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Taif University


The main campus of Taif University is currently located in Al-Hawiyya, Taif Governorate, Emirate of Makkah, western region of Saudi Arabia, on the eastern slopes of the Sarawat Mountains at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula. TU also has three branch campuses in Taif Governorate: Taraba Branch (approximately 150 km from Taif), Khurma Branch (approximately 200 km from Taif), and Ranya Branch (350 km from Taif).

The City of Taif is about 85 km away from Makkah, about 160 km from Jeddah, and about 800 km from Riyadh. The area of the City of Taif is about 80 km2. The City of Taif is located at the junction of the main roads coming from the south, north, east, and west, thus giving it a tourist, commercial, agricultural, and military reputation since ancient times, not to mention its playing host to delegations and conferences from within and outside Saudi Arabia in recent years.


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