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Trinity Western University University First Year
Trinity Western University

University First Year

1 Years


Full time

30 Jul 2024

Sep 2024

CAD 22,800 / per semester



What Is U1?

If you are also adjusting to a new place, a new culture, a new language, and new ways of learning, this first year is often very, very challenging.

The UT1 Year is designed with you in mind as we walk through this first year together.

What Is The U1 Year?

  • It is the first year of your TWU degree (28 semester hours or more). You are a regular, full-time TWU student.
  • Some of your courses are with other global students, and some of your courses are with Canadians
  • All of your professors are TWU faculty with high qualifications

In addition to your full-time courses, you will also have a learning coach to lead you in your readings, assignments, writing, and more. In addition to a learning coach, you will also have an academic advisor to help you with all of your questions about courses, choosing a major, making good academic choices, and career options. When you complete U1, you are a second-year university student, and you can complete your university degree in the usual four years. Regular TWU undergraduate tuition rates apply.

What The U1 Year Is Not

  • U1 is NOT an ESL program and it does not include any ESL classes. All of the courses are part of the regular TWU curriculum, including the liberal arts core and you're chosen major. U1 is NOT a separate school. The courses and grades are recorded on your TWU transcript as part of your degree. They are not identified as a separate program.
  • Entering U1 does NOT mean that you need more time to graduate. You can graduate in 4 years or even less.

Learning Community


In a cohort, you begin the program at the same time and participate in some of your classes together. You will get to know other students and develop meaningful friendships.


You will also have the freedom to take courses of your choice each semester. These courses may be in your major or something you are interested in. You can begin to make friends with Canadian students in your major and still get help from your Learning Coach on your assignments, readings, and study skills

Parent Partnerships

If your parents want to come for a visit, we will arrange some activities for them, such as a chance for them to sit in on your classes, meetings with professors, and with the TWU President.


Most U1 students will live on campus, where you participate in dorm life with roommates from North America and many other countries. Your Resident Assistant (R.A.) and Resident Director (R.D.) will support you and help you as well. Our campus residences are separate for men and women for your privacy and safety. Dorm life at TWU is vibrant and exciting. You can go on a virtual tour here.

Learning Coaches

All students have a personal learning coach. You will meet your coach for one hour each week, with extra help available if needed. The coach will help you with your homework and assignments, such as grammar and vocabulary, research, reading, and planning. The learning coaches want to help you become independent and confident as a TWU student.

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