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University of Otago Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) in Microbiology
University of Otago

Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) in Microbiology

Dunedin, New Zealand

1 Years


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Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) in Microbiology

The Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) is a one-year Program which builds on an undergraduate science degree. The diploma encompasses both papers and a research topic, and can be taken full-time. It provides possible to the Master of Science (MSc) degree by thesis only.

Why study Microbiology and Immunology?

Microorganisms are everywhere in our bodies, our food, the air, soil, and water. Because they're everywhere, they're involved in almost every aspect of our lives.

They are used in producing foods such as cheese, wine, and beer, as well as many pharmaceutical, chemical and agricultural products. They are important for soil fertility and the decomposition of materials but can cause major diseases in humans, animals and plants.

The harmful effects of some microorganisms link microbiology with immunology. Immunologists investigate how we can protect humans and animals from infectious diseases by using vaccines, and the role of the immune system in non-infectious diseases such as cancer.


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