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Universidade de Aveiro Advanced Specialisation Program in Mathematics
Universidade de Aveiro

Advanced Specialisation Program in Mathematics

Aveiro, Portugal

1 Years


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Advanced Specialisation Program in Mathematics

The Advanced Formation Course in Mathematics at the University of Aveiro (CFAMat-UA) allows for a more advanced scientific training, or an additional training in Mathematics, and diploma conferring. It is aimed at candidates with a master's degree in mathematics (or in a relevant related area) who seek a more advanced scientific training of shorter duration, less expensive, and with possibility for a future application to the Doctoral Program in Mathematics at the UA.

The course allows the development of research work within teams of experienced researchers, divided into the following sub-areas of specialization (or branches):

Branch in Mathematics: the formation is based on the competences and expertise of the different research groups and thematic lines of the CIDMA (Center for Research and Development in Mathematics and Applications). The excellence of research of this center guarantees a quality training, which reflects the state of the art of the different areas covered there.

Mathematics-Physics branch: based on the research group “Gravitational Geometry and Dynamics Group”of CIDMA, this branch aims to provide a recognized training in an area between Physics and Mathematics. It essentially aims at math students with some physics training (a master's in physics for example) or physics students with a strong component in mathematics.


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