Ike Ekweremadu recently spoke at the opening of a new vocational institute in the country. Let’s take a closer look.v

More Chinese Students Study Arabic
December 18, 2017
Today the UN celebrates one of its six working languages - Arabic. Students all over the world choose to study Arabic because of its wide-ranging use as a language of culture, business and diplomacy. One country where a growing number of students are choosing to study Arabic? China. Let's find ou...

Will Apprenticeships Improve Economic Stability?
December 15, 2017
Apprentices learn and earn at the same time—with or without a college degree. Advocates of apprenticeship program say that on-the-job worker training is the key to economic stability. Is it? Let’s take a closer look at the economic payoffs of apprenticeships.

Why Are Students from Elite Girls' Schools Struggling with A-Levels?
December 11, 2017
The debut of revamped A-level examinations this year has led to an unexpected outcome in the UK: poor performance by some of the most prestigious (and expensive) girls’ schools. To what can this phenomenon be attributed? Here’s a closer look at the data.


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